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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

2017-12-04: Today, I will inform you of the trump presidential mail and the world media etc. "Factual series of humanitarian crimes" NO: 28

2017-12-04: Today, I will inform you of the trump presidential mail and the world media etc.
"Factual series of humanitarian crimes" NO: 28

In case
In Japan, the fact that judicial administration is totally different from
"governance under the law" proposed by Prime Minister Abe is stated.
Japan needs "governance under the law".

In Japan, like this case,
"Criminal offense against applicable law" is a routine event.
Because it is a human, there are errors.
If you apologize, restore honor and compensate you,
it can be said that governance under the law is done.

However, the act of crushing the case is not governance under the law.
It is an act equal to terrorism.

This is the fact of Japan's justice. Help me!

Since "humanitarian crime" caused
by international law violation is no longer carried out on a daily basis,
please give urgent support.
The "humanitarian crime" of the Japanese government is no longer "act of terror".

We have already filed complaints (information notices) to ICC,
but please also support international society.

And also to press the ICC against the terrorism problem
and North Korea 's abduction issue to condemn this problem with top priority.
If you are a media etc., please check the logic of the stated law and report the facts.
And please campaign to the Japanese government to do "rule under the law"!

Please see below for the contents of the complaint against ICC (information notice).

The content of the e-mail today is as follows.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.

It is the continuation of No: 27 last time.

The Tokyo Immigration Bureau had guided us as follows. In case

1) If the status of residence qualification is satisfied with "diploma" etc.
and there is expert knowledge, he instructed foreigners as follows.
If employment company is inappropriate or employment contract is false etc,
foreign nationals are asked to change employment contract company and reapply.
And please accept the alien to the receiving company. That fact is there.

2) Foreign residents who have engaged
in employment contracts are not required to enter the company
with their status of residence,
even if they do not enter the company,
the status of residence is granted to foreigners,
and after grant, they are free to work anywhere within the status of residence.
Just because you have issued an employment contract,
you should not force your employment.

3) After acquiring the status of residence,
foreigners can find employment within a certain period of time
and find employment,
without having to immediately cancel the status of residence even if
they can not join the employment contract company.
There is no obligation to hire employment contracts even if they are issued.

Therefore, it can not be said that
it promoted illegal employment outside the status of qualification. Also,
there is no cause-and-effect relationship between assisting acts to obtain status of residence
and illegal work.

If judiciary administration collaborates,
general public can not compete with applicable law violation.
This is the fact of Japan's justice. Help me! !

Next time, we will continue to NO: 29.

Illegal abduction detention (violation of applicable law)
by the Japanese government is an international "humanitarian crime"!
Details of the incident can be found below.

I'd like to ask the President.
As a world police officer, please rescue humanitarian crimes of the Japanese government.
Best regards,

(This message is sent not only to President Trump, but also to the world media etc.)

Yasuhiro Nagano

Documents to be submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) can be viewed below!
(Generally unpublished)

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