Japan's Justice in the Dark

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

December 15, 2017: Honorable British Prime Minister Teliza May Please help us! Best regards. Yasuhiro Nagano

December 15, 2017: Honorable British Prime Minister Teliza May

Dear sirs. According to the Nikkei newspaper etc.,
US Secretary of State Tillason called on the possibility to respond to the dialogue with North Korea without prerequisite on 12th.
The ripple spread over the real intention just because it could make a big change in the policy of the US administration that at least "suppression of provocative acts is the premise of dialogue".
President Trump will continue to stress pressure,
The Japanese government is alarmed that the circumstances surrounding the North Korean enforcement network may occur.
The unconditional dialogue reverses the position of the former regime that has denied "dialogue for dialogue".
It can be said that North Korea is unwilling to talk about nuclear development.
Mr. Tillerson's remarkable remarks to North Korea are conspicuous,
Defense Secretary Matisse also supports Mr. Tillson 's diplomatic effort within the administration.
In case
Within the Trump regime, I think that there is a big difference in policies.
Many of the world seems to support Mr. Tillson and Defense Secretary Mathis.
It is only the Abe administration that is going down in a dilemma.
Because the Abe administration maintains the administration with the threat of North Korea,
If I feel relaxed here, I think the problem of Prime Minister Abe will become bigger.
I think that the majority of the world wants "resolution by dialogue". The world needs to talk and be ruled under the law. Please do your best to "resolve by dialogue" even if you are placed in your Excellency.

While Europe suffers from immigration and refugee problems, in Western countries society in Western Europe is stunned to cope with immigration problems by illegal means. Please be interested in illegal immigration and refugee response in Japan. In case
Please save from 'humanitarian crime' by the Japanese government. Please let ICC investigate!
Please also take up the agenda in the UN, G7, G20 and others.
Documents to be submitted to ICC are below.


Please help us! Best regards. Yasuhiro Nagano