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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Mail to President Trump, it's strange, Diet members, We are obliged to respect and defend this constitution, so we can not talk about revision. 2017-05-13a

Mail to President Trump, it's strange, Diet members,
We are obliged to respect and defend
this constitution, so we can not talk about revision. 2017-05-13a

                                Yasuhiro Nagano

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.
The Japanese Constitution, which is said to have been made by the US military, stated in Article 99 that "Emperor or regent and the Secretary of State, parliamentarians, judges and other public servants have an obligation to respect and defend this constitution." It is.
However, the Diet members established a "Constitutional Review Board" at the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors to discuss the revision of the Constitution, and the Diet members made a promise to discuss constitutional amendment at this meeting.
It is strange, since Diet members are obligated to respect and defend this Constitution, we can not talk about revision. The Constitutional Review Board can not discuss the constitutional amendment unless it consists of a general public (a Japanese not designated as Article 99).
The Constitution Review Board decided to amend the Constitution, Article 96 of the Constitution "The revision of this constitution, with approval of two-thirds or more of the total members of each House, the Diet proposing this, proposing it to the public and approving it The approval requires a majority vote in a special referendum or a vote to be held during the elections determined by the Diet, "and will be voted in the National Assembly and become a national referendum.
Prime Minister Abe (National Assemblyman) has issued a constitutional amendment. The opposition lawmakers say that the Diet members will decide at the "Constitution Review Board".

Japanese parliamentarians do not feel like protecting it because it is a constitution that the US military made. It is crazy that things that do not abide by the Constitution will amend the Constitution. Japan is definitely moving to a country of militarism.
Please say "NO" to Japanese militarization. Please denounce it even in G7.

I would like to file a complaint with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights office against the illegal treatment received from the Japanese Government in 2010 "Individual Reporting System", but "Personal Reporting System" Because we have not ratified the system, we can not do it. I think it is better to ratify the "personal reporting system".
Documents to be submitted are below.
Please support a lawsuit against the International Criminal Court. I pray the president for happiness! Best regards,