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Change the politics of the world Saturday, November 16, 2019, special zone. Dear Sir, President Trump of the United States said on the 12th that the agreement on the “first stage” of the

Saturday, November 16, 2019, special zone.

Dear Sir, President Trump of the United States said on the 12th that the agreement on the “first stage” of the US-China trade talks was “coming soon. I see him “seem like in a hurry” for next year's presidential election. When will the US trade deficit with China disappear? The US has no “future of the US” other than building a “special zone”


Part 1. US President Trump gave a lecture in New York on the 12th, and is “close” about the agreement on the “first stage” of US-China trade talks focusing on some negotiating areas such as agricultural products. "Prospects are likely to be realized soon," he said.

On the other hand, he stressed that “a good deal for US workers and companies is a condition of the agreement,” and highlighted that the US and China are still in fierce bargaining as the talks are going on. .

It put pressure on China to make concessions on importing US agricultural products and protecting intellectual property rights.


The United States was deprived of everything by a communist dictatorship.

The US administration has handed over "US manufacturing" to China.

Then US manufacturing workers were unemployed.

And the seller of US products became the seller of Chinese products.

The United States has given China a huge “dollar” in trade transactions.

The United States became poor.

The Trump administration abandoned “national security” and urged allies to eliminate trade deficits.

The only thing left in the United States may be “Intellectual Property Rights”.

Now, the last “fort” “offense and defense” is being carried out.

However, even if "intellectual property rights" remain, it is difficult to lead the "global economy" led by the United States.

Eventually, if the “dollar” is depleted, the day of becoming a “poor country” is near.

The defense power is also depleted of “military expenses”, so US security becomes “empty”.


I do not want to see the “decline” of the United States as an “Allied citizen”.


It will continue tomorrow.


Part 2. In the United States, I “suggest” to build a “special zone” along the border with Mexico.

See April 13, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition.


Japan's immigration policy is worse than the United States.

Japanese immigration law is similar to American immigration law.

America's prosperity is realized by the world being free, democratic, and "ruled under the law".

I seriously seek the rule of law. Please instruct the person concerned to investigate.

There are many American victims.


Documents to be submitted to ICC.



I agree to disclose my name and necessary information.

Please ask questions by e-mail if you are unsure.

Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano


Yasuhiro Nagano