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Governments in developing countries should promote “export of human resources”. In December 1998, I was in the "Human Resources Bureau of Dandong City" in China. A “poster to“ promote ”the export of human resources” was posted on a billboard in the hallwa

Let's create a "special zone" along the Mexican border! There are no walls to protect the desert. Let's make a wall to protect the "special zone". "Let's spread to friends." Saturday, April 20, 2019: Governments in developing countries sho…

Dear Sirs International people.Part 1. In the United States, 8 million people illegally enter the United States, stay in the United States illegally, and work illegally. President Donald Trump has said, "Regain the rule of law." The Mexican Wall is not a

Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version, 20 April 2019:Greetings. If the US government punishes "employers" who hire "illegal immigrants", "illegal immigrants" will not come to the United States because there is no place to work. …