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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

2017-06-20: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanezem Pirey Please consider OHCHR as well as President Trump! Respecting human rights in Japan 's Prime Minister of Japan, "Governing under the

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanezem Pirey

Please consider OHCHR as well as President Trump!
Respecting human rights in Japan 's Prime Minister of Japan, "Governing under the law, do judicial administration in line with international law"
Please send a letter pointing out to ratify the "personal reporting system".
The following is the e-mail sent today to President Trump, World Embassy of Medicine, Diet members etc.

2017-06-20: E-mail to President Trump: Particularly nonpartisan people have left away, especially since the DPP (Democratic Party) of the former administration party collaborated with the Communist Party and the party leader was a dual nationality with China. So, if you choose a conservative party, there is only the LDP. There is no politician inside LDP to oppose Prime Minister Abe.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.
Cabinet approval rate was announced. NNN network has a support rate of 39.8% and unsupported 41.8%. Kyodo news agency has a support rate of 44.9%, unsupported 43.1%. The Mainichi Shimbun has an approval rating of 36% and a disapproval rate of 44%. The Yomiuri Shimbun has an approval rating of 49% and a disapproval rate of 41%. The Asahi Shimbun has an approval rating of 41% and a disapproval rate of 37%.
Because Japanese are conservative and the majority of non-partisan tribe is major, difference will come out depending on the media.
This time we are lowering the approval rate for the problem of suspected abuse of the authority of Abe because of forced legislation of conspiracy and Prime Minister Abe. It is also calling for a simultaneous uprising as some cultural people and scholars are dark politics. It is crazy that this degree is often in the presence of Korean president Park Geun-hye or more. The reason is simple, there is no conservative party opposing Prime Minister Abe 's LDP. Particularly, the nonpartisan party left away as the Democratic Party of the former administration party (Democratic Party) cooperated with the Communist Party and the party leader was a dual nationality with China. So, if you choose a conservative party, there is only the LDP. There is no politician inside LDP to oppose Prime Minister Abe. Non-partisan conservatives select LDP according to the elimination method, but people are frustrated. Demonstrations like Korea will not happen. The Japanese are willing to give up.

Japanese citizens also expect leaders like President Trump. President Trump also has problems in the United States, but please do its best.

Japan has become a law to dispose illegally working foreigners and those employed harshly and severely, but police officers have been affixed to management employing them and criminalized only foreigners . This is not only Japanese law but also international law violation. I would like to file a lawsuit against the United Nations OHCHR under the "personal reporting system" against the illegal treatment received from the Japanese government in 2010, but Japan ratifies the "personal reporting system" not. Documents to be submitted are below. Please support Japan to recommend "ratification of personal notification system" and appeal to the International Criminal Court. I pray the president for happiness! Best regards,


Contrary to Japanese law and international law against foreigners' illegal employment,
Businesses who illegally worked were not criminalized under the Immigration Control Act as "illegal employment promotion crime"
We were only criminalizing a foreigner who was illegally employed (illegally worked) by arbitrary fine and punished him forced to leave the country abroad.

In the case of the above-mentioned "Invasion of Immigration Act violation assistance case" and the case of illegal employment at the Philippine Embassy in 2014, 2015,
Without criminalizing the businesses that illegally worked as "illegal employment promotion crime" under the Immigration Control Act,
Only foreigners who worked illegally were sentenced to criminal disposition of imprisonment (suspension of execution) by illegal work crimes (activities outside the status of qualification) and forced to leave the country.
Then, assuming that a person who provided employment contracts is not directly related to illegal employment, aiding acts against illegal employment,
It was criminalized under the criminal law "assistance crime". Please advise Japan to comply with criminal law principles.

The application of assistance criminal is illegal and contrary to the law of law.
In Japan, it is said that "If the wind blows, the tuya is profitable" it is said to be a theory, but since "Kojitsu"
It is a reasoning which forcibly, unjustly, illegally push a crime.
It is not a lie. You can see "cause-effect relationship" in the judgment document of "assistant violation incidents case" incident.
With this, when a bill proposed to amend part of the Organized Crime Punishment Act, a so-called "conspiracy sin" is established,
Any action, combined with assistance crime, can be disposed of by "conspiracy sin".
Also, you can investigate any kind of events by "the way the wind blows, the tuya is profitable" argument.

And in this case, we are manipulating information on media such as TV and newspaper.
The Japanese media are obedient because they are working by police and prosecutors receiving information and making articles.
It operates with the logic of "Confucianism", so it does not go against the superiors.
Articles and facts are totally different.
The citizen is said to have assisted illegal employment against illegal employment of illegal foreign workers prescribed by Immigration Control Act, illegal workers'
I will let you report as if you were arrested for "illegal employment promotion crime"
In fact, we arrested for illegal employment of foreigners under the criminal law "assistance crime."
Because it can not be arrested for "illegal employment promotion crime", citizens have cheated by misusing the law to the law.
The counsel of the "indictment letter" is an aid to the "Immigration to the submission of false documents" by the Immigration Control Act,
The act of "submitting false documents" is administrative action, so we can not dispose the assistant,
It applied the "assistance crime" of the criminal law which is the general law.

Also, since Japan has given "prosecution exclusive rights" to prosecutors,
Prosecutors can not accept criminal cases unless they accept "complaints or accusations".
Prosecutors will not accept "complaints or accusations" because police officers and prosecutors are acting illegally in this case.
It can not be said that governance under the law is lower under this.
Please advise Japan to accept 'complaint letters and accusations'.
For this reason, we do not ratify it, even if we want to file a complaint on the OHCHR in the "personal reporting system"
OHCHR can not correspond.

As the United Nations Human Rights Council, please recommend to stop Japan illegal rule.
Please refer to the documents submitted to OHCHR for materials.
Materials that are missing will be submitted immediately.
Above, thank you.

Yasuhiro Nagano



人権高等弁務官 ナヴァネセム・ピレー 殿



 内閣支持率が発表されました。NNNネットワークは、支持率が39.8%、不支持は41.8% 。共同通信社は、支持率が44・9%、不支持は43・1%。毎日新聞は、支持率が36%、不支持率は44%。読売新聞は、支持率が49%、不支持率は41%。朝日新聞は支持率が41%、不支持率は37%です。


 日本は不法就労する外国人と、彼ら雇用した者を平等に厳しく処分する法律になっていますが、警察官らが、彼らを雇用する経営者と癒着して外国人だけを刑事処分しています。これは、日本法だけでなく国際法違反です。私は、2010年「入管法違反幇助事件」日本政府から受けた不法な扱いに対して、国連のOHCHRに「個人通報制度」で提訴したいが、日本は「個人通報制度」の批准をしていません。提出書類は下記にあります。 日本へ「個人通報制度」の批准勧告と国際刑事裁判所への提訴を支援してください。大統領に、幸多かれと祈る!敬具、