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Mail magazine from the White House 2017-11-29 GOP should unite for legacy tax-reform vote  


Mail magazine from the White House 2017-11-29

GOP should unite for legacy tax-reform vote





-Bernie Marcus in The Hill

Bernie Marcus, chairman of the Marcus Foundation and retired co-founder of The Home Depot, writes in The Hill that delivering tax relief to the American people is “a legacy for which every U.S. senator should be remembered.” Marcus suggests Republicans “focus on the bill, not the shills” and look at the facts: Doubling the zero tax rate, doubling the child tax credit, and expanding the 12 percent bracket would save middle-class taxpayers thousands per year.

“That’s a huge relief for the four-fifths of working Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck,” says Marcus. “For many senators, this will be a legacy-cementing vote for which they will be remembered and thanked long after they’re gone.”

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In The Wall Street Journal, Merck & Co. CEO Kenneth Frazier says two numbers deserve far more attention than they’ve gotten in this month’s tax debate: 36 and $510 billion. “Thirty-six is the number of formerly U.S.-based companies that moved their headquarters overseas between 2004 and 2016,” writes Frazier. “$510 billion left the U.S. economy in cross-border mergers and acquisitions” during the same period. His solution? A territorial tax system, as the Senate tax reform bill proposes.


On immigration, Mica Rosenberg and Reade Levinson of Reuters write that 29 police departments across the country have joined a special program allowing officers to be deputized to perform certain tasks of immigration agents. Trained by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement personnel, these officers vet arrested individuals that are suspected of being in the country illegally.


In economic news, CNBC reports that sales of new U.S. single-family homes increased 6.2 percent in October, “hitting their highest level in 10 years.” October marks the third consecutive month that new home sales have increased.


Tis the season! A photo essay in The New York Times captured the moment yesterday as First Lady Melania Trump unveiled this year’s White House Christmas decorations. The theme for the First Family’s first Christmas in office is “Time-Honored Traditions,” which “looks back at the 200 years of holiday celebrations” in the White House, writes Tanner Curtis.



I have made an international criminal court (ICC) petition (humanitarian crime by judicial administration), so please have a look!


ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン 2017-11-29




- 丘のバーニー・マーカス



マーカス財団の会長であり、The Home Depotの共​​同設立者のBernie Marcusは、The Hillに、アメリカ人に税制救済を提供することは、「すべての米国の上院議員を忘れてはならない遺産」と書いている。法人所得税2倍にし、児童税額控除を倍増させ、12%を拡大することは、中産階級の納税者に年間1千人を節約することになる。



「これは、給与から給与に就いて働くアメリカ人労働者の4/5が大きな救済だ」とマーカスは言う。 「多くの上院議員にとって、これは遺跡が残っていることを忘れずに覚えられ、感謝の意を表している伝統的な投票である」







ウォールストリートジャーナルでは、MerckCo.CEOKenneth Frazierは、今月の税金争議よりも2つの数字が注目を集めていると言います。36億ドルと51000万ドル。 「2004年から2016年の間に本社を海外に移転させた米国に本拠を置く以前の企業の数は36である」とFrazierは記している。同じ期間に、米国経済を国境を越えた合併・買収に逃げた5,110億ドル。彼の解決策は?税制改革法案が提出したように、領土税制度。




ロイターのミカ・ローゼンバーグとリーデイン・レビンソンは移民局で、全国の29の警察署が特別なプログラムに参加し、役員が移民代理人の特定の任務を遂行するための代理人となることを認めていると書いている。米国入国管理局(US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement)の職員から訓練を受けたこれらの役員は、不法に国内にいる疑いのある人を逮捕します。