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Mail to President Trump: Immigration is a human rights issue. Please denounce the human rights problem in Japan. 2017-05-22

Mail to President Trump:
Immigration is a human rights issue. Please denounce the human rights problem in Japan. 2017-05-22

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I respect the great president.
North Korea again launched a ballistic missile around 5 pm on the 21st. It is a challenge for joint exercises of the US Navy. Of course, even if a ballistic missile is launched, it will be judged that the US military will not attack. Since President Cardinals is having internal problems such as dismissal of FBI minister, it will be judged that war is not possible.

Certainly the President is now pinch (casualty, crisis). But the President had pinch over and over so far, so please make it through again. Good luck President Cardamom!
To survive the pinch, the United States needs a bigger crisis. It is America's biggest crisis that North Korea has military capability to attack the United States with nuclear weapons.
Although some sacrifice will be involved in Korea and Japan, if North Korea conducts nuclear tests, American citizens and the international community will support the president, so please attack and destroy North Korea in a short time.
In the case of
The people who supported the President believe in the promise the President promised at the time of the election. Please realize even a little, please show it to the people.

And many times, in the immigration issue please appeal that it is tough for illegal immigrants but is gentle for legitimate immigration. Immigration is a human rights issue. Please denounce the human rights problem in Japan. If you condemn Japan's "Invasion of Immigration Act violation incident", you can appeal that it is a tough president to abuses human rights not observing international law. In the case of
I would like to file a complaint with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights office against the illegal treatment I received from the Japanese government in 2010 "Personal notification system" Because we have not ratified the system, we can not do it. I think it is better to ratify the "personal reporting system".
Documents to be submitted are below. http://www.miraico.jp/?????/ 
Please support a lawsuit against the International Criminal Court. I pray the president for happiness! Best regards,

Nagano Yasuhiro Nagano




 韓国や日本に多少の犠牲は伴いますが 、北朝鮮が核実験をすれば、アメリカ国民や国際社会は大統領を支持しますので、短時間で北朝鮮を攻撃し壊滅させてください。