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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

【To the Word Media】 <Public mail> President Trump, please help! Today, the second mail. 2018-01-11: Today's explanation is "illegality of mistake applying law aid violation incidents" NO: 9

【To the Word Media】
<Public mail>

President Trump, please help! Today, the second mail.

2018-01-11: Today's explanation is "illegality of mistake applying
law aid violation incidents" NO: 9

In case
In Japan, the fact that judicial administration is totally different
from "governance under the law" proposed by Prime Minister Abe is stated.

Japan needs "governance under the law".

In Japan, like this case,
"Criminal offense against applicable law" is a routine event.

Because it is a human, there are errors.

If you apologize, restore honor and compensate you, it can be said that governance under the law is done. However, the act of crushing the case is not governance under the law. It is an act equal to terrorism.
This is the fact of Japan's justice. Help me!

We have already filed complaints (information notices) to ICC,
but please also support international society.

And please also press the ICC to investigate this issue with top priority
in solving the terrorism problem and the abduction issue of North Korea.

If you are a media etc.,
please check the logic of the stated law and report the facts.

And please do campaign so that the Japanese government will do "rule under the law"!

Children can understand the logic of law.
I do not need interpretation in this description.
It is as described in Immigration Law.

I sent this e-mail to many people,
and published it with many programs and SNS.

Let's eliminate terrorism from the world this year alone.
To that end, let's condemn the unreasonable act.

Please see below for the contents of the complaint against ICC (information notice).

The content of the e-mail today is as follows.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president. Help me!

Last time, No: 8 continuation. In case

The status of residence to give is given to the individuals of foreign nationals
by Japanese nationals, and work restricts
by permitting employment within the status of residence,
but the work place is not a company offering employment contracts,
but which company or organization is employed This is free.

Technology and Humanities Even if a foreign national
who got an international status of residence qualifies to submit
a false employment contract and obtain a status of residence,
if a diploma with conditions to receive technology and humanities is true,
Technology and Humanities It is legitimate to acquire international status of residence.

Also, if you work in a qualified position you will not be illegally employed.

There are two mistakes appealing in this case.

1. That the Chinese and the Philippines
who worked non-resident status is the fact,
in this case, and that worked, but must be disposed of equally worked person,
a person who worked illegally, of Article 73 At 2 I have not disposed anything.
If it is, the alien worked is innocent.
This is equal under the law, it is the rule of international law.

2. I am applying the criminal law aiding criminal law against illegal employment
because I am providing a false employment contract to me
and the staff of the Philippine Embassy, ​​
but it is a mistake in applicable law.
The aid of submitting false documents is an act of assisting the cancellation
of the status of residence of the Immigration Act.
I can not do criminal disposition.

Next time, I will continue with No: 10.

Illegal abduction detention (violation of applicable law)
by the Japanese government is an international "humanitarian crime"!

I'd like to ask the President. Documents to be submitted to ICC are below.
please confirm.

Best regards.

(This message is sent not only to President Trump,
but also to the world media etc.)

Yasuhiro Nagano

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