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In order to resolve the e-mail to trump president, the day trade deficit, We must stop unfair illegal immigrants as labor force. 2017-05-6

In order to resolve the e-mail to trump president, the day trade deficit,
We must stop unfair illegal immigrants as labor force. 2017-05-6

                                Yasuhiro Nagano

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.
On 4th, the US Commerce Secretary criticized Japan for trade imbalance. It is natural to defend American workers and businesses. But criticism alone will not improve it.
As I said yesterday, in the past, American citizens brought a boycott of Japanese cars, resulting in Japanese cars being made in the United States. The Commerce Secretary needs a strategy to make Japanese cars more American.
Why are Japanese cars strong? The Japanese manufacturing industry is pyramid type, the base is supported by small and medium enterprises. Many of the labor force is used by illegal immigrants and others. It is not an exception with Toyota.
Japan does not allow immigration of simple labor. However, although the surface enters by legal immigrants such as trainees and foreign students, in fact, it is illegal work outside the status of residence. When it becomes prominent, in order to show it, I will let you go out of the country with illegal criminal punishment. What a crazy way!
In order to resolve the trade deficit with Japan, we must condemn this problem and stop unfair illegal immigration from becoming labor force.
Until that is settled, reviving boycott of imported Japanese cars is the best measure.

This unfair illegal immigration problem is "incident immigration violation (assistance) incident". It is a crime of country. I would like to file a complaint with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights office against the illegal treatment received from the Japanese Government in 2010 "Individual Reporting System", but "Personal Reporting System" Because we have not ratified the system, we can not do it. Please support the aid for violation of Immigration Control Act.
Documents to be submitted are below. Please read this document for details. We pray the president for happiness!
Best regards



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