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#MeToo Human rights victim! To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister 2018-09-07: The international community needs "governance of the law". What the Japanese government is doing is "terrible" than the North Korean government's "abduction and confinemen


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Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. Who is the role of teaching "logic of law"
and international law to Japan?
I think that it would be the role of a police officer in the world.
It is the continuation of the previous day.

In the incident that occurred in 2010, the prosecutors and others did more criminal acts.
"Conventional" has not punished the employer who illegally worked a foreigner
by the Immigration Act 73-2 "Crime that promotes illegal labor". Then,

Only "foreigners who did illegal work" were "expelled out of the country"
by imposing a "fine for punishment" in Article 70 of the Immigration Act "Sins
who carried out illegal work". However, in this case,

Prosecutors and others proceeded to "Made up" a third party 's "assistant"
who replaces the employer of "a crime that promotes illegal labor".

Prosecutors and the like "criminalized" a third party
in order to "fake it" as if it were "disposed of equally". Then,

The prosecutors made "a foreigner who did illegal work" not "fine"
but "sentence of prison."
And they forcibly repatriated four Chinese people to China.

The third party is Kin Gungaku who was considered a complicity with me (Nagano).

The prosecutor's argument against those who assisted the "illegal Chinese labor" was crazy.
The prescribed law is the Immigration Act 73-2 "Illegal Employment Promotion Crime".

However, what you point out in the "document of indictment" is "assistance" of Article 22-4 of the Immigration Act "Revocation of Status of Residence by submitting false documents".

Penalty under Article 22-4 of the Immigration Control Act is the cancellation
of status of residence and "forced removal" to foreign countries for foreigners.

For the cancellation of the status of residence,
and forced deportation to foreign countries,
the criminal assistance crime can not be applied.

Prosecutors and others, knowing that it can not be applied,
As we provided the Chinese with "Contract of False Employment"
The Chinese were able to obtain status of residence easily.
So the Chinese were in Japan.
Because the Chinese were in Japan, "illegal labor" was made.

They "applied" the "crime that helped other crimes" in this causal relationship.

Everyone, what is "special law"!

This is the understanding of Japanese judiciary.

With this argument, any act can be a crime.
We guarantee 100%.

It can be said that there are no legal qualities at all.
There is nothing to say about this fact "Aho".

It is natural for North Korea to "make a fool of Japan".

I will continue on next week.

Everyone in the international community, Japan is a country of "Kamikaze" special corps.
Everyone in the world, please make Japan Japan "governed under the law of the law".

The Japanese government has an obligation to apologize and restore our honor
and to pay damages promptly.

But the Japanese government is rejecting this case today.

There is a limit to life. Please help me.

President Donald Trump 's reply encourages me.
President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our American people
and their willingness to stay informed and get involved.
President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.

The material is below.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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