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<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim! To President Trump 2018-07-05: The United States should cease additional tariffs on allies. The cause of the trade deficit in the United States is China. Let's expel 'socialist market economy' from democratic


Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. It is said that the Japanese government takes tax (tax) from those
who are easy to take.
The additional tariffs in the United States are the same.
It is crazy to get additional tariffs from American allies.
The United States should obtain additional tariffs from "socialist market economy country".

According to Reuters, US President Trampe said on Friday
that US motorcycle manufacturing giant Harley-Davidson (HOG.N) has indicated a policy
of transferring motorcycle production to Europe to overseas
in order to avoid retaliatory tariffs by the EU Criticized.

Mr. Trump said at Twitter,
"It is surprising that Harley Davidson first shakes the white flag among all the companies.
I have made the biggest effort for the company but finally the company sells it to Europe,
We will not pay, "he criticized," Tax is just an excuse for Harley. "

It is funny for President Donald Trump to blame Harley Davidson.

The White House should have calculated that Harley will swing white flags.

Rather than accusing Harley Davidson, you should condemn American brand companies.
Many of the products of US brands (manufacturers) I use are manufactured in China.

For example, I think that American clothing companies are producing few clothes in the USA.

The company in the United States manufactures most products such as clothing,
shoes and miscellaneous goods abroad. Most of overseas is in China.

I think that many of the officials of the White House
including President Donald Trump are using Chinese products.
It is clothing, miscellaneous goods, smart phone, home appliances ... etc.

The President says America First to American citizens.

But the officials of the country and the state are China product First.
It's totally crazy! ! !

President Donald Trump should issue a presidential order to
request the state officials to purchase products manufactured in the USA.

This is a powerful weapon that eliminates American trade deficit
and increases employment of Americans.

President Donald Trump should call upon all citizens to purchase American manufactured goods.
Then no additional tariffs will be required.

Illegal and inappropriate acts spreading to the Japanese government are
already threatening the security of each country as well as the life of individuals.
Please respond in an urgent manner.
Please make Japan "a country governed under the law".
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Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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