To White House

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Thanks to the e-mail to President Trump, with the success of the president, work for American workers is steadily increasing. Great! 2017-04-19  

Thanks to the e-mail to President Trump, with the success of the president, work for American workers is steadily increasing. Great! 2017-04-19            

Dear Sirs,
I am Japanese.
With the success of the president, my work for American workers is steadily increasing. Great!
I can not see the outlook for the trade deficit to be resolved.
Even in Japan, consumer goods will be exported to domestic, but exports are exempt. Border tax (federal consumption tax) is unfair, unless it is implemented. Please do carry out fair trade and promote it.

Because we are severely arresting illegal immigrants, there are an increasing number of arrested people. It is also to arrest a business that illegally worked. That way you do not need the wall with Mexico.

Japan is trying to establish a crime to prevent terrorism, etc. in order to ratify the United Nations International Treaty on the Crime of International Organized Crime. In the prewar era of militarism, the people suffered from the law of maintaining security. It is an act of destroying democracy to punish at the stage of planning a crime. Do not make Japan a country of militarism.
If terrorists are known by their outline, I think that the president is immigration issue and will not suffer.

I would like to file a complaint against the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights concerning "illegal countermeasures against violations of Immigration Control Act". Japan has decided "personal notification system" in the Option Protocol on Human Rights We have not ratified the treaty, so we can not file a lawsuit. Among developed countries, only Japan is not ratified.
We can not file a case but submitted it. The material that I emailed to Geneva is below.

I'd like a great president. Please exert pressure on Japan to ratify the "personal reporting system". Appeal great human rights-friendly president.
Please help me to become a country where Japan is governed under the law, respecting basic human rights and complying with international law.
                     Best regards,