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<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim! To President Trump 2018-09-17: President Donald Trumph arrests "illegal immigrants" by rule of law and says expulsion outside the country. But sanctuary cities do not obey. In Japan, "legitimate foreigners" a


Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. Japan has given prosecutors "monopoly right of indictment".
The prosecution "crushes" the "indictment" and "accusation letter"
of the "offense made by prosecutors and others".
It is exactly "judicial dictatorship".
It is the continuation of the previous week.

In Japan's judicial system, there is a "retrial invoicing system",
but the reason can not be claimed with "mistake in applicable law".
However, when a crime such as a police officer involved in the incident is confirmed,
you can request a retrial.
Crime of police officers, prosecutors and judges is obvious. That sin,
They carried out "arrest / detention" despite the fact that we do not violate the law.
The name of sin is "a crime that a special civil servant abused" authority ".
Despite not becoming a crime, they made a "complaint"
for the purpose of impose us punishment. That is "a crime of false accusations."
"Intentional" is not necessary as "criminal composition requirement".

So I submitted it to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
and the Metropolitan Police Department etc.
Those related to me are "Accusation like".
And those for Chinese and Filipinos were "Accusation letter".
However, no matter how many times they submit,
they will not "accept" as "crime is not clear".

Since Japan has given "prosecution monopoly right" to prosecutors,
we can not trial as a criminal case unless the prosecution accepts "Accusation
like" "Accusation letter".

If the prosecution accepts "Accusation like" "Accusation letter"
and makes it "Non-prosecution",
there is a method of compulsory indictment by making a "request for examination"
to the "prosecution review board" of the court.
However, since the prosecution is not accepted,
the last method of relief has also run out.
We also filed a "request for review" at the "Tokyo Prosecution Review Board"
at the premise of "rejecting"
The prosecution was "rejected" for reasons that it was not prosecuted.

While suing "ICC", "statute of limitations" of "Appeal" for "abuse of authority
by special public officials" and "false charges" has "gone".
However, since this case is "force majeure" in "exercise" of "power" by the state,
I think that "statute of limitations" is stopped

I will continue on tomorrow.

Everyone in the international community,
Japan is a country of "Kamikaze" special corps.
Everyone in the world, please make Japan Japan "governed under the law of the law".
The Japanese government has an obligation to apologize and restore our honor
and to pay damages promptly.
But the Japanese government is rejecting this case today.
There is a limit to life. Please help me.

President Donald Trump 's reply encourages me.
President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our American people
and their willingness to stay informed and get involved.
President Trump appreciates you taking the time to reach out.

The material is below.

Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Nagano

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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