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Immigration Control Act violations related news Immigration Control Act violations related news  Related information on violation of immigration law

Immigration Control Act violations related news Immigration Control Act violations related news 
Related information on violation of immigration law June 7, 2016

1. Chinese violation of immigration law (activity outside the status of qualification) incidentIn company L, in the fall of 2008, we adopted an employment offer for four Chinese who are going to study in Japan and plan to graduate in March 2009, and as of April 1, 2009, we entered "Employment Contract" as a hiring, Four people submitted necessary documents for change of status of residence from "study abroad" to "technology" or "humanities / international work" in Tokyo immigration.
Four people submitted documents that are expected to graduate and decided to review the status of residence qualification application and a postcard for granting a new status of residence arrived from immigration, so four Chinese have a "diploma" after graduation in March 2009 I went to Tokyo immigration office and received a seal on my passport in exchange for a postcard.
However, Company L did not adopt the Chinese who will graduate as of April 1, 2009 as the work scheduled for the Lehman shock that occurred in the autumn of 2008 dropped sharply. I have not been contacting the immigration office since I was told that I have been free to work anywhere after entering the status of residence from the immigration office many times.
In order to wait for the recovery of the Japanese economy, the four Chinese wanted to work illegally outside the qualification at a pub or other like a part-time jober at the time of international student, in May 2010, "Immigration law violation It is arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department for the crime of "(illegal employment of activities outside the status of qualification)."However, none of the employment managers of eating and drinking establishments where four Chinese worked were arrested or punished for "illegal employment promotion crime" prescribed in the Immigration Act.
2. Assistance for violation of Immigration Control Act with criminals of I (Nagano Yasuhiro) who is the president of Company L and Kingungaku of ChineseL company was under investigation of the house on suspicion of assisting violation of Immigration Act (extra-qualification activity) in May 2010 as the above-mentioned Chinese were arrested for Immigration Control Law violation (activity outside the status of qualification).
And in June 2010, I was the president, who delivered the false employment contract (lie fake document) to the Chinese mentioned above, assisted by illegal employment violation of immigration law (activities outside the status of qualification) So he was arrested for aiding criminal law.
I have argued that the acts prescribed by "illegal employment promotion guilty" as an aid for illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act are not done, but nobody said that such a thing is not said to the Tokyo District Public Prospect as "admit in general theory" The prosecutor dismissed and prosecuted for reasons that "the trial does not have" as a defense attorney asked for release.
Likewise, in June 2010, Kingungaku who is the Chinese of Yanbian (Korean) who was in charge of recruitment of Chinese as a former employee is also convicted as assisting illegal employment violating immigration law (activity outside the qualification) It was arrested for aiding criminal law aiding.
Kingungaku does not know the laws of Japan, and Kingungaku 's lawyers violate the lawyers law and admitted sin without defending lawy theory. Then, it was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year and a half in prison, a fine of 500,000 yen, execution imprisonment punishment and it was forced to leave the country abroad by the end of October 2010.
I fought as not having violated any law in Japan. However my lawyer did not defend himself with legal theory so he was imprisoned in the Tokyo district court in April 2011 and sentenced to a fine of 500,000 yen for a fine.
I appealed to the Tokyo High Court but it was dismissed and appealed to the Supreme Court, but it is not a constitutional breach but mere application rule mistake and it is not a matter to be considered by the Supreme Court by the Code of Criminal Procedure Because it was rejected on the grounds of reason, I was sentenced on March 5, 2012, and was issued on March 19, 2013 with full maturity.
The reasons for prosecution, reasons for judgment, delivered the Chinese employees a false contract of employment, so that all Chinese were able to obtain status of residence easily. I was able to stay in Japan because I qualified for a job. I was able to stay illegally because I stayed in Japan. Therefore, the cause-and-effect relationship was obvious and it was a crime aiding criminal law against illegal employment.
However, taking into consideration of compliance with international law, as a special legislation for assisting illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act, "Article 2 of the Immigration Act 73 has been founded as" illegal employment promotion crime ", which is not originally completed There is no doubt.
In addition, the conditions for granting status of residence are not disclosed and are granted at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, and it can not be said that false employment contracts made it easier to grant status of residence.
Submission of the employment contract was provided to the prospective employee in cooperation with the section manager, and as criminal punishment was imposed as the status of residence became easier, the employment contract was submitted according to the Article 31 of the Constitution as the basis law such as Immigration Control Act It is not a document based on it.
If you obtain a status of residence by false employment contract, the status of residence is only canceled under the provisions of the Immigration Act, there is no causal relationship with illegal employment.Moreover, it is obvious that it will not be illegal if you work within the status of residence, and it is obvious that it is not related to illegal work.It is self explanatory that the cause-and-effect relationship which became illegal employment exists in a business employing a foreigner who is not qualified for work prescribed by illegal employment promotion crime.
The granting of a status of residence to foreigners and entry permit by a seal on the passport is not based on the legislation stipulated by the Diet but at the discretion of the Minister of Justice or Foreign Minister who takes into account national interests.

Application of a criminal assistance criminal penalty is deemed to be an aiding act of illegal employment in "the barracks profitable if the wind blows" that "aiding the awarding action of this residential status cancellation provision" to be in Japan " As mentioned above, even if it is a false employment contract for employment, it can not be said that it made it easy to acquire the status of residence.
Since the acts that I and Kingungaku did do not violate the law that was legislated in the Japanese Diet, the acts of the police officers and the prosecutor are false charges of false charges because they are false charges of false charges and are illegal arrest detention, It is a crime of abuse of the official authority of a special civil servant.
In addition, the judge is a crime of abuse of the special public officer 's authority, as I and Kingungaku did not violate Japanese laws anyhow, illegally arrested and arrested and made an unfair trial.
In the Criminal Procedure Law, requests for retrial of applicable law errors are not allowed, but we can request a retrial if there is a criminal fact of a policeman or a prosecutor.
So, after counseling, I consulted with the physical condition, from the around May 20, to the beginning of August, to the Director of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Division, in line with Article 31 of the Constitution, Criminal Law of Criminal Prosecution Arrest detention carried out by special public officials, despite not being, is a crime of abuse of the special public servants'We filed a criminal complaint on arrest warrant claims, prosecution, prosecution etc. as a false complaint (punishment).
At the same time, the Chinese, King Kongaku who was considered as an accomplice, was a victim with the same assistance crime as me and he was imprisoned (suspended execution) even though he did not commit any crime, so he went to the Chinese embassy I was charged with a criminal charge instead.
Four Chinese (former offenders) of illegal employment (non-qualification activities) did not punish the employer who made illegal workers a crime for promoting illegal employment, and made me and Kingungaku a lie aiding offender, It is a crime committed to imprisonment (suspended execution) because it is equal under the international law and does not contravene international law, so it is a crime committed after preparing falsely aided aid criminal, contrary to equality under the law He replied instead of the Chinese embassy as a criminal complaint.In case of3. Embassy of the Philippines Violation of immigration lawYomiuri Shimbun etc. According to the morning edition dated February 20, 2015, diplomats and officials of the Philippine Embassy are suffering damage of the state power of Japan.
In this case, not only police officers, prosecutors, judges, but also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have damaged foreigners against human rights. It is noisy now.
The content of the article is that the driver of the Embassy of the Philippine Embassy falsely tries to hire a Filipino as a domestic servant, hands a false employment contract to the Filipino, the Filipino applying for immigration, "Although he acquired the status of residence of the Embassy, ​​he did not work as a domestic servant but worked in a landscaping company in Tokyo, said three people to the Immigration Law violation (activities outside the status of qualification) and the driver of Embassy officials It was arrested and indicted in June 2014 at the criminal law "assistance crime" of violation of immigration law (activity outside the status of qualification).In the trial it was sentenced to imprisonment with suspended sentence, and it was forcibly repatriated.
Based on the story of two of those who received a further conviction, apart from the driver, the status of residence based on documents such as employment contracts tied by the names of three men and women of diplomats and embassy officials Kanagawa Prefectural Police, in consultation with the National Police Agency, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that they need to be informed of the circumstances of the contract and the actual conditions of work, etc., through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Embassy He asked for an interview, but since he answered that he returned home, he decided that the possibility of helping illegal work was higher and assisted three diplomats, who returned home shortly after offering, aided violation of the Immigration Bureau of the 6th this month I sent a document on charges.
If you read this article, it would be funny if you are a Japanese with general legal knowledge.The first disposition of illegal employment is the corporation and the responsible person of the landscaping company who hired foreigners who are not qualified to work. So, you should think that it is strange first.
If there are no businesses hiring foreigners who are not eligible to work, you can not work illegally even if you want to work illegally. Therefore, the Immigration Control Act strictly criminalizes the corporation and employment manager who made the illegal workers illegal workers under the two penalties strictly under Article 73, "illegal employment promotion crime".
I think that it is Canada, but there is an interesting law in prostitution. The feeling of the Japanese is that the man who put the prostitutes and prostitutes under control is a criminal and the man who prostitutes seems nothing bad, but arrested the man who prostitized for prostitution and the woman who prostitized There is no blame. Because there are guys who prostitute you can prostitute. Indeed it is. From a causal relationship, no man can prostitate unless there is a man who prostitutes for whatever woman wants prostitution.
I think that the fact that three people worked illegally in a landscaping company is certain, but since neither the company of the landscaping company employed nor the manager in charge of employment has been punished, three years of imprisonment for three years of execution is contrary to equality under the law , It is an embarrassing act contrary to international law because it is arbitrary that only foreigners who are unfair and illegally employed foreigners were disposaled equally and only weak people were criminals.
It is incontestable talk that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also involved in the act of damaging Japan's international position.
The Constitution of Japan is also stipulated by equality under the law and international laws such as the UN Charter are also prohibited from arbitrary disposal.
If you do not arrest the person responsible for the landscape company that illegally worked and do not punish with caution, do not arrest the Filipinos who were made illegal workers and do not dispose of them.I say why such a stupid thing happened because even in this case I made up a person who made me an illegal worker, that is, a person who helped illegal work.
Kanagawa Prefectural Police, the National Police Agency, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Prosecutor's Office, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are ashamed, but they are arbitrary criminal acts because they are professional in law.
It is foreigners who suffer damage in Japan that is not governed under the law.

4. There are many victimsAs I mentioned above, not only to me and the Chinese, but also to the diplomats and embassy staff of the Philippine Embassy, ​​and the victims will not stop there.In case ofRegarding illegal employment, contrary to international law, there are a large number of foreigners who were unilaterally forced to leave the country unilaterally with a small amount of fines only for foreign illegal workers without punishing their employers for illegal employment promotion. I will.
Illegal employment at overstay will be forced to leave the country by law, so we are forced to leave the country without criminal disposition but foreigners who are obtaining regular residence permission from the Minister of Justice shall not criminalize them Since it can not be withdrawn from abroad, we are arbitrarily sentenced to criminal disposition such as fine and deported, but this is an international law violation as it is an arbitrary discrimination against foreigners.Even in the Constitution of Japan, it can not be said that it is an equal disposal under the law, and if a person who has made employment who is a citizen of the causal relationship innocent is innocent, the alien made him employed is also acquitted.
In my memory, I think that it was a verdict of 2015, but the Osaka Chinese international student worked at the hostess of the club, the prosecution did not apply illegal employment promotion crime to employers, prosecuted only female international students and was sentenced to a fine I made an immigration letter to leave the country.There was an article that won the trial by seeking cancellation with international students being dissatisfied with the deportation.
Most foreigners will fall asleep, but disputing administrative disposition of cancellation of status of residence is also difficult.The reason for this preliminary victory is that it is not the principle of Immigration Control Act, such as specifying a part-time job of 28 hours per week for a specific activity or not allowing activities in customs. And for the reasons for leaving school as having trouble, this international student has been dismissed because students were excellent.
In the Constitution of Japan and international law, it is illegal to punish only foreigners illegally worked for illegal employment crimes or punish them for deportation abroad without punishing those who illegally worked, foreigners I am innocent.
Please explain to the Japanese government that the UN Human Rights Council is innocent!
Then, please govern the Japanese government under the law, respect the human rights declaration such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a member of the United Nations, and recommend to observe international law.

If the prosecution does not request a retrial it is a request of the principal. I can not do this instead.And I can not demand damages from me. It is absolutely necessary for consular consultation by each government.That is why we are calling on the Chinese government and the Philippine government to relieve our people. Also, the leaders of the countries are keeping writing letters asking that Japan be governed under the law, protecting basic human rights, and working to comply with international law.

5. The actual state of judicial judgment in JapanI, Chinese, Filipinos, in light of the criminal justice principle, will not be made any criminal. We can not accept human rights violations.
However, when I say the penal code-doing principle, I can not tell you the just argument, so I will be insulted and criticized for second-class citizen treatment. I will call the police if this is a gangster!However, the other party is a policeman or a prosecutor! Moreover, it is daydream, it is majestic! I'm arrested, arrested and being criminalized. What should I do? I'm off the job.
I think that this kind of thing happens all over the world.The root cause of terrorism may be unexpected for such reasons.Do you think that act of terrorism is the sole solution to the government's violation of human rights?In case ofTo the policeman, saying the criminal law, "Do not lick the Sakuradon gate, accept it in the general opinion"To the prosecutor, when saying the criminal law of prison, "Who do you believe in what you say (criminal justice)""I am great, I am fine if I admit it, I can also imprisonment if I do not approve of it""I can arrest even your wife"I am a beautiful Japanese, beautiful Japanese, who accepts an illegal society's gangster!"I send it to Eee Prison!"
To the lawyer, to say the criminal law of prison, "The logic of law is special to me"This is the actual situation of Japanese judiciary. ... really, I feel sick.
Japan is no longer a legitimate country without human rights to people who believe in the law and claim rights.
Is the legislation made by Japanese parliamentarians formally in order to deceive the international community?Nonetheless, I am not trying to solve it by act of terrorism but seeking human rights relief from the international community such as the United Nations.
Prosecution and accusations for the recovery of rights are the Japanese nation which is held down by state power like the Tokyo District Prosecutors Office, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Ministry of Justice, etc. It is the legislative Diet member who confronts this.In case ofThis is the real situation of the Japanese parliament. ... really, I feel sick.

6. The Tokyo District Public Prosecution will not accept complaints and accusations.And say, do not send it in the future! ! ! !Tozaki Special Investigation No. 704August 7, Heisei 20Yasuhiro NaganoTokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeSpecial Investigative Division Special Direct Notice Group
I saw two copies of the letter titled "Accusation letter" sent from you, both of which were dated August 4, Heisei 20.As mentioned in the previous survey, in the above-mentioned documents, why the duties such as police officers, public prosecutors and judges involved in the investigation, crackdown and trial are based on the grounds, why they are supposed to abuse their duties, false complaints and It is not allowed to concretely specify criminal facts subject to charges and accusations by merely describing an assertion not based on concrete evidence without concrete contents such as grounds to assert, etc. being unknown.Therefore, the written document sent from you will be turned back.In the future, if the same document as before has been sent to the Agency, we will not treat it as a complaint or accusation letter stipulated in the Code of Criminal Procedure, and also the border process Because it may not be taken. Thank you for your understanding.
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office special prosecutors' department does not accept any complaints and accusations that I submit as "no criminal facts are identified as being specified specifically", no matter how many times I submit it Hmm.
(Article 22-44) (submission of false documents) arbitrarily, as a reason for assisting illegal employment by the Immigration Control Act (for the reason of revocation of the Immigration Law to revoke the status of residence) Illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification) As a criminal aid for violation, I will not be charged with any kind of crime.
Therefore, it is a false complaint that a special civil servant severely infringed on fundamental human rights, and claims that illegal arrest detention is a criminal fact.
Even if the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors submit no more complaints or letters of accusation, they will destroy them without doing anything backwards, so we spend over half a year and submit them to the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Attached to the document that it does not receive it, after confirming the legal confirmation, please directly submit a letter of appeal and a letter of accusation to the Tokyo District Public Prosecution after filing a petition.
Nonetheless, the Metropolitan Police Department returns as a criminal offense. And the Ministry of Justice returned as a personal incident, I crimped my crime and repeated crimes. And also from the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, the criminal facts were returned as being unidentified.
Obviously a criminal offense that is an application law violation Please look at the indictment
I was arrested and arrested in June 2010 in a case of violation of Immigration Control Act, received a sentence of 1 million yen imprisonment for 1 year and a half in April 2011, two months later, in June 2011 Finally bailed by the Tokyo High Court and appealed to the Supreme Court after dismissing the Tokyo High Court but in January 2012 it is not violating the Constitution but merely misappropriating the applicable law and it is best by the Code of Criminal Procedure Because it was rejected because it was not a deliberation matter of the court, he was sentenced in March 2012 and he did not accept the imprisonment of the sin by the state power even in the parole parole interview at the prison. Therefore, I finally came out on a full maturity on March 19th.
Seniors with underwriters are parole based on 3/4 of the sentences, with the exception of exceptions. So it is very unusual for me to receive a parole interview like me and not to be parole. The judge of the first instance did not relentlessly bail. And we will not influence parole by showing influence until the end.The judge of the honorable judge can not be accepted not to give permission. Not too much, the judge of the original court was afraid of me going to Shaba and conducting a request for retrial. Actually seven years of prescribed statute of limitations would have wanted to imprisonment.In case ofThe criminal officer at Kuroba prison in Tochigi Prefecture seems to be divided into opinion of those who make parole from not performing any crime and opinion of those who make it difficult to request a retrial in response to parole. (We even studied the law when I was young ... Well, there was such a thing, I chose a prison ...) Horori.The treatment department does not talk about requesting a retrial at the preliminary interview ... ... the prison director at the imprisonment factory kicked off the temporary exemption ... this was the utmost support that the prison officer in the prison could compete against the state power is.
State power (police officer, prosecutor, authority exercise of judge) clearly commits fundamental human rights of Article 31 Constitution guaranteed by the constitution. In other words, it is "human rights violation".
This prosecution and accusation is not evidenced by facts such as weapons and other evidence. Since it is a case of falsifying the applicable law, it is sufficient if only the indictment proscribed and the provision of law are established.
The criminal trial is "judged only by the matters of the indictment" It is possible to change the counsel as long as it is in trial, but this case is confirmed as determined by this indictment.
Everyone is deprived of liberty and physical freedom only by law, established in the Japanese Diet, and it is punished. I am not in violation of Japanese law at all.
In order to aid the illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act, we applied a criminal assistance criminal penalty to the aid of the administrative penalty of the act of revoking the status of residence, with miso and feces.

Heisei 22nd Tohoku Agency Foreign Territory No. 6487, 6624Heisei 22nd inspection, 17461, 17462, 202145, 20216IndictmentJuly 26, 2010Tokyo District CourtTokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeProsecutor Attorney Tokunaga National UniversityPetition prosecution for the following defendant case.Record(Under detention) Nagano YasuhiroSeptember 9th Showa 24 student(Under detention) Military science Jin Jun ShuFebruary 10, 1981 studentAccused factThe defendant's name, after conspiracyZhang Shihong and Jangshui, foreign nationals of the first People's Republic of China, changed their status of residence to "interrogation knowledge and international affairs", stayed in Japan and renew their period of stay, and the Minister of Justice's activities outside the status of qualification During the period from March 26, 2009 to May 11, 2010, the restaurant in the Asahi Bldg. 1 st Floor 2 - chome, Nihonbashi 2 - chome, Chuo - ku, Tokyo, "Rice DIBINGBAR Goko Nihonbashi Store ", when he was exclusively engaged in activities to operate as an employee and to receive remuneration which does not belong to the activity clearly corresponding to the status of residence,About November 2008, the accused, Nagano Yasuhiro, located on the 4th floor of Kurobe Suzuki Building 1 - 2 - 13 Kuzute north Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo, learned about the club ' At the Lefko office serving as the representative director, the truth is that the company is hired by the same company, even though there is no fact that Jang was hired by Lefko Co., Ltd., and he is engaged in the business of programmers etc., the humanities knowledge Contents to the effect of requesting change of status of residence to international work At that time, we prepared a false employment contract, and at that time, we prepared a drink restaurant "Bex" at Higashi Nihon Railway Co., Ltd. Tabata Station 1 - Coffee shop Tabata store ", the above-mentioned content was given a false employment contract etc. On December 15, the same year, at Tokyo Immigration Bureau, Minato Ward, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 5th, Quarantine period (qualification) and along with the updated license application is submitted the contents of false employment contract, etc., March 23, 2010, allowed to obtain the same permission
Lin Horley who is a foreign national of the second PRC is a foreign national, changed his / her status of residence to "technology", renewed his / her period of stay and stayed in Japan, allowed the Minister of Justice permission to engage in activities other than the status of qualification During the period from April 9, 2009 to May 11, 2010, a restaurant in the 1st floor of Emerald Building No. 12, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo "Shibuya Udagawa Town is also a member of the string In addition, at two other stores, as the employees of each store, when they exclusively undertook activities to receive remuneration not belonging to the activities corresponding to the status of residence,Around the end of November 2008, at the Lefko office, the fact that the same person was employed by Lefko Co., Ltd. was learned while learning the information that the same person undertook a non - Although he is employed by the same company and engaged in the work of programmers etc, we made a false employment contract to the effect that we request change of status of residence to technology, at that time, "Beck Coffee On December 26, the same day, at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, the above-mentioned contents together with the application period of stay (period) (qualification) permission application are issued to the same person at the shop Tabi shop " Let me submit a false employment contract etc and get it with permission on March 25, 2010
Ho Baiguan, a foreign national with a nationality of the third PRC, changed his / her status of residence to "technology", renewed his / her period of stay, stayed in Japan, received permission from the Minister of Justice for activities outside the status of qualification There is a restaurant "Shinjuku Numazu Port" located at MY Shinjuku 2nd Building, 1 - chome Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku - ku, Tokyo, from April 27, 2009 to May 11, In shops, as a store employee who operates as a shop, so when exclusively performing activities to receive compensation not belonging to activities corresponding to the status of residence,About the end of November 2008, at the Lefko office, the truth is that the same person was employed by Lefko Co., Ltd. while learning the information that the same person performs a non-qualification activity upon receiving a request from Ho above Although he was employed by the same company and engaged in the work of programmers etc, we made a false employment agreement to request change of status of residence to technology, at that time Kita Ward, Tokyo On the 24th of Nakahara 1 - 2 Kashiwagi Bldg. 403, he delivered the above false employment contract etc to the same person, and on 24th December the same day, at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, the period of stay (qualification) Let me submit the content of false employment contract etc. together with the renewal permission application form and obtain the same permission on March 25, 2010
Lee Moon, a foreign national with a nationality of the fourth PRC, changed his / her status of residence to "Humanities Knowledge / International Work", renewed his / her period of stay and stayed in Japan, and became a member of the Minister of Justice Without permission of the activity, from 1 March 2009 to 3 June 2010, in one restaurant "Mamiya" located in Nihonbashi Ningyocho 3 - chome, 7 - 14 Chuo - ku, Tokyo , When operating as an employee of each store, exclusively performing activities to receive remuneration that does not belong to activities clearly according to the status of residence,About the end of November 2008, at the Lefko office, the fact that the same person was employed by Lefko Co., Ltd. was learned while learning the information that the same person performs a non-qualification activity upon receiving a request from the above- Although he is employed by the same company and is engaged in interpreter and translation business etc. Contents to the effect that requests for change of status of residence to humanities knowledge · international work is made Fraudulent employment contract form was created, , In the Kashiwagi Bldg., Room 402, he delivered the above false employment contract etc to the same person and on 24th December the same day, at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, together with the application period renewal period (qualification) Let me submit the above false employment contract, etc, and obtain the same permission on March 25, 2010
Thereby easily assisting each of the above-mentioned non-qualification activities of the four persons such as Chang.Charges and penaltiesViolation of Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Article 70 (1) (4), Article 19 (1) (1)Article 62 (1) of the Penal Code, Article 60
The Immigration Control Act is a method of inviting foreigners who have illegally worked against illegal employment as illegal workers of illegal employment for illegal employment activities and illegal employers as illegal employment as special laws including promotion of illegal employment and promotion of immigration Article 2 of Article 2 stipulates by crime of promoting illegal employment.The purpose of the Immigration Act enacted by the National Assembly is complete with this "illegal employment crime" and "illegal employment promotion crime".
However, in this case, I do not want to punish the business owner due to the situation, but in order to make a foreigner a prison sentence with "illegal employment crime", I made up a false assistant and took illegal workers and assistants equally He seemed to punish and punished him for criminal assistance for the criminal law as a third party who provided an employment contract by planning to adopt it with the status of residence of technology and humanities as an aid to illegal employment.
It is completely different in dimension from the legislative purpose of the Immigration Act enacted by the National Assembly. It is not fair under the law because it does not punish businesses that made illegal work and it is contrary to international law.
Despite the grant of status of residence at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, it can not be said that the provision of "content false employment contract" written in the indictment facilitated the acquisition of status of residence.It is not a law stipulated in Article 31 of the Constitution, it can not be said to be absolute document of granting status of residence, it can not be the basis to impose an assistance crime.
The status of residence is given by Japanese nationals to foreign individuals and restricts employment within the status of residence, but the place of employment is not a company offering employment contracts, but which company or group you work in is free .
Even if you obtain a status of residence by submitting false contracts of employment, the penalty will be the cancellation of the status of residence stipulated in the Immigration Act, it is clear that there is no causal relationship with illegal work, the principal offender If you work in a job within the qualification, it is obvious that it will not be illegal.
It is obvious that the cause-and-effect relationship in which the former offender became illegal work is in the illegal act of the business operator, who has worked the former offenders in off-qualified positions, prescribed by the illegal employment promotion crime.
In this case, he did not criminalize a business who made illegal work, and criminalizes only foreigners who worked illegally by crime of illegal work and got a hand, the truth is the administrative sanction of departure from abroad A person who illegally worked illegally, referring to the action of dismissal of the status of residence of the Immigration Control Act (Article 22-4-4) and the aid act thereof, saying that he acted to cancel the status of residence of the Immigration Act, The person who made it "illegal employment crime" and made an act of assisting the cancellation of the status of residence to the "criminal assistance crime" against the "illegal worker's crime" of the Immigration Control Act mentioned above, the Japanese judiciary who plays the law privately In the history of crime in the world, it is a terrible shameful and criminal crime that remains in history.In this case, a police officer familiar with Immigration Law who wanted to get a hand was conspired with a public prosecutor and planned a new way to dispose illegal workers without punishing businesses illegally worked by their passion .
In order to criminalize the former offender who arrested in illegal work earlier, it seemed to dispose equally under the law, and in order not to contravene international law, a false assistance to a third party who provided employment contract In order to pretend that both parties of illegal employment were criminalized, it was conceived as a criminal of the criminal law aiding criminal law for violation of immigration law (activity outside the status of qualification).In case ofAs an aid to the illegal employment promotion offenses against the illegal employment promotion abuse by the general citizen, for the reason of the cancellation of the status of residence which can not be charged with any crime (Article 22-44), the employment contract I thought that I would not notice the provider even if I changed my name as a criminal assistance criminal penalty for violation of immigration law (activity outside the status of qualification).
And since Refco is a large company with capital of 16,492,000 yen established in October 1988, Refco is thought that it has a great deal since it has a great impact on society if it is a criminal .

The purpose of the crime was probably the first time a senior police officer could not do so by making both offenders who worked illegally and criminal law aiding in illegal work a criminal, probably the first illegal employment promotion It is to make a track record to make a record of criminal disposal of foreigners who have worked illegally by disposing of the assistant of the action to cancel the status of residence without criminalizing the business by crime. In fact, the Philippine Embassy officials and diplomats have been made a criminal in this manner. I did it with a diplomat fired ... and so on!

Yasuhiro  Nagano

入管法違反事件関連ニュース   2016年6月7日

1.中国人の入管法違反(資格外活動)事件 L社が2008年秋に、日本に留学し2009年3月卒業予定の中国人4人に採用内定を出し、2009年4月1日付で採用として「雇用契約書」を締結して交付し、中国人4人は東京入管に、「留学」から「技術」や「人文・国際業務」への在留資格変更の必要書類を堤出したのです。
 中国人4人は、日本の景気が回復するのを待つため、留学生時代にアルバイトで勤務していた居酒屋などで資格外の不法就労をしていたところを、2010年5月に「入管法違反(資格外活動の不法就労)」の罪で警視庁に逮捕されのです。 しかし、中国人4人が勤務していた飲食店の雇用責任者はいずれも、入管法で規定する「不法就労助長罪」で逮捕も処罰もされませんでした。
2.L社の社長である私(長野恭博)と中国人のKingungakuを犯罪者とした入管法違反幇助事件 L社は、前記の中国人が入管法違反(資格外活動)で逮捕されたため、2010年5月に入管法違反(資格外活動)幇助の疑いで、家宅捜査をうけました。
 仮に内容虚偽の雇用契約書で在留資格を得た場合、入管法の規定では在留資格が取消されるだけであり、不法就労との因果関係はありません。 また在留資格内で働いていれば、不法就労とはならないことは明白であり、不法就労との関連がないことは自明の理です。 不法就労となった因果関係は、不法就労助長罪で規定する、働く資格のない外国人を雇用した事業者にあることは自明の理です。

 また不法就労(資格外活動)の中国人4人(正犯)は、不法就労者にさせた雇用者を不法就労助長罪で処罰せず、私とKingungakuを嘘偽の幇助犯にでっちあげて、法の下での平等であり国際法にも反しないと装い、懲役刑(執行猶予)にしたので、嘘偽の幇助犯をでっちあげた上での犯行であり、法の下での平等にも反しているとして中国大使館にかわり刑事告発しました。 3.フィリッピン大使館入管法違反事件 読売新聞等2015年2月20日付朝刊によりますと、フィリピン大使館の外交官や職員が、日本の国家権力の被害にあっています。
 記事の内容は、フィリッピン大使館職員の運転手が、家事使用人としてフィリッピン人を雇用すると偽って、フィリッピン人に内容虚偽の雇用契約書を渡して、フィリッピン人が入管に申請し、「特定活動」の在留資格を取得したが、家事使用人として働かずに、都内の造園会社で働いたとして、3人を入管法違反(資格外活動)の罪で、又、大使館職員の運転手を入管法違反(資格外活動)の刑法「幇助罪」で2014年6月に逮捕、起訴した。 裁判では執行猶予つきの懲役刑となり、強制送還された。
 不法就労させた造園会社の責任者を逮捕せずに注意処分で処罰しないのであれば、不法就労者にさせられたフィリッピン人も逮捕せずに注意処分とし処分してはいけません。 こんなアホなことが何故出来たのかと言いますと、この事件でも、不法就労者にした、つまり不法就労を幇助した者をでっちあげているからです。

4.被害者はたくさんいます 以上、記載しましたように、私や中国人だけでなく、フィリッピン大使館の外交官や大使館職員まで、そして被害者はそれにとどまりません。  不法就労に関し、国際法に反し、雇用者を不法就労助長罪で処罰せずに、外国人である不法就労者だけを少額の罰金で、一方的に国外退去強制にされた外国人は多数います。
 オーバーステイでの不法就労は、法律で国外退去させられますので、刑事処分せずに国外強制退去させていますが、法務大臣から在留許可を得ておる正規滞在の外国人は、刑事処分をしないと国外退去させられないので、恣意的に罰金刑などの刑事処分をして国外退去させていますいますが、これは、外国人に対する恣意的な差別にあたりますので国際法違反です。 日本国憲法でも、法の下で平等な処分とは言えず、因果関係の張本人である雇用させた者が無罪であれば、雇用させられた外国人も無罪です。
 私の記憶では、2015年の判決だったと思いますが、大阪の中国人留学生がクラブのホステスで働いて、検察は雇用者に不法就労助長罪を適用せず、女子留学生だけを起訴し罰金刑で国外退去させるべく入管送りにしたのです。 留学生を国外退去処分を不服として取消を求めて裁判をして勝訴した記事がありました。
 ほとんどの外国人は泣き寝入りをしますが、争えば、在留資格取消の行政処分も難しいのです。 この勝訴理由は、特定活動について週28時間のアルバイトを定めたり、風俗での活動を認めないなどは入管法の本則では無いこと。そして学業に支障があったとの退去理由も、この留学生は学生が優秀であったことから退けられています。


5.日本の司法の実態 私および中国人、フィリピン人らは、罪刑法定主義に照らすと、なんら犯罪人にされることはありません。人権侵害を受けることは許されません。
 しかし、私が、罪刑法定主義を言うと、正論が言えないので、二級国民扱いで侮辱、恫喝されるんです。これがヤクザだったら警察を呼びます! しかし、相手が警察官や検察官ですよ!しかも白昼、堂々とですよ!逮捕、監禁されて恫喝されているんです。どうすればいいんですか?お手上げです。
 私は、このようなことが世界中で起きているのだと思います。テロの根本原因は案外こんな理由かもしれません。テロ行為を政府の人権侵害行為に対する、唯一の解決策だと考えているのでしょう?  警察官に、罪刑法定主義をいうと、「桜田門をなめるんじゃねえ、一般論で認めろ」検察官に、罪刑法定主義をいうと、「誰が、貴方の言うこと(罪刑法定主義)を信じますか」「私は、偉いんです。認めれば罰金、認めなければ懲役刑にもできるんですよ」「私は、あなたの奥さんだって、逮捕出来るんですよ}  私は、美しい日本国の、美しい日本人です、誰が不法社会のヤクザを認めるもんですか!「えーい刑務所に送ったる!」
 権利の回復のための起訴や告発も、東京地検、警視庁、法務省などのように、国家権力で握り潰す日本国家です。これに立ち向かうのは、立法した国会議員のはずです。   これが日本の国会の実態です。・・・本当に、気分が悪くなってきます。

6. 東京地検は、告訴状および告発状を受理しません。  そして、今後、送付するなと言うのです!!!!東地特捜第704号平成26年8月7日長野恭博 殿東京地方検察庁特別捜査部 特殊直告班
 貴殿から送付された「告発状」と題する書面2通(いずれも平成26年8月4日付)を拝見しました。 前回も記載しましたが、前記書面では、捜査、取締り及び公判に関わった警察官、検察官、裁判官等の各職務行為がいかなる根拠に基づき、なぜ職務濫用に当たるとするのか、嘘偽告訴と主張する根拠等の具体的内容が判然とせず、具体的証拠に基づかない主張を記載しただけでは告訴・告発の対象となる犯罪事実が具体的に特定されているとは認められません。 よって、貴殿から送付された前記書面は辺戻しします。 なお、今後も、これまでと同様な書面が当庁に送付されてきた場合は、刑事訴訟法に規程する告訴・告発状としての取り扱いをせず、かつ送付された書面等についても辺戻手続を執らない場合もありますので。ご承知おき願います。
 私には何ら罪にならない、入管法在留資格取消の取消理由)(第22条の4 4項)(嘘偽の書類提出)を、恣意的に、不法就労の幇助理由として、入管法(資格外活動による不法就労)違反の幇助犯罪としているので、私は何ら罪に問われないものです。
 明らかに適用法違反の犯罪です 起訴状を見てください 
 身許引受人のいる受刑者は、例外を除き受刑期間の3/4で仮釈放です。ですから私のように仮釈放面接をうけて、仮釈放されないのは非常に珍しいのです。原審の裁判官は執拗に保釈をしませんでした。そして最期まで影響力を発揮して仮釈放も認めません。 原審の裁判官が許可しないと認められないのです。それほど、原審の裁判官は私がシャバに出て再審請求活動をすることを恐れていたのです。本当は公訴時効の7年間は収監しておきたかったでしょうね。  栃木県黒羽刑務所の刑務官は、何ら犯罪をしていないから仮釈放をさせるという者と、仮釈放に応じると再審請求が難しくなるという者の意見に分かれていたようです。(俺達だって若い頃は法律を勉強したんだ・・・そんなこともあってなあ、刑務所を選んだんだよなあ・・・・)ホロリとしました。 処遇部門は、仮面接で再審請求の話はするな・・・、懲役工場の刑務部長は、仮免なんて蹴飛ばせ・・・これが刑務所の刑務官が国家権力に対抗できる精一杯の支援だったのです。
 国家権力(警察官、検察官、裁判官の権限行使)が憲法の保障する憲法31条 基本的人権を明確に犯しています。つまり、「人権侵害」です。

平成22年東地庁外領第6487、6624 平成22年検第17461、17462、202145、20216号起訴状平成22年7月26日東京地方裁判所 殿東京地方検察庁検察官 検事 徳永 国大下記被告事件につき公訴を提起する。                 記           (勾留中)                       長野恭博昭和24年9月9日生           (勾留中)          軍学ことジン ジュンシュエ1981年2月10日生公訴事実 被告人両名は、共謀の上第1 中華人民共和国の国籍を有する外国人である張述輝ことヂャン シュホイが在留資格を「尋問知識・国際業務」に変更し、在留期間を更新して本邦に在留した上、法務大臣の資格外活動の許可を受けないで、平成21年3月26日から平成22年5月11日までの間、東京都中央区日本橋2丁目8番11号旭洋ビル地下1階所在の飲食店「ごはんDIBINGBAR ほっこり日本橋店」において、従業員として稼働し、もって明らかに在留資格に応じた活動に属しない報酬を受ける活動を専ら行った際、平成20年11月頃、前記ヂャンから依頼を受けて同人が資格外活動を行うことの情を知りながら、東京都千代田区九段北1丁目2番13号九段スズキビル4階所在の被告人長野恭博が代表取締役を務める株式会社レフコ事務所において、真実は、前記ヂャンが株式会社レフコに雇用された事実はないのに、同人が同会社に雇用され、プログラマー等の業務に従事するため、人文知識・国際業務への在留資格変更を要請する旨の内容虚偽の雇用契約書を作成し、そのころ、東京都北区東田端1丁目17番1号東日本旅客鉄道株式会社田端駅構内の飲食店「ベックスコーヒーショップ田端店」において、同人に対し、前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を交付し、同年12月15日、同人に、東京都港区港南5丁目5番30号東京入国管理局において、在留期間(資格)更新許可申請書とともに前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を提出させて、平成22年3月23日、同許可を得させ
第2 中華人民共和国の国籍を有する外国人である林  厚立ことリン ホウリーが在留資格を「技術」に変更し、在留期間を更新して本邦に在留した上、法務大臣の資格外活動の許可を受けないで、平成21年4月9日から平成22年5月11日までの間、東京都渋谷区宇田川町12番7号エメラルドビル地下1階所在の飲食店「渋谷宇田川町もひもの屋」ほか2店舗において、各店従業員として稼働し、もって明らかに在留資格に応じた活動に属しない報酬を受ける活動を専ら行った際、平成20年11月下旬頃、前記リンから依頼を受けて同人が資格外活動を行うことの情を知りながら、前記株式会社レフコ事務所において、真実は、同人が株式会社レフコに雇用された事実はないのに、同人が同会社に雇用され、プログラマー等の業務に従事するため、技術への在留資格変更を要請する旨の内容虚偽の雇用契約書を作成し、そのころ、前記「ベックスコーヒーショップ田端店」において、同人に対し、前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を交付し、同年12月26日、同人に、前記東京入国管理局において、在留期間(資格)更新許可申請書とともに前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を提出させて、平成22年3月25日、同許可を得させ
第3 中華人民共和国の国籍を有する外国人である何宝光ことホー バオグアンが在留資格を「技術」に変更し、在留期間を更新して本邦に在留した上、法務大臣の資格外活動の許可を受けないで、平成21年4月27日から平成22年5月11日までの間、東京都新宿区西新宿1丁目10番1号MY新宿第2ビル所在の飲食店「新宿沼津港」ほか1店舗において、各店従業員として稼働し、もって明らかに在留資格に応じた活動に属しない報酬を受ける活動を専ら行った際、平成20年11月下旬頃、前記ホーから依頼を受けて同人が資格外活動を行うことの情を知りながら、前記株式会社レフコ事務所において、真実は、同人が株式会社レフコに雇用された事実はないのに、同人が同会社に雇用され、プログラマー等の業務に従事するため、技術への在留資格変更を要請する旨の内容虚偽の雇用契約書を作成し、そのころ、東京都北区仲原1丁目1番2号柏木ビル403号室において、同人に対し、前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を交付し、同年12月24日、同人に、前記東京入国管理局において、在留期間(資格)更新許可申請書とともに前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を提出させて、平成22年3月25日、同許可を得させ
第4 中華人民共和国の国籍を有する外国人である李萌ことリ モンが在留資格を「人文知識・国際業務」に変更し、在留期間を更新して本邦に在留した上、法務大臣の資格外活動の許可を受けないで、平成21年3月ごろから平成22年6月3日までの間、東京都中央区日本橋人形町3丁目7番14号所在の飲食店「マミヤ」ほか1店舗において、各店従業員として稼働し、もって明らかに在留資格に応じた活動に属しない報酬を受ける活動を専ら行った際、平成20年11月下旬頃、前記リから依頼を受けて同人が資格外活動を行うことの情を知りながら、前記株式会社レフコ事務所において、真実は、同人が株式会社レフコに雇用された事実はないのに、同人が同会社に雇用され、通訳・翻訳業務等に従事するため、人文知識・国際業務への在留資格変更を要請する旨の内容虚偽の雇用契約書を作成し、そのころ、前記柏木ビル402号室において、同人に対し、前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を交付し、同年12月24日、同人に、前記東京入国管理局において、在留期間(資格)更新許可申請書とともに前記内容虚偽の雇用契約書等を提出させて、平成22年3月25日、同許可を得させ
もって前記ヂャン等4名の前記各資格外活動を容易に幇助したものである。 罪名及び罰条出入国管理および難民認定法違反 同法70条1項4号、19条1項1号刑法 62条1項、60条
 入管法は、不法就労に対して、不法就労した外国人を資格外活動の不法就労罪で、また不法就労させた事業者を、特別法として、不法就労に対する幇助及を含む助長行為として 入管法 73条の2条 不法就労助長罪で 規定しております。 国会が制定した入管法の趣旨では、この「不法就労罪」と「不法就労助長罪」で完結です。
 しかし、この事件では、情により、事業者を処罰したくないが、外国人を「不法就労罪」で懲役刑にするため、見せかけの幇助者をでっち上げ、あたかも不法就労者と幇助者を平等に処罰するように見せかけて、技術や人文国際の在留資格で採用予定をして雇用契約書を提供した第三者を 不法就労に対する幇助行為をしたとして、刑法の幇助罪で処罰したのです。
 在留資格の付与は法務大臣の裁量で付与されるにも関わらず、起訴状に書かれた「内容虚偽の雇用契約書」の提供が、在留資格の取得を容易にしたとは言えません。 また「雇用契約書」課長通達で提出を求めたものであり、憲法31条に規定する法律ではなく、在留資格付与の絶対書類とは言えず、幇助罪を課すほどの根拠にはできません。
 この事件は、不法就労させた事業者を刑事処分せずに、そして、不法就労した外国人だけをを不法就労罪で刑事処分して手柄を立てたいばかりに、真実は国外退去の行政処分である、入管法在留資格取消(第22条の4の4)の処分行為とその幇助行為を指して、不法に、不法就労した者を、入管法在留資格取消の処分行為をしたとして、「不法就労罪」にして、そして、在留資格取消の幇助行為をした者を、前記の入管法の「不法就労罪」に対する「刑法幇助罪」にした、法律を私的にもて遊ぶ日本司法界の犯罪史上、歴史に残るまったく破廉恥な恐るべき犯罪なのです。 この事件では、手柄を得たい入管法に熟知した警察官は検察官と共謀し、不法就労させた事業者を情により処罰せずとも、不法就労者を処分する新たな手口を画策したのです。
 先に不法就労で逮捕した正犯を刑事処分するため、法の下で平等に処分するように見せかけ、また国際法にも反しないとするため、雇用契約書を提供した第三者を虚偽の幇助者とすることで、不法就労の両者を公平に刑事処分したように見せかけるため、入管法違反(資格外活動)の刑法幇助罪の犯罪者として、でっち上げたのです。  一般の国民が法律に疎いことを悪用し、不法就労助長罪にかわる、幇助者として、なんら罪に問われない在留資格取消 (第22条の4 4項)の幇助理由で、雇用契約書の提供者を入管法違反(資格外活動)の刑法幇助罪として罪名をすり替えても気が付かないと考えたのです。



長 野 恭 博