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ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン:2017-07-17:Your 1600 Dailyホワイトハウスは今日Made in America Weekを開始:The White House kicks off Made in America Week today

ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン2017-07-17Your 1600 Dailyホワイトハウスは今日Made in America Weekを開始:The White House kicks off Made in America Week today

 今日、トランプ行政大統領は、ホワイトハウスで全米の企業や製品をMade in Americaの週に始めるために展示しています。全米50州がホワイトハウスで代表され、トランプ大統領はアメリカ人労働者に対する支援を再確認するメッセージを送付する。



12:30 PM大統領トランプ大統領とマイク・ペンス副議長




午後200分プレスブリーフィングPress Secretary Sean Spicer


午後3時、トランプ大統領とペンス副大統領がMade in Americaの製品ショーケースに参加 - Watch


4:30 Pence副大統領がセルビアAleksandar Vucic大統領との二国間会合に参加





フランスナショナルデーパレード| 2017714日(Shealah Craigheadによる公式ホワイトハウス写真)












Trump Administrationは最近、Obamacare計画を2018年に売却するために最初に提出した健康保険発行者の数は、当初2016年に参加したいと思っていた数の約半分に過ぎないと発表しました。


インターン・シリーズ:Vox Populi2017年夏のホワイトハウスインターンシップ・プログラムに受け入れられた後、私は西ウイングの最初のシーズンを経験して自分自身を準備しようとしました...



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The White House kicks off Made in America Week today


Today, President Trump's Administration is showcasing companies and products from around the country at the White House to kick off Made in America week. All 50 states will be represented at the White House, and President Trump will deliver a message reaffirming his support for the American worker.

Today's Events

12:30 PM President Trump has lunch with Vice President Mike Pence

1:30 PM President Trump meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

2:00 PM Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer

3:00 PM President Trump and Vice President Pence participate in a Made in America product showcase - Watch

4:30 PM Vice President Pence participates in a bilateral meeting with President Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia

8:40 PM Vice President Pence delivers the keynote address at the Christians United for Israel Washington Summit

Photo of the Day

French National Day Parade | July 14, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


FACT: 22 Ohio counties are currently projected to have no coverage options next year and another 28 counties may have no choices.


On Friday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump spent their second day in Paris, France participating as guests of honor in the annual Bastille Day ceremonies.

Watch President Trump's Weekly Address to the Nation.

President Trump announced his third wave of United States Attorney candidates. These candidates share the President’s vision for “Making America Safe Again.”

The Trump Administration recently announced that the number of health insurance issuers that initially filed to sell Obamacare plans in 2018 is only about half as many as the number that originally wanted to participate in 2016.

Intern Series: Vox Populi, "After I was accepted into the Summer 2017 White House Internship Program, I have to confess, I binge-watched the first season of the West Wing to try to prepare myself for the experience..."

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