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Appealed to ICC 8.It can not be solved by the Minister of Justice

8.It can not be solved by the Minister of Justice


Minister of Justice Mr. Mitsuhide Iwaki

October 8, 2015

Currently, in Japan, illegal acts (crimes) by prosecutors and special public officials have caused illegal abductions not only to Japanese but also to foreigners, causing serious human rights violationBecause it is a serious crime deeply involved in the identity of the stateAs soon as the Ministry of JusticeConfirm legal truthPlease give appropriate directions to the attorney general in the place of the attorney general.


This accusation does not mean that fact facts of individual cases are not improper (prosecution) but rather that the prosecution administration (crime) contrary to Article 31 of the Japanese Constitution is being conducted, not the general theory Please be aware that you are acting directly on an individual case and acting specifically in violation of laws and ordinances.

Measures that do not cause such incidents should take countermeasures under the direction of the Minister of Justice, but we will take measures against charges through the Attorney General 's attorney under the supervision of the Prosecutor' s Office and I think the criminal disposition will be made by the court.


 First of all, take control of illegal prosecution administration that is contrary to Article 31 of the Constitution


 Not only I but Japanese and Philippine people as well as I have been kidnapped illegally by the Japanese government. The abduction by the Japanese government is "Article 31 of the Constitution of Japan means" no one can be deprived of its life or freedom unless it is based on the procedures prescribed by the law, or can not impose any other punishment " By public officials (police officers, prosecutors, judges), contrary to the law prescribed by the Diet, they have been kidnapped lazily in the daytime. There is no doubt that the impact of this incident is great, it will cause a decline in the international status of our country, it is such a big event that it will be right to overthrow the state.


I am fortunate that it originated in full on March 19, 2013. After giving office, we are continuing to file charges and accusations of special public officials to request a retrial in order to restore the honor of our and Chinese diplomats and Filipino diplomats and embassy officials and to restore property rights, but the police It is just a criminal if you commit a crime with the official, the prosecutor, the judge.

 Police officers Police officers and prosecutors are also clenched with charges of charges and accusations with state power, so please be afraid that it is no longer illegal state.


 My affair occurred this yearIf you look at the newspaper article (enclosed), you will understandMy case is exactly the same as this Philippine Embassy incident. In this article, most Japanese think that Philippine embassy staff and diplomats are criminals. Because the big newspaper makes an article, it will not feel a bit of a doubt.


 HoweverThis case is a false chargeIt is a clever camouflage craft that was set in by the police and prosecution. Like the Omoto administration announcement, the press justifies the "abduction" crime by the state.


Philippine Embassy officials and diplomats provided false employment contracts to employ Filipino as domestic servants, so Filipinos who got status as residence employees have been illegally employed in landscaping companies .

I would like to read this article to insist that it is not a criminal offender under Article 31 of the Constitution, aside from factual facts (it may be as per the article).


In fact, Filipinos were arrested for illegal work at a landscaping company and were arrested for violation of Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act (Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act) (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification).

Illegal work can be worked illegally because there are employers who illegally work. Therefore, employers who let them work illegally are disposed of as an aid to illegal employment under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act (illegal employment promotion crime). But even in this case employers are not punished at all.


 In this case, illegal workers arbitrarilyIt has nothing to do with illegal employmentArticle 22 4 - 4 of the Immigration Control Act (withdrawal of status of residence by submitting false documents)幇助者をAs an assistant to Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification)He made up falsehoods and was sentenced to imprisonment. As this part is a false legal operation, please understand calmly!


 Embassy officials and diplomats are also reasons (counsel) for assisting the immigration office, Article 22 4 - 4 (withdrawal of status of residence by submitting false documents), which are not related to the Immigration Act Article 70 As an aid to breach of illegal employment by activity, it was made a prison sentence for assisting criminal law.

 This place is a false legal manipulation, but it is a guilty of miso soup together! You can understand it clearly if you read the attached letter of inquiry form entry law comment

It is self - evident that violations of Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act are prioritized by the same Immigration Control Law from the Penal Code.


 The penalty under Article 22 4 - 4 of the Immigration Control Act is administrative penalty for deportation by the Minister of Justice.

As the aid of Article 22 4 - 4 of the Immigration Control Act was revealed by the amendment of the Immigration Control Act in 2010, foreigners who provided false documents to other foreign nationals, assisted them, etc, became obsolete, As for reasons for document provision, the Immigration Control Law takes precedence and can not apply criminal assistance charges. Because it can not be disposed of by the criminal law aiding criminal offense, it was made administrative disposition of deportation by the Immigration Control Law. (Even if it is a criminal assistance crime, Japanese are not punished because they are not allowed to leave the country)


However, this illegal worker has not received administrative penalty from deportation as Minister of Justice as violation of Article 22 4, 4 of Immigration ActDiplomats are false charges because they can not apply assistance crime (deportation abroad) under Article 22 4 - 4 of the Immigration Act. It is absolutely fake miso together with the offense and the dark disposition with counsel.


 The person who illegally worked, as an illegitimate illegal employer of a illegal employment (imposter of criminal law), an assistant of Article 22-4, 4 ___ 4 (false document submission) which has nothing to do with illegal employment, the Immigration Act 70 We are in Article (Illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification).

 The Philippine Embassy incident has been disposed of at the meeting of the public prosecutor's office (Ministry of Justice), the National Police Agency (Cabinet Office), the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Illegal work is not an unusual case. In these cases, why did arbitrarily make up Article 22, Article 4, 4 of the Immigration Act as a crime of illegal employment

It is totally ashamed. Japan is a testament to the fact that governance is not under the law. For details, refer to the attached document.


The case of me and the Chinese are exactly the same. In the case of violation of Immigration Control Act occurred in 2010, and in the same case, four Chinese former offenders illegally worked and arrested for violation of Article 70 of the Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities other than the status of residence), but illegal employment The employer is not arrested under Article 73 2 (illegal employment promotion crime) of the Immigration Act, and illegal workers are arbitrarily arbitrarily subject to Article 22 4 - 4 (withdrawal of status of residence by submitting false documents) The reason (counsel) of the case was imprisoned (one year in prison) as a violation of Article 70 of the Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of being engaged).


 As you can see the separate letter, indictment letter

The reason for the assistance (counsel) of the Immigration Law Article 22 (4) 4 (cancellation of the status of residence by submitting false documents), the former subordinates of me and the Chinese, as aided in violation of Article 70 of the Immigration Act (illegal employment due to activities outside the status of qualification) The prison sentence for assistance of criminal law was applied and sentenced to imprisonment (1 year half imprisonment, fine 1 million yen). Indeed, it is a false impairment, illegal disposal with the charges and counts of miso together.


The abduction of the Japanese government is a violent crime more than North Korea by special public officials (police officials, prosecutors, judges) who exercised righteousness to exploit Japanese or foreigners against the law.


 Beyond this point, please understand that this case is a false charge. Regular false charges are misunderstandings of facts, but since this case is a false charge that bent the law and formulated the counts, understand what is very malignant. Also regarding disposal against illegal employment of Immigration Control Act

Since the Ministry of Justice will also have legislators in charge of immigration legislation, I think that it will be clearly judged. further,

Japanese law is an explicit law so anyone can understand it.


 To me, a police officer from the Metropolitan Police Department said, "Do not lick Sakurada Gate! Negate in general!", The prosecutor of the Tokyo District Prosecutors office said, "I am fine, fines if I admit it, I will imprisonment if I do not approve" However, I can not admit it because there is justice as the pride of the Japanese, even if "I will treat it like a maggot".

 Under the constitution and law of Japan, you can not "punish in general theory". Also, "You can not show off your power and punish you from power" can not be done.

Recognizing that Japan is going down to the country below North Korea, urgent measures are necessary.


Although the Japanese have protected the freedom of occupation selection under the Constitution, many of the foreigners can work only to the extent permitted by the status of residence. This is because we do not allow the acceptance of simple workers as a national policy in order to secure a place for Japanese workers.

Therefore, regarding illegal work that will limit Japanese employment opportunities by limiting by the Immigration Control Act, businesses that illegally worked are "criminal charges for promoting illegal employment under Article II of the Immigration Act 73" and foreigners who have been illegally employed People are severely punished by "Immigration Act 70 illegal employment crimes".


Illegal employment of foreigners can not be allowed as citizens. However, disposing only foreigners arbitrarily is contrary to equality under the constitutional law, and it is a violation of international law.


In most cases of illegal employment, we do not dispose of illegal workers because of illegal employment promotion crime, so we do not dispose of illegal workers in prison sentences, but we are deporting from overseas with a small penalty, but it is illegal. Illegal employment is caused by illegal workers because there are employers who illegally work.


If you do not dispose of employers hired as illegal workers due to adhesion, illegal workers do not exist, so also foreigners who were regarded as illegal workers "do not punish" It is equal under, it is an idea of international law.


Japanese always keep the Japanese correct. However, the Japanese at hand is doing the same thing as North Korea. I cited examples of Chinese and Filipino, but many Japanese citizens and their families cry all over the world for the abduction by the Japanese government.

Of course, the Japanese government should not allow such illegal acts, but some special public officials trying to overthrow the state are plotting to overthrow the state by the declining international status of Japan by private law.


 Utilizing prosecution monopolisticism, if there is a prosecution 's non - acceptance act, it will become an illegal state!


 The case to be charged this time is that it is a criminal who is the reason (counsel) not contravening any law as mentioned above. It is also that all police officers, prosecutors and judges involved in the case are arrested and arrested for reasons not to comply with any law. In addition, all the police officers and prosecutors involved in the case are false charges (arrested, inspected, prosecuted, arguments issued) for reasons not contravening any law. It is just illegal. I filed a complaint and accused to the Metropolitan Police Department based on the Code of Criminal Procedure, but as stated in the return document attached to the separate sheet, the crime is not identified and I am not accepting it.

In addition,

Because I insisted on not guilty, I am imprisoned for 1 year and a half, and a fine of a fine of 1 million yen, because I insisted on guilty statutory principle. After the detention of 1 year and 10 days, it was bailed out by the High Court, and in the Supreme Court appeal, the impeachment of the applicable law was not considered as a matter of deliberation by the Supreme Court, and he was imprisoned with dismissal of appeal, and imprisonment for the remaining 1 and 10 days I tried to maturity.


Normally, if there is an identity underwriter, 1/4 of the sentence will be parole but parole will not be accepted and maturity release.


Even prison officials believed in my innocence, but there is no parole as it is unlikely that there will be a change in reform if you do not admit sin. "Nagano! Every teacher (official) here does not think you are a criminal! We have studied the law! Be sure to ask the referee!" Since there is life as a national civil servant, I will not do internal complaints. It is my best to encourage. This is reality!


Under the Criminal Procedure Law, we can not request a retrial under the reason of the application law enforcement (applicable law mistake). However, as crime of police officers and prosecutors involved in the incident is confirmed, we can request a retrial, so after consultation with the physical condition, we are conducting criminal complaints and criminal charges as recorded on the attached CD while consulting with physical condition, but Tokyo Prosecutors' office, Tokyo High Public Prosecution, Metropolitan Police Department do not even accept it as in the return form.


Please check the accusations and accusations on CD recording to see if the pointed out matter is getting a point. So I handed it to the Supreme Prosecutors.


 Prosecution administration no longer broke down


The Supreme Prosecution said after 2 months of deliberation, "I was delivered to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office today as attached", but the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office said, "... from the Supreme Public Prosecution Board etc. In the case of being sent to the agency, we do not treat it as a complaint or accusation stipulated in the Code of Criminal Procedure, and we may not take back borrowing procedures on the documents we sent, so please understand I wish for you. "


Teaching of the highest inspection? Tokyo District Prosecutors does not seem to obey. It seems that I think that it can be held down to the last. Therefore, on August 27, 2015, we re-submitted to the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office a back revision of the Tokyo District Prosecutors and re-submitted it to the Supreme Public Prosecutors office, but on October 3, the complaint letter / prosecution letter was returned back from the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office So we have confirmed the grasp of the prosecution administration. It seems that the normal prosecution administration has collapsed anymore.


As a real experience I am accusing illegal acts in violation of Immigration Control Act, but I think that such false charges are occurring even in a murder case. In the murder case, it has been kidnapped in prison all his life. Even in life imprisonment, if I do not admit my crime, I have been kidnapped in prison all my life without parole.


Crime of police officers, prosecutors, judges and other special officials is clear.


 Special public officials were arrested and arrested despite not clearly committing any crime, so it is "a crime of abuse of the special public servant 's office." The same sin is a law to prevent special public servants from illegally arresting and capturing in this way, so "intentional existence" is unnecessary for establishment of crime.

Special public officials are "false charges of criminal charges" because they falsely complained in the reason (a cause) for assistance of the immigration law Article 22 4 - 4 (cancellation of status of residence by submitting false documents). Although "willfulness" is necessary for the formation of the same sin, it can be said that at least the special public official does not investigate the law is "unnecessary incident".


Lawyers and others also say that if you show the indictment and prove it as Immigration Law, everyone is false. However, if you accuse and accuse special public servants, everyone will escape.


When Japan passes the bar exam, it receives judicial training together at the judicial and research institute, even if the way is different, after retirement it is a friend as a lawyer. Because the law council is also there, opening up the Japanese market to a foreign lawyer is necessary.


 I lost all the wealth and trust, such as preparations for public offerings and home, with arrest detention and mass media due to false coverage. The same is true for Chinese and Filipino. I am an elderly, but the other victims are young people. But even if released, there is no future for those who were considered criminals. That is why I am fighting.


I have asked the prosecution to request a retrial from me, requesting the recovery of honor and the restoration of the lost property rights, but as I said, as I mentioned earlier, I abused the prosecution monopolist and seized it.


 If the prosecutor fails to prosecute, you can request the prosecution review board, but if you do not accept it you can not beat it.


Prosecutors can not absolutely make a case unless the prosecution accepts the accusation and accusation of the homicide even if it kills.

How do you blame North Korea only?


I remember even fear, saying, "I may be killed."

Even if I am killed, it is from darkness to darkness.


To pursue the crime of police officers and prosecutors is more frightening than the abduction of North Korea.


 Of course, I am writing a letter to lawmakers, lawmakers who are in the position to monitor the police administration, the prosecution administration, but have scars on my shin? It is gravel of none. The truth is that Japan is not a legal state.

Politicians and economists who used bureaucracy as an enemy are crushed by the hands of the prosecution.


This is the judicial administration in Japan, presumably the judicial administration of North Korea is similar.

In other words, it is illegal control by some special public officials, and no rule is controlled by law.


As described above, in Japan, no judicial administration concerning the Immigration Control Act has been made. It is surprising if officials from foreign countries who understand Japanese law know this fact. That terrible judicial administration is being carried out. For details, please read the accompanying related materials.


 Please note that this incident is a case targeting foreigners as well, because there are also victims of foreigners, so we also send them overseas by e-mail, HP, EMS, etc. so that it is not a protest from a foreign government or organization I hope that the Japanese will solve it with self purification power.


This case is not an incident that can be held down by the prestige of Japan like the Public Prosecutor's Office or the Metropolitan Police Department. Even if you can handle a foreign government like a military comfort women problem, it will not be solved unless the people of the country concerned are satisfied. Diplomacy is involved, so please take serious measures.


 As Japanese law is a writing law,

No matter how police officers or prosecutors, even if some public officials are involved and trying to grasp them, they can not be squeezed. By the power of the Japanese citizens and with the power of the international community, we must clarify all the circumstances, including all circumstances, carry out fair disposition by law, and make Japan a country governed under the law. Everyone of the Ministry of Justice should stand up together.


Considering the fact that serious human rights problems occurred mainly in the law that treats foreigners, the Immigration Control Law was pointed out by the international community, and before Japan's major interests were greatly impaired, Japan was " Normal governance of the people "should be done.


On August 27, 2015, the complaint and accusation which we re-submitted to the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office got back from the highest inspection on October 3, 2015. With this, it is confirmed that the prosecution administration in Japan is contrary to Article 31 of the Constitution, prosecution administration under the law will not be carried out.


According to the provisions of the National Public Service Act, the Minister of Justice, which is its longest chief, naturally can issue orders to each prosecutor for the prosecutor's office, and this command right is issued by the Public Prosecutors Office Act " Regarding the affairs, you can generally supervise public prosecutors.

However, concerning the interrogation or disposition of individual cases, it is possible to direct only the attorney general. "As for specific cases, we are able to conduct only through the attorney general's attorney general. Command authority means to direct the attorney general on individual cases.


Since prosecutors have a very strong power to monopolize the charge of prosecution except exceptions and have a great influence on criminal justice, some degree of independence is recognized so as not to unduly receive political pressure I am aware of what is being done, but this incident is so outrageous to the extent of it.


Regulations on disciplinary punishment (Ministry of Justice, Secretariat Secretariat Secretariat 36, 1953), which is the instruction of the Ministry of Justice, and rules for breach of violation of the Act on Prevention of Destruction Activities (Showa Secretary, The Secretary of State, In the case of the attorney general's attendance under the direction of the Minister of Justice, the criminal offense deeply related to the identity of the state such as "internal crime, foreign crime, crimes concerning diplomatic relations, etc." · "violation of the Act on Destruction Act" It is.


As mentioned above, the acts of prosecutors who are not guilty of criminal justice, even including any innocent foreigners, are, of course, crimes deeply related to the identity of the state. In addition,

Therefore, we ask the Minister of Justice to accept prosecution and accusation against the attorney general by triggering the command right, ask the prosecution to prosecute and prosecute based on law.


In addition, we will enclose the matter submitted to the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office as it is, so let us accept the command right and accept it by the Attorney General.


If you do not comply with the intent of the prosecutor if you submit the complaint or complaint you submit, I will accept or modify it or submit it as a letter of appeal newly under the name of the Minister of Justice etc.


In addition, since the police administration of the prosecution administration and the Metropolitan Police Department and the Kanagawa prefectural police has collapsed, if it seems to be difficult with the attorney general in the command right, the Minister of Justice will be in charge of the National Public Safety Commission, the National Police Agency, We will discuss with the chief and ask for appropriate measures.


 I will say it again the last time. The law interpretation of the public prosecutor's office differs greatly from the law interpretation of the people. Prosecution administration ignoring the legislation legislated in the National Assembly has been done.

Please check the relevant laws of this case once more. Prime Minister Abe has become a naked king. Under the hands of the Minister of Justice, please realize "the country governed under the law" and "compliance with international law" referred to as Prime Minister Abe. The judicial administration is also a famous phrase of the phrase "If you do not believe". Citizen's "trust" is the most important.


 We have already disseminated the details of this incident to foreign governments, so I think that foreign governments are paying attention to the Japanese government's response. The interpretation of Japanese law which is an explicit law is universal in the world.


I think that unless the Japanese government stops illegal kidnapping and captivity, we can not blame the abduction detention of the North Korean government. There is no difference between good and evil in illegal kidnapping confinement.


I also agree to publicize this case and my name.

that's all


 A public official who opened this document is obligated to prosecute pursuant to Article 239, Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Procedure Law because it acknowledged the crime by this document. Please do a criminal complaint directly or through your boss and carry out your duties


In addition, in the case of seizure, you may file a complaint with public officials abuse of their own authority. In addition, I am accepting additions / amendments etc. of the complaint / accusation letter of the attached CD and submitting it as a new letter of accusation.


If anyone thinks that there is a crime, you can make an accusation (Article 239 (1) of the Criminal Procedure).


Public officials are obligated to charge charges when they perceive a crime in terms of their duties (Article 2, Article 2).


 In Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the National Public Service Act regulating the scope of national civil servants of special positions, "Diet staff" is listed in No. 14. National Diet staff is positioned as a national civil servant of a special position except for the past period, and it is clearly stipulated in the law.

Also, looking at the next issue No. 15, "Secretary of parliamentarians" is listed. In fact, the so-called public secretary to which salary is paid from the country is considered to be a national civil servant of a special position, on the other hand, the so-called private secretary hired at the burden of the parliamentarians is not considered to be a national civil servant.


So, how about a Diet member?


First of all, as far as the context of each provision is concerned, "parliamentary officials" in the Constitution seems to be interpreted as including Diet members. In the Constitution, it is no doubt that the Diet member is also a "civil servant"


From the House of Councilors Legislation Bureau HP


In addition, to the Minister of Justice of Yoko Kamikawa, on February 6, 2013, he submitted a complaint and a letter of accusation so as to submit it to the attorney general in accordance with the command right, but the criminal office examined by division is a separate incident As reported to the Minister of Justice as a judge and not underwritten, we have been returned by a deputy, so the officials of criminal officials who returned the area filed a complaint as a crime of official abuse of the official authority.

In addition, we sent to the House of Representatives member of the House of Representatives Yoko Kamikawa posted to the Office of the House of Representatives of the House of Representatives on September 10, 2015, but we have not received any responses.


The charges for criminal officials' abuse of official authority for officials as described above shall be withdrawn if the officials of the criminal office are to reflect on and cooperate in solving the case. In addition, if it seems to be going back around as an individual incident, we will file a complaint with the offender's abuse of his / her official authority for further offending staff. Please refrain from overlapping criminal sheds.


Complaint letter / complaint letter 1 type (complaint filed to the highest inspection and accusation)


Since it was returned by the highest inspection, we added the offense of the highest inspection and the official abuse of the public prosecutor


Copy Attached document

1. Embassy of the Philippines 1 Yomiuri Shimbun article

2. One case for assisting violation of immigration law against Nagano Yasuhiro

3. Complaint with a comment letter Immigration Law comment 1 case

4. Supreme inspection October 3, 2015 Return document 1 case


Collection in the attached CD

Complaint with WORD comment

Outline of Immigration Control Law relating to illegal employment

complaint letter, letter of charge and return form


Supreme test report Entry August 27, 2015 Last resubmitted

Supreme test report Jun. 22, 2015

Supreme test report Jun 19, 2015

Tokyo High Public Prosecutoire Attachment form letter

Metropolitan Government Supreme Declaration Former complaint Letter of Attachment

Judicial Affairs Minister's letter Sentence Former complaint letter Attached


Judicial Crime Philippine Embassy Immigration Bureau Violation False Incident

China is protesting the Japanese government when human rights abuses the people

The scary aid of the argument that Tabloy is profitable if the wind blows

The scary aid of the argument that Tabloy is profitable if the wind blows


<Case of accusation>

Supreme inspection NO1 complaint

Prosecution complaint Yasuhiro Nagano Policeman

Prosecution complaint Yasuhiro Nagano public prosecutor

Prosecution complaint Yasuhiro Nagano Judge

In addition,

Supreme inspection NO2 accusation

Supreme testimony letter 1 Judge of money martial law police officer judge

Supreme testimony letter 2 Judge police officer public prosecutor

Supreme judgment letter 3 Philippine police officer prosecutor judge


Supreme inspection NO3 assistance crime

Supreme inspection complaint Yasuhiro Nagano mass communication aid offense

Supreme inspection complaint Yasuhiro Nagano Lawyer assistant advocate

Supreme judgment indictment gold military academy mass media aiding crime

Supreme testimony letter Akira Atsushi lawyer assistance crime

Supreme testimony letter Positive criminal lawyer assistance crime


Supreme inspection NO4 Abuse of official authority

Official abuse claim litigation police office

Official abuse complaint letter Tokyo high public inspection

Tokyo District Public Prosecution Office for Official Abuse

Prosecution for abuse of official authority Justice Ministry


Highest inspection NO 4-1 Attached former complaint letter

Complaint 1 · policeman

Complaint 2 · public prosecutor

Complaint letter 3 · Judge.

Complaint letter 4 · assistant advocate for lawyers

Complaint letter 5 · assistance for mass communication

Accusation letter 6 · Gold military science

Penalties 7 · Four former offenders


<Part of the letter>

Extract letters to Diet members 22 people

Extract letters to foreign governments 2 countries


Regarding the indictment content, we will attach a copy of indictment, so it will be evidence of a criminal justice violation.


If you need a copy of the Tokyo District Court Judgment, Tokyo High Court (appeal dismissal), Supreme Court (dismissing appeal) etc

Obtain ex officio from the court, or contact us, copy and mail it.

I think that a copy of the indictment is enough because this case does not contest facts but compete against illegal arrest detention or false accusation that is not based on Article 31 of the constitutional criminal law.


 The result of the original court (Tokyo District Court) is in accordance with the indictment, which is one and half years imprisonment, a fine of 1 million yen, and a sentence. The appeal trial (Tokyo Oral Court) dismissed appeal, the appellate trial (Supreme Court) dismissed the appeal of the application law error outside the scope of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


 On August 27, 2015, the complaint and accusation which we re-submitted to the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office got back from the highest inspection on October 3, 2015. With this, it is confirmed that the prosecution administration in Japan is contrary to Article 31 of the Constitution, prosecution administration under the law is not carried out.

8.重要 法務大臣でも解決できません


法務大臣 岩城光英


長 野 恭 博


























 この箇所は虚偽の法操作ですが、味噌糞一緒の罪名でしょう!添付の起訴状 入管法コメント入りを読めば、スッキリ理解できます。入管法70条の違反には刑法より同じ入管法の規定が優先されりことは自明の理です。























 そのため入管法で制限し、日本人の就労機会を減らすことになる不法就労については、不法就労させた事業者は「入管法73の2条 不法就労助長罪」で、また不法就労させられた外国人は「入管法70条 不法就労罪」で厳しく処罰しています。













 今回告発する事件は、前記したように何ら法律に反しない理由(訴因)で、犯罪者にしていることです。それも、事件にかかわった全ての警察官、検察官、裁判官が、何ら法律に反しない理由で、逮捕監禁していることです。更に、事件にかかわった全ての警察官、検察官が、何ら法律に反しない理由で、虚偽告訴(逮捕、送検、起訴、論告求刑)していることです。正に不法国家です。私は、警視庁にも刑事訴訟法にもとづき告訴・告発をしましたが、別紙添付の 返送書面のとおり、犯罪が特定されないとして、不受理としております。






 刑事訴訟法では適用法のでっちあげ(適用法誤り)の理由では再審請求できません。但し事件に関わった警察官、検察官の犯罪が確定すれば再審請求できるので、満期釈放後、体調と相談しながら、別紙CDに収録のとおり、刑事告訴刑事告発をしていますが、東京地検、東京高検、警視庁は、返送書面のとおり 受理すらしません。


















































































まず、憲法における「公務員」については、各規定の文脈上認められる限り、国会議員も含まれると解されているようです。憲法上は、国会議員も「公務員」であるといっても間違いないでしょう。http://houseikyoku.sangiin.go.jp/column/column058.htm 参議院法制局HPより


 尚、上川  陽子 法務大臣には、平成27年2月6日、指揮権により検事総長に提出して頂きたく、告訴・告発状を提出しましたが、分掌により検討した刑事局は、個別の事件として法務大臣へ報告し告発をせず、辺戻しを受けておりますので、辺戻しをした刑事局職員は公務員職権乱用罪として告訴しております。





告訴状・告発状    1式(最高検に提出した告訴・告発状)




  1. フィリピン大使館 読売新聞記事         1

  2. 長野恭博に対する入管法違反幇助 起訴状     1件

3.起訴状 入管法コメント入り           1件

4.最高検 2015年10月3日 返送書面     1件



起訴状 WORDコメント入り




最高検  上申書 2015年8月27日 最新 再提出

最高検  上申書 2015年6月22日

最高検  上申書 2015年6月19日

東京高検 上申書 旧告訴状告発状 添付

警視庁  上申書 旧告訴状告発状 添付

法務大臣 上申書 旧告訴状告発状 添付


司法の犯罪 フィリッピン大使館入管法違反虚偽事件





<告訴状 告発状>

最高検 NO1 告訴

 告訴状 告訴 長野恭博 警察官

 告訴状 告訴 長野恭博 検察官

 告訴状 告訴 長野恭博 裁判官


最高検 NO2 告発

 最高検 告発状1 金軍学 警察官 検察官 裁判官

 最高検 告発状2 正犯   警察官 検察官 裁判官

 最高検 告発状3 フィリッピン  警察官 検察官 裁判官


最高検 NO3  幇助罪

 最高検 告訴状 長野恭博 マスコミ幇助罪

 最高検 告訴状 長野恭博 弁護士幇助罪

 最高検 告発状 金軍学 マスコミ幇助罪

 最高検 告発状 金軍学 弁護士幇助罪

 最高検 告発状 正犯  弁護士幇助罪


最高検 NO4 職権乱用

 職権乱用 告訴状 警視庁

 職権乱用 告訴状 東京高検

 職権乱用 告訴状 東京地検

 職権乱用 告訴状 法務省


最高検 NO-1添付 旧告訴状告発状

告訴状 1・警察官

告訴状 2・検察官

告訴状 3・裁判官.

告訴状 4・弁護士幇助罪

告訴状 5・マスコミ幇助罪

告発状 6・金軍学

告発状 7・正犯4人


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国会議員へ手紙抜粋  22人

外国政府への手紙抜粋 2カ国










 2015年8月27日に、最高検察庁に再提出した、告訴状・告発状は、 2015年10月3日最高検より辺戻しを受けました。これで、日本の検察行政は憲法31条に反し、法の下での検察行政が行なわれないことが確定しました。