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Mail to President Trump, Japanese Prime Minister (Diet member) ignored the Constitution, We suggested amendment of Article 9 of the Constitution. 2017-05-8

Mail to President Trump, Japanese Prime Minister (Diet member) ignored the Constitution,
We suggested amendment of Article 9 of the Constitution. 2017-05-8
                                Yasuhiro Nagano

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.
In 1945, Japan was defeated by war and finally became a democratic country from a militaristic state. And the Constitution which is the basis of the country was led by the US Army and a new Constitution was enacted.
Peaceful constitution of the sovereign people. I think that it is wonderful. However, most extreme politicians have been cried for constitutional revision so far as this constitution is "a constitution that the US military pressed".
In the case of
The biggest problem is Article 9 of the Constitution. Article 9 of the Constitution provides for "abandonment of war" in paragraph 1, "failure to maintain war potential" and "denial of belligerence" in paragraph 2. And in Article 99 of the Constitution, the emperor or regent and the Minister of State, parliamentarians, judges and other public officials are obligated to respect and defend this constitution. I am doing. However, the Japanese Prime Minister (Diet member) ignored the Constitution and proposed amending Article 9 of the Constitution. I would like to do it in the year of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2010.
I understand and support the existence of "Self Defense Force" as an exclusive defense organization to protect people 's lives, based on Article 25 of the Constitution "survival right", but amend Article 9 of the Constitution To the contrary.

Japan should not have nuclear weapons. Do not let Japan be a military power. It becomes a troublesome existence beyond North Korea and China. Every year, the president cries to the American people "Do not forget Pearl Harbor".

In immigration policies as well, imperialism came to rise. The unfair illegal immigration problem is "incident immigration violation (assistance) incident". It is a crime of country.
I would like to file a complaint with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights office against the illegal treatment received from the Japanese Government in 2010 "Individual Reporting System", but "Personal Reporting System" Because we have not ratified the system, we can not do it.
Please support the aid for violation of Immigration Control Act.
Documents to be submitted are below. Please read this document for details. We pray the president for happiness!
Best regards,



 日本に、核兵器を持たせてはいけません。日本を軍事大国にさせてはいけません。北朝鮮や中国以上に厄介な存在になります。大統領は、毎年、米国民に『Don't forget Pearl Harbor』 を叫んでください。

提出書類は下記にあります。詳しくはこの資料を読んでください。 大統領に、幸多かれと祈る!