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<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim! To President Trump 2018-10-10: The Japanese government "demands" the North Korean government to "open up" Japanese abductee victims. Before that, the Japanese government should "open up" the Japanese governmen


Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. "A smart person" can understand by only seeing the following.
Please see the "indictment letter" published on the Web and Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act,
Article 70 of the Immigration Act, and Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act.
I am applying "crime to support other crimes" of "criminal law"
for reasons of article 22-4-4 of Immigration Control Act.
The Japanese government punishes foreigners
by Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act "illegal work due to activities outside the status
of qualification". Employers who employ foreigners illegally are not punished
under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act.
This is an international law violation that discriminated against foreigners.
Therefore foreigners are innocent.
Foreigners can not work unless there is anything to hire!
Everyone please open your eyes and see! This can be understood even
by "monkey"! With this,
you can make a fool of the Japanese judiciary.

It is the continuation from the previous day.
"Crime for assistance" for illegal employment
of the Immigration Control Act is not "crime to support other crimes" of "criminal law"
but "crime that promotes illegal employment" is "enacted"
in Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act It should be "completed" by applying this law.
However, contrary to the "legislative purpose" of the Diet,
we arrested and captured only foreigners illegally without "punishing" the business operators.
It is a violation of international law to "punish" only foreigners "arbitrarily"
for "illegal labor crime" of Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act.
Japan has done such illegal "judicial administration" for many years.

The Japanese government is not entitled to the "North Korean government
to say" a Japanese abduction case "!
The North Korean government should tell the Japanese government!
Open up "foreign abductee victim" in Japan!
"Recovery of honor" and "compensation for damages" should be done against past victims!
The North Korean government! Ganbare! Let's support the North Korean government!
The media of the international community should report the facts!
I will continue even tomorrow.

Before the Japanese government talks about the "Japanese abduction issue"
by the North Korean government, the Japanese government should resolve the "abduction problem
of foreigners" first.
The Japanese government is not entitled to instruct foreign governments "respect
for human rights". Japan should respect "human rights".
The Japanese government is not entitled to instruct a foreign government "governance
under the law". Japan should "rule under the law".
I am a "victim" of "Violation of Immigration Control Act".
I "demand" "recovery of honor" and "compensation for damages".
Foreigners' "victims" can not count.
It is the task of "ICC" to "investigate and punish" crimes
of individuals who violate basic international law.
I e-mailed the "document" of "complaint" to the ICC.
And everyday I'm sending these 'supplementary' materials' to ICC.
Everyone please go campaign to "Pursue" the Japanese government.
Please request ICC for "prompt investigation."
I testify at any time.
The Japanese government is "crushing" complaints.
But "crush" by state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The material is below.

Please mail me if you have objections.

Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Nagano

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