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   The White House • August 9, 2018

The Day Ahead

  • President Donald J. Trump is hosting a roundtable discussion with governors on prison reform and the FIRST STEP Act before Congress.

  • Vice President Mike Pence is speaking about the President’s planned Space Force at the Pentagon.

The startling facts about America’s prison system

Following successful bipartisan passage of the FIRST STEP Act in the House of Representatives, President Trump is hosting a roundtable with a number of America’s governors today to discuss implementing prison reform in their states.

President Trump supports efforts to reduce recidivism—the return of former inmates to prison—as a way to make America’s streets safer. The Administration has worked closely with Congress to find a solution that reduces crime, enhances public safety, and increases opportunity for those who have earned a second chance.

The facts about America’s prison system are startling,” Senior Advisor Jared Kushner wrote in The Wall Street Journal in April. “The U.S. has 4% of the world’s population, but roughly 25% of the world’s prisoners. . . . Of the 650,000 people who leave prison every year, two-thirds will commit a new crime within three years.”

The bottom line, says Kushner: “President Trump promised to fight for the forgotten men and women of this country—and that includes those in prison.”

The starting facts about America’s prison system.

Taking action: President Trump’s principles for reforming our prisons

Vice President Pence on the U.S. Space Force

In keeping with President Trump’s promise to rebuild American strength and deterrence, the Administration is moving ahead to fulfill the President’s plan to establish a U.S. Space Force as part of our nation’s Military.

Vice President Pence, who chairs the National Space Council—which President Trump revived after a 24-year hiatus—is addressing defense leaders at the Pentagon today about the new Force. His effort builds on the President’s work to reinstate America as a leader in space.

In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving,” President Trump said in his Inaugural Address. Making America a pioneer in space once again brings us closer to that vision.

In space, America will once again reach for the Moon—and beyond.

The facts: President Trump’s “America First” National Space Strategy

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks during a meeting of the National Space Council. |  June 18, 2018


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