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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Letter B: There are more unfair countries than the United States. That is Japan.

Letter B:

There are more unfair countries than the United States. That is Japan.

In Japan, the Immigration Act, which is a law on immigration, for foreigners who have illegally worked outside their status of residence due to the equality of the law and the spirit of compliance with international law, illegal employment crimes (Article 70 ), Illegal employment promotion criminal charges (___ 73 ___ 2) ___ of illegal workers have become a legal system that criminally punishes both.

However, contrary to international law (fundamental human rights etc. of the United Nations Charter) in Japan's judiciary administration,

Since many foreigners (legitimate immigrants) are arbitrarily made a criminal and forced to leave the country,

Please condemn the illegal immigration administration in Japan 's unfair in the international community.

I am a victim of the Japanese government. You can always be a witness.

Please see the summary of the case, the PDF which describes the complaint, the letter of accusation, my ID (passport) etc put in the following URL site of stakeholders only.

If you can contact us by e-mail, we will provide details by e-mail.

Currently, we are preparing a complaint filing to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights office (OHCHR).

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In the New Year 's greetings in 2016, the Pope said. "The enemy of peace is not just war, indifference is also an enemy." It is a good word.

Immigration problem is now a big problem to move the world.

If the US immigration policy goes well, it can be used in Europe. In the case of

Please support the malicious and illegal immigration administration in Japan (incidents of violation of immigration law (assistance) case) as the US government.

that's all