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Mail magazine from the White House 2017-10-11 President Trump Working to Roll Back Sweeping Bureacratic Actions of the Previous Administration “TRUMP IS OVERWRITING OBAMA’S UNLAWFUL GREEN SCHEMES”


Mail magazine from the White House 2017-10-11

President Trump Working to Roll Back Sweeping Bureacratic Actions of the Previous Administration


- Rich Lowry, New York Post

Rich Lowry in the New York Post writes on President Trump’s effort to roll back the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which was imposed with “tendentious readings of the law and sweeping bureaucratic actions.” Lowry comments President Trump “has operated within constitutional lines better than his technocratic predecessor,” and the real problem with President Obama’s environmental plan is that it must not be instituted by "strained legal interpretations alone,” which it originally was, enough so that the Supreme Court blocked “its implementation pending all the lawsuits against it.” Furthermore, although President Obama’s Climate Action Plan was designed to have an impact on global warming, Lowry reports the most it would do is “reduce the global temperature by 15 one-thousands of a degree by 2100.” Lowry concludes that President Obama’s “impatience with Congress and his administrative imperiousness,” led to presumptuous polices, and “what he imposed unilaterally is subject to unilateral reversal.”
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On tax reform, the Observer’s Peter Ferrara writes President Trump’s tax reform plan is “a large, even historic, pro-growth tax rate cut based on the same model as the enormously successful Kennedy and Reagan tax cuts,” and it is “historical facts, not opinion,” that President Trump’s plan will also “grow federal revenue.”


Regarding immigration, the editorial board of Investor’s Business Daily comments that President Trump’s 70-point immigration plan “leans heavily toward reinforcing the U.S. border against illegal crossings,” is “long overdue,” and the President is being “generous” for being open to legalizing the Dreamers while only asking Congress to “take the border seriously,” in return.


In religious liberty news, The Hill’s Jonathan Easley remarks “Trump’s presidency has been a triumph for the religious right,” as in the past week, the social conservatives faced three major gains focused on pro-life and religious freedom.


And The Associated Press reports on Ivanka Trump’s successful push to “get a family-focused tax credit included in the Republican tax overhaul proposal.” Ivanka has been busy meeting with lawmakers to gain support for the plan, stating the child tax credit will give families “the flexibility to make the best choices regarding their families’ care,” AP writes.




I have made an international criminal court (ICC) petition (humanitarian crime by judicial administration), so please have a look!






ホワイトハウスからのメールマガジン 2017-1011 




- リッチ・ローリー、ニューヨーク・ポスト


ニューヨーク・ポスト紙のリッチ・ローリーは、「法律の朗読と官僚的な行動の徹底」を課されたオバマ政権のクリーン・パワー・プランを取り返そうとするトランプ大統領の取り組みについて述べている。ローリーのコメントトランプ大統領は、オバマ大統領の環境計画の本当の問題は、それが当初の「緊張した法的解釈のみ」によって制定されてはならないということであるさらに、オバマ大統領の気候行動計画は地球温暖化に影響を及ぼすように設計されているが、ローリー氏は、「2100年までに地球温暖化1万分の1程度低下させる」と報告している。ローリー大統領は、 「議会と彼の行政的な驚異に焦りがない」と、予想外の政策につながり、一方的な姿勢は、一方的な逆転の影響を受ける」





税制改革では、オブザーバーのピーター・フェラーラ大統領は、トランプ大統領の税制改革計画が「大成功を収めたケネディレーガンの減税と同じモデルに基づいた、大きくて歴史的で成長率の高い税率引き下げ」であると記している。 、意見ではなく、 "トランプ大統領の計画はまた、"連邦の収入を伸ばす "と述べた。












また、イワンカ・トランプ氏は、「共和党の税制改革案に家族向けの税額控除を含める」ことに成功したと報じた。イワンカ氏は議会議員と会議を開いて、 「家族のケアに関する最良の選択肢を作る柔軟性」とAP通信は書いている。