To White House

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Recommendations and requests to President Trump

Dear Sirs,

I have mailed a letter to President Trump for many times, Trump Tower and the White House, but since I have never received a reply, I will do it by e-mail on the Web in the future, together with the mass media We will release the information to.

Please advise the Japanese government to rectify the judicial, illegal, immigration administration of the alliance, Japan. This is not domestic interference. Immigrant administration that arbitrarily discriminates against foreigners to make them illegally criminals and to leave the country is an international human rights problem beyond military comfort women, not even President Trump, and it is also great for immigration policies in Europe and America It is an influence.

I look forward to the courageous guidance of President Trump to demonstrate governance under the law, compliance with basic human rights, and compliance with international law.

Recommendations and requests for American media will be sent in the next mail

Best regards,