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bmitted by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I Complaint Facts 国連人権高等弁務官事務所 提出FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I  苦情の事実

bmitted by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I Complaint Facts

国連人権高等弁務官事務所 提出FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I  苦情の事実

 I (Nagano), the president of Lefko Inc., has planned to adopt (planned) by 4 January 2009 for regular Chinese employees (regular offenders) scheduled to be hired regularly (April 2009) Got out

However, due to the December 2008 Lehman shock, due to the sharp decline in the schedule of orders, in March 2009 we canceled the planned adoption (planned).


Chinese people planning to adopt have already renewed their status of residence.

Previously, the Immigration Bureau has not granted the status of residence to the company to be employed, as it is delivered to individuals in foreign countries, so even if you cancel cancellation, the status of residence already issued You can not cancel your qualification. Also, if a foreign national who got the status of residence is within the scope of residence status, he was told that he / she is free to work at any company.


Even after graduating from university, four Chinese who failed to find a job at Lefco (continued) worked at a restaurant that worked part-time in school days, continuing to work, from May to June 2010, Immigration Control Act 70 He was arrested in Article 4 (illegal work due to activities other than the status of residence).

However, business operators of eating and drinking establishments hiring a former offender are not arrested by Article 73 (a crime of promoting illegal employment) as stipulated by the Immigration Control Act, and have not received any disposition.

Looking at the interrogation record, the employers who employed hired to neglect to confirm that the Chinese are qualified to work, either.


Although I and the Chinese who was in charge of recruitment which is the former subordinate, Kin Gungaku (Gold Military) do not act as stipulated in Article 2, Article 2, despite having no intention of hiring to be a primary offender to be hired, False Employment Employment Paper "so that the former offender could easily obtain the status of" technology "or" humanities international "status of residence.

I was able to live in Japan because I got my status of residence. Because I was able to live in Japan, I was able to work illegally in the offense.

Therefore, the ausal of the penal code of criminal law as "Contents providing false employment contractor and illegal work is obvious" was applied, was arrested in June 2010 and was indicted in July .


I was imprisoned in Tokyo district court in April 2011 for a prison sentence of 1 year and a half imprisonment and a fine of 1 million yen for criminal punishment and appealed to the Tokyo High Court but it was dismissed in October 2011 and the Supreme Court However, "Appeal due to application error mistake is not subject to deliberation under criminal procedure law", it was rejected in February 2012.

In March 2012, he was imprisoned in the Tokyo Detention Center and in the following April he was imprisoned in a prison in Tochigi Prefecture, and he was sentenced in March 2013 with a sentence of sentence.


Kin Gungaku (Gold Military Academy), which was deemed to be an accomplice, was the same punishment as myself, but since he admitted his crime, he was not sentenced to death, he was suspended from execution and forcibly repatriated to China at the end of October 2010.

Four former offenders were sentenced to prison for imprisonment for a year and a half by imprisonment by around August 2010, but they are deported to China with suspended sentence.

In the case of

I and the four Chinese former offenders and the Chinese, Kin Gungaku (Kinjo Makoto) who was considered as an accomplice of me, said that Article 14 (Equality under the Law) paragraph 1 of the Japanese Constitution,

"Every citizen is equal under the law, by race, creed, sex, social status or entrance,

There is no discrimination in political, economic or social relations. ",

And, in light of Article 31 of the Constitution of Japan, in light of "No one is deprived of its life or freedom, or can not impose any other punishment unless it is in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law"

I have not done any violation (see below). "Procedure prescribed by law" means the law legislated in the Diet.


Article 2 (1) (3), Article 4 (1), Article 5 (2), Article 9 (1) of the International Covenant on Citizenship and Political Rights "ratified by Japan (5), Article 13, Article 14 (6), Article 15 (1), Article 16, Article 17, Article 26, which are not subject to any crimes and are falsely charged is.


In the Japanese judicial system, there is a "retrial request system", but due to the reason of "application error mistake" it can not be requested. However, when a crime such as a police officer involved in the incident is confirmed, you can request a retrial.

Police officers, prosecutors, and judges' crimes are obvious. That sin,

Although it did not become any crime, he was arrested and captured, so it is a criminal law "abuse of the official authority of special civil servants".

It is a "false charge of criminal charges" of the criminal law because he accused us to impose punishment for false reasons, even though it did not become any crime. As a crime constitution reason, "willful" is not necessary.


So, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office and the Metropolitan Police Department etc. submit as "a complaint letter" for things related to me and "letters of charge" for Chinese and Filipinos, but after submitting many times, the crime is not clear I will not accept it.


Since Japan has given "prosecution monopoly right" to prosecutors, trial can not be made as a criminal case unless the prosecution accepts "indictment" or "accusation letter".


If the prosecution accepts the "indictment" "accusation letter" and sets it "non-prosecution", there is a method of compulsory indictment by giving "examination request" to the "prosecution review board" of the court,

Because the prosecution is not accepted, the last way of relief has also run out.

We also filed a "request for examination" at the "Tokyo Prosecution Review Board" at the premise of dismissal,

Prosecutors have been dismissed for reasons that they are not prosecuted.


Please urgently respond

Appellant matters concerning "abuse of special public officials' authority for official authority" and "false charges" are imminent. Please urgently respond to the UN High Commissioner.



The following is based on the complaint of I (Nagano)

In the criminal facts of police officers and prosecutors, I will state infringement of rights.


1. Police officers, illegally abusing their own authority around 11:30 on June 14, 2010, I (Nagano) thought that no criminal offense is being considered and despite not conducting criminal acts Contents The provision of a false employment contract to an illegal worker who committed illegal employment is said to be a criminal offense at the Setagaya Police Station on suspicion of assisting me (Nagano) in violation of the Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification) , I pretended to falsely charge the arrest warrant to the Tokyo Simplified Court, I (Nagano) abuses my own authority and content illegal arrest warrant illegal, pressed down freedom of decision, I (Nagano) I did illegal arrest / detention, investigated and interrogated it, after that I moved to the Tsukishima station to conduct illegal arrest detention and interrogation. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under the criminal abuse of 194 special criminal officials criminal law.


2. The police officers, illegally abusing the official authority which is held before June 15, 2010, I (Nagano) thought that no criminal offense is being considered and despite not conducting criminal acts, I (Nagano) wanting to obtain a plan to strictly imprisonate the illegally worked principal, which is different from usual countermeasures, to imprisonment with imprisonment by the Immigration Control Act (activities outside the status of qualification), for which it does not contravene international law, I have to punish a business operator who is an assistant of illegal employment, but since I do not want to be punished by passion, I planned to punish me (Nagano) as an alternate assistant and punish it with criminal law, content false Due to the allegation of assisting me (Nagano) who was arrested and arrested at the Tsukishima station as a criminal offense by providing employment contracts to the former offenders who worked illegally, for allegedly assisting in inviting the immigration law (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification) It was a false complaint filed by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office with a false name. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under criminal law 172 false charges.


3. Prosecutors illegally abused the authority they have about June 16, 2010, and I (Nagano) is aware that no criminal offense is being considered, and despite not conducting criminal acts, false hiring The fact that the agreement was provided to the former offender who worked illegally is said to be suspected of a criminal offense, suspected me (Nagano) arrested / kept in captivity at Tsukishima Station for allegedly assisting in inviting the immigration law (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification) I illegally obtain a detention claim, illegally obtain a detention letter, abuse the authority, press the freedom of decision making with an illegal detention letter of false contents, I (Nagano) has no obligation There was no illegal arrest detention and interrogation conducted. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under the criminal abuse of 194 special criminal officials criminal law.


4. In response to the detention request by the public prosecutor, on June 24, 2010, the lawyer requested the Tokyo District Court to cancel the detention, but the prosecutor of me (Nagano) requested the opinion of the judge, Illegitely abuse the authority that I have, illegally issue a notice of cancellation, oppress the freedom of decision making, I (Nagano) has no duty, illegal arrest detention I did it. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under the criminal abuse of 194 special criminal officials criminal law.


5. The police officers illegally abused the authority which I have about July 3, 2010, and I (Nagano) is not able to think any crime · · ·

Naka, ... I (Nagano) abuses the authority I have and is an illegal arrest warrant of false content, squeezing the freedom of decision making, I (Nagano) has no obligation, illegal Arrested and captured, and then transferred to the Setagaya Department and the Ogikubo Station for illegal arrest and detention and interrogation. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under the criminal abuse of 194 special criminal officials criminal law.


6. The prosecutor of I (Nagano), illegally abusing the official authority which I have about July 3, 2010, I (Nagano) thought that no criminal offense is being considered and even though he is not committing criminal acts , · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Abusing the official authority and content illegal detention forms illegal detention and pressure on decision freedom, I (Nagano) has no duty, illegal arrest detention and interrogation I did it. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under the criminal abuse of 194 special criminal officials criminal law.


7. The police officers, illegally abusing the official authority they had around July 4, 2010, I (Nagano) thought that no criminal offense is considered and despite not conducting criminal acts ... ..Office abbreviation

It is what the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office made a false complaint (additional submission) with a false criminal name. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under criminal law 172 false charges.


8. Prosecutors illegally abused their own authority around July 24, 2010, I (Nagano) wants to get a hand in spite of no crime being considered or being committed criminal acts I (Nagano) planned to severely imprisonment the offense that illegally worked, unlike ordinary countermeasures, to imprisonment with severe imprisonment by the Immigration Control Act (activities outside the status of qualification), which aided the immigration of the immigration law We have to punish a business operator who is a person with illegal employment promotion crime, but since I do not want to punish by emotion, I planned to punish me (Nagano) as an alternate assistant and punish it with criminal law, contents false employment contract A criminal offense provided by the Ogikubo Department to the former offender who illegally worked was a false complaint in the Tokyo District Court (Nagano) for assisting me (Nagano) violating the Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification) Prosecution). Therefore, the act of me (Nagano) falls under criminal law 172 false charges.


9. The prosecutor who is in charge of trial receives handover from the interrogation prosecutor and from around late July 2010 until around June 24, 2011, I illegally abused the authority I have, I (Nagano) I believe that any criminal offense has not been considered, and despite not conducting criminal acts, providing the false employment contract to the former offender who worked illegally was a crime, and I was imprisoned in the Tokyo detention center (Nagano ) As a defendant of aid for invasion of Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification), and at the end of October of the same year, the court began a trial by reading illegal content false indictment in the trial, and freedom of decision making Squeezed, I (Nagano) had no duty, I tried illegally arresting and holding a trial.

And the counsel also requests a bail request monthly, but I (Nagano) makes an opinion that does not approve bail for the judge every time, issues a notice of dismissal of illegal bail, I pressured freedom, I (Nagano) had no duty, I carried out a trial by making an illegal arrest and detention. Therefore, the act of I (Nagano) falls under criminal law 172 false charges.


"What crime does not come to mind and is not doing criminal acts"


In response to "illegal employment" in Japan,

Illegal foreign workers were criminalized under Article 70, "illegal employment crimes" and "

By criminalizing both companies equitably with Article 2 of the Immigration Act 73, "illegal employment promotion crime", businesses who illegally worked,

We are legislating not to violate "the equality under the law" of the Constitution of Japan and "international law" (International Covenant on Citizenship and Political Rights) which prohibits the disposal of foreigners arbitrarily.


However, in reality, we do not dispose of (illegal workers) in "illegal employment promotion crime", but criminalize (illegal workers only) for criminal discrimination against illegal employment crimes and make it expelled from abroad.

This is contrary to international law which prohibits foreign discrimination arbitrarily. It is contrary to equality under the law of the Constitution of Japan.


If you do not dispose of businesses with "illegal employment promotion crime" that illegally worked,

Foreign nationals who have been illegally worked are also disciplined without innocence (lawless logic).

If so, of course, there is no one to help anyone to work illegally.

This is governance under the law, respect for fundamental human rights, compliance with international law.


In the case of an aid to violate Immigration Control Act occurred in 2010, I did more criminal acts.

Do not dispose of businesses that illegally worked in the past as "illegal employment promotion crime"

Only foreigners who worked illegally were punished for "illegal work crimes" and were banished from the country,

We made up "third-party" assistant "who replaces the business operator of" illegal employment promotion crime "

In order to make it appear as if it had been disposed of equally, we criminalized a third party and banished illegal foreigners who were illegally employed as "imprisonment punishments" instead of being sentenced to fine.

The third person is Kin Gungaku "Kin Military School", a former subordinate who was supposedly accomplished with my (Nagano) who provided an employment contract to the former offender who will be hiring.


"Gold Military College" which was deemed to be accomplice with me is a special law which established for compliance with international law against a illegal act against Chinese illegal employment and which aimed at compliance with international law, It is not "illegal employment promotion crime"

Illegally provided "False Employment Agreement" so that the status of residence was easily obtained. So I was in Japan. I was illegally working because I was in Japan. In a causal relationship with,

I was imprisoned with imprisonment (imprisonment punishment) abusing "criminal sin" of criminal law which is the general law.


As far as I know, these incidents are criminalized not only by us but also by the Embassy of the Philippines officials and diplomats in 2014 and under the same illegal logic "assistance crime" has been applied.

Since international law violation is taking place on a daily basis, please urgently respond.

So we will file a complaint against the UN High Commission office including this incident.

(Those related to myself have been filed as "complaint letters", those related to Chinese and Filipinos as "complaints", but they have not been accepted.


My argument is that the application of the "assistance crime" of the criminal law is a criminal act by violation of applicable law for the following reasons. The offense is a "criminal charges of false charges" of the criminal law and it is "a crime of abuse of the special public servant 's office."


1. The aid for assisting illegal employment is stipulated in Article 2, Article 73 of the Immigration Act, "Special Law", "Crime for Promoting Illegal Employment."

I and KinGungaku (Gold Military University) do not do the act prescribed in "illegal employment promotion crime" so that regular chief officers, police officers, prosecutors can admit.

The "counsel" written in the indictment is a violation of the applicable law as it refers to aid acts against the cancellation of the status of residence, which is the administrative punishment described in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act .


No employer who hired a former offender has been disposed of as "illegal employment promotion crime" prescribed by Immigration Control Act without disposition.

If so, the former offenders who are hired and forced to work illegally are also equal under law without disposal. Therefore it is not guilty.

If so, that there are no assistants to illegal work, including me.


2. Next, it is said that the provision of "false employment contract" made it easy to acquire the status of residence as a causal relation of application of the "criminal penalty" of criminal law, but it is unjust.

In the case of

Although it is said that they got the status of residence easily, the conditions for giving a status of residence are not stipulated by law, the conditions of granting are unpublished, they are given at discretion by the Minister of Justice and have made the status of residence easier I can not say


 Even if you get a status of residence as "content false employment contract", it is separate from illegal employment as stipulated in Article 4-4 of the Immigration Act 22 "Reset of status of residence".


 Even if you obtain the status of residence of international and technical skills and humanities from the Minister of Justice for "content false employment contract", if you work within the scope of the status of residence of international or technical skills or humanities, you will not become illegal (non-qualified) activities It is a trivial idea. Therefore, acquisition of status of residence and illegal employment have nothing to do with it.


 Article 31 of the Constitution stipulates that "No person shall be deprived of its life or liberty unless it is made by the procedures prescribed by law, or can not impose any other punishment" (The provision of law refers to the law established in the Diet In addition to the ordinance established by local councils)

Submission of employment contracts is not required by law or ministerial ordinance but is requested to be submitted to foreigners by section manager and cooperated as an employer scheduled to be employed,

Even if it is false, there is no legal basis to impose criminal penalties on the case that the Minister of Justice gives at discretion. The only thing is that the Minister of Justice can cancel the "status of residence" as an administrative measure rather than a criminal disposition by the Immigration Control Act as a countermeasure to that.


 The granting of status of residence is at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, but the Minister of Justice is not a law "ministerial ordinance" of the Ministry of Justice, and for technical and humanities international, it is stipulated as granting policy that you have expertise after graduating from university, junior college etc. As we can guess that "diploma" is a major factor of granting status of residence, it can not be said that employment contracts make it easier to obtain status of residence.


I was in Japan because I got my status of residence. He said that he was able to work illegally because he was in Japan,

The status of residence is provided by the Minister of Justice at the discretion for undisclosed conditions.

Even after receiving a status of residence, further permission for entry (a seal on the passport) is also unpublished permission conditions, allowing the foreign minister to reside (enter) by giving permission at the discretion. Therefore, even if the employment contract is false, it can not be said that it is easy to influence the discretionary authority of both Ministers.


 As a fact, since the Minister of Justice grants the status of residence at the discretion, I (Nagano) was explained and operated as follows on the status of residence, such as by questioning with immigration.


 1) If the status of residence qualification is satisfied in "diploma" and expert knowledge is found, if employment company is inappropriate or employment contract is false etc, please let foreigners change employment contract company and reapply I am doing.

2) The status of residence is granted to foreign individuals even if foreign nationals who have engaged in employment contract have not obtained their status of residence, and after grant, work where within the scope of status of residence (skills and humanities) This is free.

3) After acquiring the status of residence, even if you can not join the employment contract company, you can find the employer within the period of stay and work within the fixed period instead of canceling the status of residence immediately.


 Therefore, it can not be said that the provision of "Contents false employment contract" made it easy to acquire the status of residence, and there is no causal relation between aid acts for obtaining status of residence and illegal work.


 As mentioned above, even if you obtain the status of residence of technology and humanities internationally at the discretion of the Minister of Justice in "content false employment contracts", if you work within the scope of the status of residence in the technical and humanities international, you will not become illegal It is obvious that it is unrelated to "illegal employment contract" and illegal employment is self-evident.

It is self-evident that they were responsible for employers who employed and worked foreigners with a status of residence without the qualification to work, as long as they were illegal.


 As described above, according to the intention of legislation of Immigration Control Act, aiding and promoting acts against illegal employment are unjustifiable as stipulated in "illegal employment promotion crime" and application of assistance charges is illegal.


 In 2015, in Osaka, a Chinese international student whose status of residence is "studying abroad" was hostessed and criminalized as "illegal employment crime (activity outside the qualifications)" and became "deportation", but as unjustified We have fought in trial and are innocent.

The reason for the judgment at this time is that since it is a by-law (ministerial ordinance), not the Immigration Law Principle (law), that it does not allow 28 hours of working hours limit weekly or "non-qualified employment" , He dismissed prosecution as not being a violation of the law.


 It is human rights violation against foreigners to declare foreigners to live in Japan if they do crime. And if foreigners can live in Japan, it is abuse of assistance sins to assume that foreigners commit crimes if they commit a crime, people can not live with peace of mind.


 In relation to the illegal employment made by a foreigner, it was not a "crime for promoting illegal employment" that stipulated the punishment for that aid, but because of making it possible for him to live in Japan, it was a causal relationship to criminal punishment Application of the criminal law "assistance crime" is applied for the reason of "assistance for revocation of status of residence"It is illegal for the abuse of assistance sins.


 Since it provided "(contract false) employment contract" (requested by the section manager) to the former offender for reasons for assisting illegal employment, it was possible to obtain the status of residence easily (at the discretion of the Minister of Justice).

Since I got my status of residence, I gained immigration visa (at the discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs) and was able to live in Japan.

I was able to work illegally because I was able to live in Japan. I am applying criminal law assistance crime in causal relation with

As mentioned above, even if it is a "false employment contract," there is no legal basis for "delivery of status of residence" or "delivery of immigration visa", there is no clear causal relation To make it possible for crime to be made so as to be in Japan is a vicious discrimination against foreigners, is a human rights violation, and illegal because of abuse of assistance crime.


 In Japan, we refer to such a far-cryptic reasoning theory as "the way in which Tablo is profitable if the wind blows". If the wind blows, why will the tuya be profitable ...? If you talk about causality, it is long.

And there are various scenarios. In other words, the causal relationship is "trouble".


 These customs of applying assistance crime by far causal relationship are rooted and it is a terrible Japanese society.


 I made it possible to live in Japan, so I was able to "work illegally". Therefore, although it says that the causal relationship is obvious, I lent a room of an apartment to a foreigner so that I could live in Japan. As being able to live in Japan, it is possible to kill murder and can the apostolic owner apply assistance of "murder crime"? Is it? Is it? As this answer,

The interrogation officer said, "President, Chinese have worked illegally, so we can financially assist illegal work ... but if the Chinese were murderers, it would be an assistance crime against murder charges! Please do it! "

We already applied "murder guilt" of murder to the owner of the apartment.


 If you think that Japanese who treat foreigners equally is not interesting, we are also making this Japanese Japanese an assistant for murder at the discretion. The root of infringement of human rights is because the custom of exclusion of arbitrary foreigners is rooted.


 Therefore, the offense of police officers and prosecutors is "criminal charges of false charges" of the criminal law and is "crime of abuse of the official authority of special civil servants."


 A crime of abusing the ex officio of a special civil servant "is a crime established by abusing its authority and arresting and imprisoning others.

Criminal composition requirement of official abuses of special public officials As to the suitability,

The principal is a special civil servant, · · · facts It is police officers, prosecutors and judges.

Having arrested and confined a person · · · It was arrested and confined as a fact.

abuse of authority, established by. · · · Whether abusing official authority, but abuse is the illegal exercise of authority on duties, so that means and methods are not only violent and threatening, but also against the victims legally and virtually It is said that it is enough if it can oppress the freedom of decision making to the extent that you can accept the result.


 Regarding job authority, as for police officers,

Article 189 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Police officers shall perform duties as judicial police officials, respectively, pursuant to other laws or by the National Public Safety Commission or the Prefectural Public Safety Commission.

When judicial police officials think that there is a crime, they will investigate the perpetrator and evidence.

It is stipulated.


 Therefore, it is illegal to conduct investigation, arrest and confinement, even though crime is not imagined, that is, it is not in violation of any law, it is a crime of abuse of the official authority of special civil servants.

 We urge freedom of decision making by exercising illegal content lie and arrest warrant etc and exercise authority on duties.

Criminal offense is established because this obvious illegal act is abuse of official absence because the crime of special public official abuses the official abilities of the special public official does not need deliberate intention.


Quality of Japanese lawyers


Democratic municipal councilor consulted with Democratic counsel lawyer.

The answer is,

As a principal offender (foreigner of illegal work) is imprisoned for illegal work, the application of assistance is valid.

This is not an answer. It merely states the effectiveness of assistance crime in criminal law.

Assistance charges are not imposed for assistance in the case of "fine offense is fine".

The number of charges written in the indictment is prescribed in the "illegal employment promotion charges" prescribed by Article 2 of the Immigration Act 73,

Instead of aiding acts against illegal employment,

Illegal employment is not directly related to enemies,

Regarding the fact that the former offender made an act of revoking the status of residence which is administrative punishment,

The provider of "content false employment contract" is counted as a counsel as saying that it is an aiding act thereof,

Why is the criminal assistance offense against illegal work applied? This reason can not be stated.

This is the qualification of a Japanese lawyer.


Police officers and prosecutors are laws of logic, and can not bear the applicable crime.


The policeman says, in the interrogation,

"Do not lick Sakuradamon (a place name of the Metropolitan Police Department)! Accept (sin) in general theory!"

The prosecutor, in an interrogation, says,

"Accept (sin) in the general theory! (Fine) if you recognize (sin), it will be sentenced to a fine, (I will imprison you if I do not admit it)"

There is no country other than Japan to make a criminal in general theory.


 What I'm directly concerned with is that four Chinese who occurred in 2010, both of whom worked at a restaurant, were illegally working in violation of Immigration Control Act (activities outside the status of qualification), four of them said, "Content false Employment Contract "and was deemed to be an assistant for the illegal worker's injury, in Gungaku (gold military academy) who was considered as an accomplice and complicity. (I am not accepting but I am prosecuting and accusing)


 Drivers related to the Philippine Embassy, which occurred in 2014 and 2015, were reported to have worked at a landscaping shop and were charged with illegal workers' violation of immigration laws (activities outside their qualifications), " Embassy officials and diplomats in the Philippines, who were deemed to have assisted against their illegal workers' hands as if they handed in an employment contract, are exactly the same as mine cases that occurred in 2010, they are stated. (I am not accepting but I am accusing)

The Government of Japan will submit it as a proof of conducting contrary to international law on a daily basis.


 Although this is described as a reference, the Japanese government, for illegal employment,

Although it does not change that you do not dispose illegally by the employer who is hiring "illegal employment promotion crime"

For foreigners, we operate with two standards.

1. If an alien who already becomes an administrative sanction of withdrawal from overseas etc. has illegally worked in the state of violation of Immigration Control Act, he / she will be removed from the country without being disposed of as "illegal employment crime" We are sending facilities and leaving the country for overseas reasons.

2. In the case of illegal employment of activities other than the status of residence with regular status of residence, only foreigners are made a violation of Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities other than the status of immigration), they are punished by a small amount and sentenced to criminal penalties, I am withdrawing from overseas because of being disposed of.

However, even in this case, it is an arbitrary disposition against foreigners, so it is a violation of international law.

Most cases are this case, so there are countless victims.


 I think that there are a few cases of imprisonment for imprisonment for us in 2010 or Filipino from 2014 to 2015 due to illegal employment crimes contrary to international law, or imprisonment of criminal law for violation of applicable law,

Anyway, it is a serious human rights violation of International Law violation, so please respond promptly.


 The reason for not applying "illegal employment promotion crime"

Because the business says "I did not know such a law", because it is not applied,

In the revision of July 2010, the Diet was implemented with a grace period of three years, with the addition of the provision that "Such laws are unknown unknown" clause,

Even in the case of the Philippine Embassy in 2014 - 2015, as evidenced by the fact that illegally employed businesses are not disposed of, as foreigners who are employed illegally are being arbitrarily criminalized Please urgently, please relieve.





国連人権高等弁務官事務所 提出FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I  苦情の事実














以前、入国管理局からは、在留資格は、日本国が、雇用予定の会社に対して交付するものではなく、外国人個人に交付するものなので、 採用を取消をしても、既に発行した在留資格の取消はできない。また、在留資格を得た外国人が、在留資格の範囲であれば、どこの会社で働くかは自由であると指導を受けていた。



















 そして、日本国憲法の31条、「何人も、法律の定める手続によらなければ、その生命若しくは自由を奪はれ、又はその他の刑罰を科せられない。 に照らして、



 なお、日本国も批准している「市民権と政治的権利に関する国際規約」第2条(1)(3)、第4条(1)、第52)、第9(1) (5)、第13条、第14条(6)、15条(1)、第16条、第17条、第26条、に明確に反しており、なんら罪に問われることはなく冤罪です。






















1.警察官らは、平成22年6月111時半、持っている職権不法に乱用して、私(長野)は何ら犯罪が思科されないし、犯罪行為をしていないにもかかわらず、内容虚偽の雇用契約書を不法就労した正犯に提供したことは、犯罪が思科されるとして、世田谷署において私(長野)を入管法違反(資格外活動による不法就労)の幇助罪の容疑で、事前に東京簡易裁判所に逮捕令状を嘘偽請求し、私(長野)は持っている職権を乱用し内容嘘偽の不法な逮捕令状で、意思決定の自由を圧迫し、私(長野)には何の義務もない、不法な逮捕・監禁を行ない取調べを行ない、その後も、月島署に移送して不法な逮捕監禁を行ない取調べを行ったものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法194条 特別公務員職権濫用罪に該当します。


2.警察官らは、平成22年6月1日前頃、持っている職権不法に乱用して、私(長野)は何ら犯罪が思科されないし、犯罪行為をしていないにもかかわらず、手柄を得たい私(長野)は、不法就労した正犯を通常の対処と異なり、入管法違反(資格外活動)で厳しく懲役刑にすることを画策し、それには国際法に反しないために、入管法の幇助者である事業者を不法就労助長罪で処罰せねばならないが、情により処罰したくないので、私(長野)を代わりの幇助者としてでっち上げ刑法で処罰させることを画策し、内容虚偽の雇用契約書を不法就労した正犯に提供したことは、犯罪であるとして、月島署に逮捕監禁中の私(長野)を入管法違反(資格外活動による不法就労)の幇助罪の容疑などで、東京地方検察庁に内容嘘偽の罪名で虚偽告訴(送検)したものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法172条 虚偽告訴罪に該当します。


3.検察官は、平成22年6月16日頃、持っている職権を不法に乱用して、私(長野)は何ら犯罪が思科されないし、犯罪行為をしていないにもかかわらず、内容虚偽の雇用契約書を不法就労した正犯に提供したことは、犯罪が思科されるとして、月島署に逮捕・監禁中の私(長野)を入管法違反(資格外活動による不法就労)の幇助罪の容疑などで、不法に勾留請求を行ない、勾留状を不法に取得して、職権を乱用し内容嘘偽の不法な勾留状で、意思決定の自由を圧迫し、私(長野)には何の義務もない、不法な逮捕監禁を行ない取調べを行ったものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法194条 特別公務員職権濫用罪に該当します。


4.検察官は勾留請求に対し、平成22年6月24日頃、弁護人は、拘留取消の請求を東京地方裁判所へ請求したが、私(長野)の検察官は裁判官の意見の求めに対し、持っている職権を不法に乱用して、不法にも、取消を認めずの通知を発行させ、意思決定の自由を圧迫し、私(長野)には何の義務もない、不法な逮捕監禁を行なったものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法194条 特別公務員職権濫用罪に該当します。



中略、・・・・私(長野)は持っている職権を乱用し内容嘘偽の不法な逮捕令状で、意思決定の自由を圧迫し、私(長野)には何の義務もない、不法な逮捕・監禁を行ない、その後も、世田谷署及び荻窪署に移送して、不法な逮捕監禁を行ない取調べを行ったものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法194条 特別公務員職権濫用罪に該当します。


6.私(長野)の検察官は、平成22年3日、持っている職権不法に乱用して、私(長野)は何ら犯罪が思科されないし、犯罪行為をしていないにもかかわらず、・・・・中略・・・職権を乱用し内容嘘偽の不法な勾留状で、意思決定の自由を圧迫し、私(長野)には何の義務もない、不法な逮捕監禁を行ない取調べを行ったものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法194条 特別公務員職権濫用罪に該当します。



東京地方検察庁に内容嘘偽の罪名で虚偽告訴(追加送検)したものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法172 虚偽告訴罪に該当します。


8.検察官は、平成22年24日、持っている職権不法に乱用して、私(長野)は何ら犯罪が思科されないし、犯罪行為をしていないにもかかわらず、手柄を得たい私(長野)は、不法就労した正犯を通常の対処と異なり、入管法違反(資格外活動)で厳しく懲役刑にすることを画策し、それには国際法に反しないために、入管法の幇助者である事業者を不法就労助長罪で処罰せねばならないが、情により処罰したくないので、私(長野)を代わりの幇助者としてでっち上げ刑法で処罰させることを画策し、内容虚偽の雇用契約書を不法就労した正犯に提供したことは犯罪として、荻窪署に逮捕・監禁中の私(長野)を入管法違反(資格外活動による不法就労)の幇助罪で、東京地方裁判所に虚偽告訴(起訴)をしたものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法172 虚偽告訴罪に該当します。



 そして又、弁護人は保釈請求を毎月のように請求するが、私(長野)は毎回、裁判官に保釈を認めない意見を出し、不法な保釈請求却下の通知書を発行させ、意思決定の自由を圧迫し、私(長野)には何の義務もない、不法な逮捕監禁を行ない公判を行ったものです。よって、私(長野)の行為は、刑法172 虚偽告訴罪に該当します。

































 私の主張は、 刑法の「幇助罪」適用は、以下の理由により適用法違反による犯罪行為です。罪名は刑法の「虚偽告訴罪」であり、「特別公務員職権乱用罪」です。


















 憲法31条に 「何人も、法律の定める手続によらなければ、その生命若しくは自由を奪はれ、又はその他の刑罰を科せられない。」(法律の定めとは、国会で制定した法律を指します。地方議会で制定した条例も含む)に照らして、


















































主体が特別公務員であること、・・・・事実 警察官、検察官や裁判官らです。

人を逮捕・監禁したこと 、・・・・事実として逮捕・監禁されました。




刑事訴訟法 第百八十九条 警察官は、それぞれ、他の法律又は国家公安委員会若しくは都道府県公安委員会の定めるところにより、司法警察職員として職務を行う。