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#MeToo Human rights victim! To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister 2019-04-01: If a person who illegally hires a foreigner is "innocent," foreigners who work illegally are also "innocent." Everyone in the media! Please explain to the people in an eas

<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim!

To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister

2019-04-01: If a person who illegally hires a foreigner is "innocent,"
foreigners who work illegally are also "innocent."
Everyone in the media! Please explain to the people in an easy-to-understand manner.
The Japanese government should do their "recovery of honor" and "reparations".
Reporters! Please report the truth and save the people!

Greetings. Today, I will explain in the case of "interns of foreigners' skills".
The monthly salary for "interns of foreigners' skills" is "100,000 yen or less" for many people.
Don't be fooled by a broker and come to Japan.

According to the Ministry of Justice's survey
on the “disappearance problem” of “interns of foreigners' skills”,
of the “interns of foreign skills” who “disappeared” from the training destination,
the reason is that nearly 70% are “low It is a wage.
There are approximately 2.12 million foreign nationals staying in Japan
(as of the end of December 2014, Ministry of Justice).
Of these, about 650,000 Chinese are resident.
There are about 500,000 Koreans and Koreans.

The reality of relying
on "interns of foreigners' skills" as an inexpensive labor force has once again been highlighted.
The “disappearance” of “interns of foreigners' skills” last year was 7089,
and this year has reached 4279 by June.
The Ministry of Justice announced the "disappearance of foreigners' apprentices"
who had "disappearance" by December last year.
After that, they published the results of the "hearing vote" in which they heard the "motivation
for disappearance" etc.
for the "interns of foreign skills" who were "arrested" for "suspect" such as a violation
of the "Immigration Control Act".
About monthly salary at "the training destination",
"less than 100,000 yen" is more than half 1627 people,
"more than 100,000 yen-less than 150,000 yen" is 1037 people,
and less than 150,000 yen is more than 90%.

In the "basis" of "Integration" of the number of foreigners accepted
by the new status of residence shown by the government to the Diet on the 16th.
Of the 14 industries,
many estimated in anticipation of the "transition" from "interns of foreigners' skills".
This has become clear.
As such, issues such as wage levels held
by the technical internship program can lead to "shaking" the basis of new foreigners' acceptance.

After finishing "interns of foreigners' skills", it was "homecoming" until now,
but it became possible to work as a "simple worker" after April.
The number of “international skills trainees” at the end of 2016 is 230,000.
The plan is to accept an additional 300,000 people for "simple workers".
In addition there are nearly 300,000 international students. They are also valuable labor.

There are numerous foreigners who work outside of the status of residence.
Many "interns of foreigners' skills" do "disappearance" and do "illegal labor".

As I say many times, foreigners staying at "overstay" are "innocent"
and "forced repatriation" if they are "illegal labor".
“The apprentices of foreigners' skills” are staying legally.
So the prosecutor's office makes them "offenders" for "crimes of unlawful illegal labor"
under Article 70 of the Immigration Act.
Next they are "forced repatriation" because they sinned.
This procedure is "crazy".
"Illegal labor" is because there is a "business person" who illegally hires foreigners.
Therefore, it is a rule to punish business person for "the crime which promoted illegal labor"
of Article 73-2 of Immigration Act.
However, prosecutors "do not punish employers" with "personal feelings".
Prosecutors punish only foreigners for "unlawful labor crimes" under Article 70
of the Immigration Control Act.
Did you understand the Japanese judicial administration 'trickery'?

It is against international law to punish only foreigners "arbitrarily".
Since the Japanese government does not "govern under the law",
it has filed a "complaint" with the "ICC."
However, "ICC" is ignoring.

Those who are turned offenders receive 'discrimination' as 'criminists'.
If a person who illegally hires a foreigner is "innocent,"
"Foreigners who work illegally" are also "innocent".

Everyone in the media! Please explain to the people in an easy-to-understand manner.
The Japanese government should give them “honor recovery” and “reparations”.

Reporters, please tell the truth in justice! Ganbare!

I will continue tomorrow
I will continue until you understand.

Everyone in the world, please denounce the crazy "legal logic" of Japan's judiciary.
Everyone, please address this on the G20 and the UN Human Rights Council.

This email also sends the same email to Japanese Prime Minister's Offices, the LDP, and politicians.
They still do not have "justice" to rule Japan under the law.
"Everyone in the international community"!
Stand up to make the world a society where freedom, democracy and human rights are protected.

I "suing" two things.
This is an "international" human rights violation by the Japanese government.
We ask for your support so that our "Honor Recovery and Reparations" will take place.

1. Foreigners carried out "illegal labor" other than "qualification of residence".
But foreigners are not guilty.

Only foreigners were punished for immigration control law Article 70 "illegal labor crimes".
On the other hand, the Immigration Control Law punishes employers
who are "causal relationships" of unlawful labor with Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act
(a crime that promotes unlawful work).

However, Japan's judiciary "punished" only foreigners, but did not "punish" "employers".
This is clearly against the "rule of equality under the law"
And it violates international law that prohibits "punishing" only foreigners "arbitrarily".

If the employer who has illegally employed foreigners is "innocent",
then the illegally worked foreigners are also "innocent."
If so, there is no “person who has supported other crimes of criminal law”
against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act.
"I, KinGungaku, a diplomat from the Philippines, a Philippine embassy official" is not guilty.

2. Prosecutors "apply" "the crime to support other crimes" in Article 60
and Article 62 of the Penal Code against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act
on the basis of "support of Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act" It's crazy.
This is the logic of the law is wrong.

Foreigners have acted as defined in Article 22-4-4 (Acquisition of status of residence
by filing false documents).
However, there is no "criminal punishment" for this.
The dispositions are "cancellation of status of residence"
and "deportation abroad" by the Minister of Justice.
Therefore, "Article 60 of the Criminal Code and Article 62,"
Sins to support other crimes "can not be applied.
The "crime reasons" of the Immigration Control Act 22-4-4 pointed out
by the "indictment" do not have a causal relationship with the Immigration Control Act 70.
The logic of the law is totally wrong.

The Japanese government is crushing "prosecution."
But "crush" by the state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The documents are below.

There are many victims in the world.
Please "help" many "victims" with "Brave and Justice."
I urge the Japanese government to "recover the honor"
and "compensate for the victims".

Best regards. Nagano Yoshihiro

The UK should leave the EU unconditionally, respect the referendum and show the example of the democratic nation to the world.
Since many foreigners have been sacrificed in the Immigration Control Violation Case, please support the "Appeal" to the "ICC."

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