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<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version June 10, 2018 America does not sell fights to allies! The Trump regime has threatened to bring allied tariffs to the allies, for security reasons, and carry out a


I understand that it will add an additional tariff to China.

Because China is an unfair trade because it is exported by the national economy operated
by the Communist dictatorship.

It is natural for American companies to lose to China.

As the US gives the dollar to China, China is expanding its military power
with the dollar it is given.

The effect is an increase in allies' defense expenses.

The American allies want to claim an increase in defense expenses to the United States.

President Trump 's America First is amazing. I want to say Ganbaru.

But to the allies, "you can not trust, so do not buy your items"
It's crazy! Ameli is pointing "frustration" to China against allies.

What the Trump regime does is to eliminate the "huge trade deficit" in trade with China.

And the next thing to do next is to hit the buttocks of a weak industrial manager
in the United States and strengthen competitiveness.

1. Do not keep pace with the immediate profits!
2. Invest in profits in R & D expenses!
3. Reduce production costs by renewing facilities.
In addition to saying the exclusion of immigrants,
It is to establish a manufacturing system that can be manufactured cheaper than anywhere,
just for Americans.
It is to promote the unmanned factory. It is to make shops, services and logistics unmanned.
Members of the WTO should promote free trade by defending human rights
under the democratic state!

Japan has returned to the prewar thought. Japan ignores international law.
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