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2017-08-04: 1 Million New Jobs Attorney General says Justice Dept. has tripled the number of leak probes"

2017-08-04: 1 Million New Jobs

Attorney General says Justice Dept. has tripled the number of leak probes"

- Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett, The Washington Post

The Washington Post reports Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department has “more than tripled the number of leak investigations compared to the number that were ongoing at the end of the last administration.” The Department of Justice has received nearly as many criminal referrals for leaking classified material than it had received in the past three years combined, the Post reports. The Department of Justice has charged four people with leaking, and Mr. Sessions vowed, “This culture of leaking must stop.”
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CNN reports that with July’s jobs report, “America has added more than a million jobs since President Trump took office.” While The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman highlights a new survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses gauging new hiring at the Nation’s small businesses hit a 19 year high as “U.S. small businesses added more workers in July and plan to ramp up hiring in coming months.”


In immigration reform news, Fox News’ Stuart Varney writes that as an immigrant himself, he believes the RAISE Act introduced this week by the President and Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, is a “good starting point”


In the Dalton Daily Citizen, Laurie Mcginley reports how the Food and Drug Administration is “strengthening efforts to detect opioids illegally entering the country through the mail, reflecting heightened concerns about the flood of synthetic fentanyl and similar drugs being shipped from China and elsewhere.” The agency’s efforts come just as the White House’s opioid commission called on the Administration to “boost funding, staffing and technology to try to ‘stanch the flow of deadly synthetic opioids’ arriving through the mail.”




"法務部はJustice Deptがリークプローブの数を3倍にしたと述べています"


- Matt ZapotoskyDevlin BarrettThe Washington Post















ダルトン・デイリー市民では、Laurie Mcginleyは、食品医薬品局(FDA)が「中国と他の地域から出荷されている合成フェンタニルや類似医薬品の洪水に対する懸念の高まりを反映して、郵便で不法に侵入するオピオイドの検出努力を強化している」と報告している。ホワイトハウスオピオイド委員会は、「郵便で到着する致命的な合成オピオイドの流れを止めさせるための資金、人員、技術を向上させる」と、行政に要請したのと同じように、この機関の努力が払われている。




2017-08-04:1 Million New Jobs