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2017-08-04:Giving Our Veterans the Care They Deserve The President's Weekly Address

The President's Weekly Address


Giving Our Veterans the Care They Deserve
Yesterday, President Trump and Secretary David Shulkin announced three initiatives that will expand access to health care for Veterans across the country. Using telehealth technology and mobile applications, the VA will connect with more Veterans to provide services where they live.
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Vice President Pence’s Trip to Europe
Vice President Pence has returned from Eastern Europe after a successful week advancing President Trump's America First agenda and strengthening our partnerships in the region.
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Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway Host Listening Session With Military Spouses
Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway, along with Secretary Acosta and Administrator McMahon, hosted a listening session with military spouses from various branches of the military, discussing the challenges they face with finding and retaining employment
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Marine One | August 3, 2017 (Official White House Shealah Craighead)


Today, President Trump and Vice President Pence will participate in a briefing on Hurricane Season at FEMA Headquarters, followed by lunch together at the White House. Later this evening, the Vice President will deliver remarks to Young America’s Foundation 39th Annual National Conservative Student Conference in D.C.





ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン2017-08-04:大統領の週刊挨拶:私たちの退役軍人に彼らにふさわしいケアを与えるGiving Our Veterans the Care They Deserve














Ivanka TrumpKellyanne Conway軍の配偶者とのセッション

Ivanka TrumpKellyanne ConwaySecretary AcostaAdministrator McMahonと一緒に、軍のさまざまな支部の軍の配偶者との聴取セッションを行い、雇用を見つけて維持することで直面する課題について話し合った




マリン・ワン| 201783日(公式ホワイトハウスShealah Craighead



今日、トランプ大統領とペンス副大統領は、FEMA本部のハリケーンシーズンのブリーフィングに参加し、ホワイトハウスで一緒に昼食を取る予定です。今晩の後半、副大統領はD.C.にあるYoung American's Foundation39回全米保守学生会議(National Conservative Student Conference)に発言を行います。





2017-08-04:Giving Our Veterans the Care They Deserve