Japan's Justice in the Dark

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Submitted by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I Terms of promised conventions or treaties: ... ... If your application has not been exhausted due to excessive extension, if it is ineffective or not available for other reason

Submitted by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I
Terms of promised conventions or treaties: ... ...

If your application has not been exhausted due to excessive extension, if it is ineffective or not available for other reasons please explain the reason in detail:


 In the Japanese court system, there is a "retrial request system" of the trial. However, due to the reason of "application error mistake", "retrial request" can not be done.

However, if the crime of police officers involved in the incident is confirmed, we can request a retrial.

So, the crime of police officials, prosecutors, judges, etc. is referred to as "complaint letter" on me, "Chinese letters" on the Chinese and Filipinos, to the police investigation agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Chiba District Public Prosecutors, what to Tokyo District Public Prosecutors We will also submit the degree, but it will be rejected.


Originally, the prosecution has only judgment of "prosecution" or "judgment of non-prosecution", but if you do "unacceptable act" like this, you will not receive governance under the law.


I asked the attorney general from the Minister of Justice to accept the "complaint letter" "accusation letter" in the "command right" of the Minister of Justice, as prescribed in the Code of Criminal Procedure, and requested the document to investigate, I am rejecting it because I can not deal with the case.


In the case that the prosecution is "not prosecuted", you can make a "request for examination" to the "prosecution review board" of the court but in this case it is "not accepted" so we can not request a review, but It was. However, because the prosecutors did not say "non-prosecution" as a result, it was a judgment dismissal.


I sent the plight to the chairperson of the House of Representatives, the House of Councilors, which is the legislature, in writing, but no reply.

I will send letters and e - mails to political parties and parliamentarians to correct justice administration, but no reply. The only reply is that only one person "keep in mind".

Legislative parliamentarians have no choice but to justify the judicial administration in the Diet, so now we still want e-mail support like every week.


The Chinese embassy asked the Chinese embassy or Philippine embassy or home country government, who is the victim of the accusation stated in the accusation letter, the support, but from the Chinese embassy, ​​"The Chinese government said nothing to the Japanese government There is no answer.


Japan has long been a weak country against external pressure. When it is said from developed countries such as the United States, it is a nation that responds as if there was something wrong, as if nothing had happened.


We are seeking support from the US government, G7 governments, the Russian government and others.

To everyone in the world such as a newspaper publishing company, we send it as requested email every week, so as to condemn the Japanese government as an article.

The Office of the High Commissioner for the United Nations as a foreign pressure as well, please urge the Japanese government to "govern under the law, respect the fundamental human rights, comply with international law".


However, when using the trial system for requesting retrial, there is not much time because the prescription of 'special officials' abuse of the authority of official authority' and 'false complaint' is seven years (incident occurrence is June 2010). Please respond in an emergency.

If the prescription of a criminal case is over, please recommend the relief by legislating the special law to the Japanese government.


I will file a complaint against himself, although I am the "assistant assistant criminal case aid case", but also the Chinese and the Filipino who submit a letter of accusation also ask for relief.

Because the incidents of violation of immigration law are occurring frequently, in addition to Chinese and Philippine people, countless foreigners are being punished contrary to international law, so please also recommend this recommendation .


The purpose of "request for retrial" is to seek compensation for apology and recovery of honor (innocence), and loss of economic and mental loss.


国連人権高等弁務官事務所 提出FactSheet 7 Rev.2 - Annex I