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Mail magazine from the White House 2017-11-01 West Wing Reads for 11/9/17   Summary: Each day we round up the best stories the West Wing is reading and share them with you. West Wing Reads

Mail magazine from the White House 2017-11-01

West Wing Reads for 11/9/17


Summary: Each day we round up the best stories the West Wing is reading and share them with you.

West Wing Reads



- Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, The Hill


In honor of Veterans Day, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin writes in The Hill on the importance of “reflect[ing] on the sacrifices of those who have served this nation,” and comments on the recent redoubling of efforts by Veterans Affairs to assist those who have worn the uniform. Secretary Shulkin remarks that over the course of this past year, “the President and Congress have enacted no fewer than five major pieces of legislation on a range of veterans issues,” that focus on accountability, whistleblower protection, choice in health care, education benefits, and appeals modernization. With laws like the Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act and the VA Choice and Quality Empowerment Act, among others, as well as the creation of the VA Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection, the V.A. has, “enacted more reforms in the last several months than perhaps at any other time in recent history,” Secretary Shulkin concludes.

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Regarding tax reform, Peter Ferrara, Senior Policy Advisor for the National Tax Limitation Foundation, writes in the Observer that under President Trump’s tax reform plan, “we will enjoy a different economy than we have suffered from over the last 10 years,” and the recent economic boom under President Trump reflects what tax reform is all about: “restoring the advantage of that lost American economic growth.”




Joseph Lawler in the Washington Examiner reports forty free-market groups sent letters to all U.S. representatives Thursday, telling them the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's provisions “are a victory for the middle class, providing new tax relief, enabling more families to save and invest for the future, and creating an economy more conducive to prosperity for middle-class workers."




On President Trump’s trip to Asia, Javier Hernandez and Iris Zhao of The New York Times writes that in China, the President, “has acquired a legion of admirers who hail him as a straight-talking politician and business mogul with a knack for deal-making,” who has “changed the tone of America’s conversation with China.”




And in economic news, Reuters reports on a large number of commercial deals announced during President Trump’s visit to Beijing between U.S. companies and Chinese businesses that "could be valued as much as $250 billion.”



I have made an international criminal court (ICC) petition (humanitarian crime by judicial administration), so please have a look!


ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン 2017-11-01


概要: 毎日私たちは西ウィングが読んでいる最高の物語を切り上げ、あなたと共有します。




- 退役軍人秘書デビッド・シュルキン、ヒル


退役軍人の日に敬意を表して、デービッド・シュルキン退役軍人秘書官はThe Hillこの国に奉仕してきた人々の犠牲を反映することの重要性を強調し、近年復帰したベテランズ・アシスタントによるユニフォームを着用した人々を支援するための努力を倍増させた。シュルキン国務長官は、この1年の間に、「大統領と議会は、さまざまな退役軍人問題に関する法案を5つ以上制定している」と述べ、説明責任、内部通報者保護、医療の選択、 、そして近代化を訴える。VAは、ベテランズチョイスプログラム拡充改善法やVAチョイスと品質エンパワーメント法などの法律や、アカウンタビリティと内部通報者保護のVA事務所の創設と同様に、「最後のいくつかの改革を制定しました最近の史上他の時代に比べると、









ワシントン審査官の ジョセフ・ローラー氏は、40人の自由市場団体が木曜日に全米代表者に宛てた手紙を送ったと報じ、税金控除と雇用法の規定は「中産階級の勝利であり、新たな税金救済をもたらし、中産階級の労働者の繁栄に貢献する経済を創出する」と述べた。




ニューヨーク・タイムズ紙の ハビエル・ヘルナンデスとアイリス・ザオは、「トランプ氏のアジアへの旅の際、大統領府の中国では、彼を、直面している政治家や商売人として、アメリカの中国との会話の音色を変えてきた」と述べた。




ロイター通信は、米国企業と中国企業の間で、トランプ大統領が北京を訪問した際に発表した多数の商業取引について「 経済的なニュースでは、2500億ドルもの価値がある」と報じている。