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<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version September 22, 2018: NO 5: The officials at the Public Prosecutors Office before the imprisonment will be told to me "items of caution".

At first it is imprisoned in jail.
I will be imprisoned in prison after a month. However, the public prosecutors office says,
"I can not contact my family."
He says "writing instruments", "envelopes" and "stamps" should be taken to the destination.

Dear sirs. Please know the "criminal penalty" in Japan.
This story is my actual experience. "Imprisonment" is "punish people, criminal punishment".
It differs from the West. I obeyed the law.
But why was I being imprisoned in prison? It is the continuation of the previous week.

The public prosecutors office and "detention house" are not understood even
if they are asked for the transfer destination.
So I will be told to contact the family with "myself".
He says "writing instruments", "envelopes" and "stamps" should be taken to the destination.

Writing instruments differ according to jail, prison.
You can not use what you bring in from the outside.
Things used in detention centers can not be used in prison.
The same is true for "passing" things to "sentenced persons",
the standards differ depending on the penal institution.
Is there anyone who said "objection" to this?
It is probably because there is not a person who has given visits and "things" to inmates.
An experienced "intellectual" would say "objection".

At the very least, on the homepage of the penal institution,
"rule" should be opened. If the standard is "crazy" you will say "objection"
If it is unified it should be good only on the website of the Ministry of Justice.
The Ministry of Justice will not do so because it will reduce staff.
There was a Diet member who said that "Is it necessary to be the number one"
in administrative reform?
Please know these 'realities'. "Steady" "administrative reform" is necessary.
There is a lot of "unreasonable" "useless work".

When I enter a prison I try to contact my family members with a letter,
but I do not have any writing instruments.
The ballpoint pen purchased at the detention house used up ink in one month.
The staff of the public prosecutor's office told the staff that
they can say "to borrow writing instruments" when there is no writing instrument.
However, if you asked me to lend you a writing instrument in a prison, "Prison Officer" told me,
"Prison is not a place to write a letter", "ulteriorate".

It takes one month to purchase writing instruments.
Then, I informed my family "address".
In the meantime, the family sends "goods" to jail many times,
but it will be returned for the reason "I am not in the jail".
Even staff of the High Public Prosecutor's Office,
they do not know the rule of the prison. It is a terrible world.

Probably in Europe and the US prison,
I think that it will not manage this finely.
That is why Japan costs 3 million yen per person per "inmate".
I told you first! "Japanese prison" is a "prison" for the work of "prison officer".
President Donald Trump! Even Japan needs "prison reform".

I will continue on next week.

Let's eliminate "terror crime" from the world! To that end,
the world must be "governed under the law."
Help me! There are many victims around the world. Please support "appeal to ICC".
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Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Nagano

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