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2017-06-07:E-mail to President Trump: President Trump is a coal gas chemistry utilizing coal, please increase employment of coal workers and take measures against global warming.

2017-06-07:E-mail to President Trump: President Trump is a coal gas chemistry utilizing coal, please increase employment of coal workers and take measures against global warming.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.
The Washington Post announced the opinion poll result that opposition is 59%, against 28% for the fact that President Trump has announced its withdrawal from the international framework for global warming countermeasures "Paris Agreement".
The president is unfairly agreement that China, the world's largest emitter country, can increase emissions 13 years! It is unfair that China will not issue a fund to counter global warming. To deprive the work of coal workers has withdrawn as contrary to election promises. It is crazy for American people to agree that they will increase China's emissions in the future.

President should take coal gas utilization coal gas chemistry, expanding employment of coal workers and taking measures against global warming.
Coal gasification is a technology that should play a central role in a wide range of important industries such as high efficiency power generation, hydrogen production, synthetic fuel production, and chemical production, enabling the inexpensive coal abundant reserves to be used cleanly.
The contribution to the fund for the countermeasure against global warming is to invest in development investment to strengthen the United States.
Coal is said to be 150 years' reserved for reserves, and it is much larger than oil and natural gas. Coal in the Appalachian Mountains, along with shale gas, becomes an important resource to make strong USA.
The international community needs the leadership of President Trump. President Gambare!

Japan has become a law to dispose illegally working foreigners and those employed harshly and severely, but police officers have been affixed to management employing them and criminalized only foreigners . This is not only Japanese law but also international law violation. I would like to file a lawsuit against the United Nations OHCHR under the "personal reporting system" against the illegal treatment received from the Japanese government in 2010, but Japan ratified the "personal reporting system" not. Documents to be submitted are below. Please support Japan to recommend "ratification of personal notification system" and appeal to the International Criminal Court. I pray the president for happiness! Best regards,

Yasuhiro Nagano






 日本は不法就労する外国人と、彼ら雇用した者を平等に厳しく処分する法律になっていますが、警察官らが、彼らを雇用する経営者と癒着して外国人だけを刑事処分しています。これは、日本法だけでなく国際法違反です。私は、2010年「入管法違反幇助事件」日本政府から受けた不法な扱いに対して、国連のOHCHRに「個人通報制度」で提訴したいが、日本は「個人通報制度」の批准をしていません。提出書類は下記にあります。 日本へ「個人通報制度」の批准勧告と国際刑事裁判所への提訴を支援してください。大統領に、幸多かれと祈る!敬具、