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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version, March 16, 2019:Greetings. Hiroaki Nakanishi, Chairman of Keidanren is chairman of Hitachi, Ltd. "Keidanren" is a "group of member companies" of large Japanese companies. It is an "economic group" that r

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Dear Sirs International people.

Saturday version, March 16, 2019:
We accept "simple workers" from April.
However, even with the current “training system for foreigners' skills”,
major companies are being violated one after another.
It is called "skills training", but it is a violation because the company treats it as a "worker".
"Skill apprentices" refer to "skills training systems" as "slavery."
But they have no choice but to work in Japan.
OHCHR is indifferent to human rights abuses in rich countries.

Greetings. Hiroaki Nakanishi, Chairman of Keidanren is chairman of Hitachi, Ltd.
"Keidanren" is a "group of member companies" of large Japanese companies.
It is an "economic group" that represents Japan.
Even in the case of Hitachi Ltd. and its group companies,
many violations of the training system for foreigners' skills have been discovered.
Hitachi explained, "We have made improvements and reported them to the organization."
However, if it is judged that the improvement is insufficient, "administrative punishment" may be issued.
Nakanishi Chairman Keidanren (Chairman Hitachi) said at a press conference on the 5th,
“The private sector needs a lot of preparations for expanding the workforce of foreigners,
but it can not be said that it is enough yet.” The

The "work environment" that is very bad is often a problem with "the training system
for foreigners' skills".
In January, "Mitsubishi Motors" and "Panasonic" received "administrative sanctions"
such as "cancellation" of "authorization of plans for technical training" in "violation of the law".

The "reform of the system" for the expansion of labor of foreigners has not been "pervasive" even
for large companies.
Large Japanese companies are supported by many SMEs.
Naturally, more “training students” are working than in large companies.
The more you are a small business, the worse your working environment is.

I have emailed the media and government of the international community many times.
Japan makes good laws like the international community.
But in fact, the opposite of the law is being done.
Because of this "illegal condition", the inspection of the product is incorrect.
Make a product with different material from the specifications. And export.
I think that "car airbags" have caused the American society to "tremble".

The cause of Japan's problems has been "raised" until now.
Japan still has a Confucian culture.
"The person with power" crushes those who point out "injustice" with "power".

Everyone, please be interested in the realities of the judicial situation in Japan.
Products made by companies that do not follow compliance will someday take away your life.
Please help me to make Japan a "country governed under the law".

I will continue tomorrow.

Everyone, please know the constitution of Japan.
It is the same as the countries of the world.
It is a wonderful constitution that the Allied Forces (US Army) gave to the defeated country Japan.
It is Article 31 of the Constitution of Japan.
"No one can lose their life or freedom, or be otherwise penalized,
if they do not follow the procedures set forth by the law."
Procedures defined by the law are the laws established in the Diet.

Article 72. Judges' Rights and Duties
All judges, independently of their conscience, exercise their authority
and are bound only by this constitution and the law.
Judges do not defend the Japanese Constitution.
Judges ignore Japanese law.
"The reason for the crime described in the indictment" is "assistance"
under Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act.
Judgment applies criminal law, Article 60,
Article 62 "aiding and abetting" to Article 70 (labored work) of foreigners.
It is out of the logic of law.
Japanese judicial officials do not understand this logic mistake.
In real Japan, this constitution is "unprotected". Help me.

There are many victims all over the world. Please support "Appeal to ICC".

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please contact us by email.

Yours sincerely Nagano Yoshihiro


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