To White House

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Dear Sirs,

On March 24, the president withdrew the alternative bill "American Health Care Act" submitted to the House with the aim of eliminating the medical insurance system reform law just before parliamentary voting.

Do not be disappointed. I agree with the withdrawal.

I got the chance to become a great president.


"American Health Care Act" is incomplete.

Please provide the citizens with the medical insurance system above "medical insurance system reform law", and become a great president.

For that, please refer to the Japanese insurance system and make an insurance system that pays insurance premiums according to income. Even without government subsidies, Republicans will agree if the insurance system is operated in surplus.


The insurance fee of the business operator will be paid in half by the manager and the worker,

You will be satisfied if the manager's payment is deductible.

And, please let some of the insurance fee be paid to insurance system with less income such as retirees.


An insurance system with little income such as retirees is to make it possible to maintain the insurance system by having a young health worker work from part of the insurance system to work.

In this part of Japan, tax is also subsidized.


Beyond the "Medical Insurance System Reform Law", please be greatly appointed by poor people and become a great president.

If all the citizens can live in peace of mind, the strong US will resurrect! It is!

Go for the President!


Best regards,