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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version July 7, 2018: President Donald Trump declares to regain the rule of law. Let the international community support President Donald Trump!


The topic about illegal immigration crackdown
and forced repatriation to the home country has become attracting attention
in the United States since Donald Trump,
who insists on illegal immigration exclusion, became president.

40 to 45% of illegal immigrants enter the airport from the airport for a temporary visa,
and then remain in the United States even after the expiration date of visa expires
and become illegal immigrants.
Few people cross the border between the United States and Mexico to enter the country illegally.

The continuation of this story is arguing that it is inefficient
and useless as it is necessary to invest nearly $ 22 billion in funds to build a border barrier.

I understand President Donald Trump 's border barrier to construction
because I understand that building a border wall is also necessary to reduce the influx
of illegal immigrants.

But there are things I can not understand.

Since the United States is a legal nation,
it should be ruled under the law. Illegal immigrants work illegally in the United States.
They can work because there are people who employ illegal immigrants.

People who hire illegal immigrants who are not eligible to work should be punished severely.
It is crazy that police officers in sanctuary cities do not arrest illegal immigrants.

According to the Immigration Control Act of Japan,
if foreign workers who do not have a status of residence work,
get income by working, they are criminal punishment provisions.

This alone is a violation of international law.
Operators who employ foreigners who are not eligible to work are also strictly criminalized.
By doing this, it is not a violation of international law

In actual operation, however,
only foreigners will be punished for criminal penalties.
Foreign nationals who are criminal punished will be forced to leave the country
unless they are imprisoned (imprisonment).

Businesses have no punishment because there is adhesion.
So I tell the truth by e-mail asking for help.

The Japanese government is doing terrible things than President Donald Trump,
but no one tells the Japanese government anything. It's crazy.

Japan clearly is violating international law.
However, the international community and ICC do "unfamiliar face".

It is no wonder that terrorism will occur.
Does the international community induce terrorism?

It is the root of human rights abuses in Japan.
Please understand the lawless state of the prosecution of Japan and support.

It is an internal accusation of a former public prosecutor.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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