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<Public mail> # MeToo Human rights victim!Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2018-11-05: 1.3 million foreign workers already work in Japan. The Japanese government plans to accept 500,000 "Simple foreign wor

<Public mail> # MeToo Human rights victim!

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Dear sirs. Please "forward" this e-mail to Foreign Minister Lee Yong-Ho.
This mail is sending every day to the world media, the embassies of various countries, the White House, etc.
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Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

2018-11-05: 1.3 million foreign workers already work in Japan.
The Japanese government plans to accept 500,000 "Simple foreign workers" from April 2019.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. Because we are guiding the exchange rate to a weak yen,
exports are favorable,
which is why the domestic labor force is short.
Japan will export more cars to the United States by strengthening the labor force.
But the outlook is uncertain,
so if it is not convenient it will force a foreigner to be a criminal and forced to leave the country.
Therefore, the government says it is not "immigrant".

From this week,
"I can understand even a monkey, a lie of violation of immigration law" will be posted.
Please understand Japanese immigration law.
Since Immigration Control Law is amended every year,
please also visit the following URL for the latest information.

Chapter 1 Even a monkey can understand the lie of violation of immigration law!

For foreigners staying in Japan, occupation is restricted for each status of residence.
However, qualifications such as "permanent residence" or "Japanese spouse" are not restricted.
If you earn income for activities other than those stipulated for each status of residence,
you will be punished under Article 70 of the Immigration Act as illegal work.
Of course, foreigners whose period of stay has passed have "illegal stay"
and therefore are "illegal labor".
"Illegal labor" is "established" because there are "foreigners not eligible to work"
and "employers hiring foreigners not eligible to work".

Therefore "Employers hiring foreigners who are not eligible to work" will be punished
by the Immigration Act 73-2, "Sins that promote illegal work".
The Immigration Control Act punishes both "Foreigners who have taken illegal work"
and "Employers hiring foreigners who are not eligible to work".

Ⅰ. Let's first know the immigration law of the relationship

1. If foreigners who are not qualified to work work illegally and earn money,
they will be punished for "illegal labor crimes".
The law for grounds is Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act "Illegal Employment Crime"
(4 Non-Activities Activities).
Article 70 Any person who falls under any of the following items shall be punished
by imprisonment with work for not more than 3 years or imprisonment
or a fine of not more than 3 million yen. Or both.
(I) Any person who entered Japan in violation of Article 3
(Ii) A person who has landed in Japan without receiving permission
from the immigration inspector for landing
(Iii) Those who have been rescinded their status of residence and remain
in Japan pursuant to the provisions of Article 22-4,
Paragraph 1 (limited to those pertaining to item 1 or item 2)
A person who has been designated a period pursuant to the provision of Article 22-4,
Paragraph 7 (including the case where it is applied mutatis mutandis pursuant to Article 61-2-8,
Paragraph 2) What remains
(Iv) Persons who are clearly recognized to be exclusively engaged in activities
that operate revenue-generating activities or compensation activities in violation of Article 19,
paragraph 1

I will continue until you understand.

The media should report "illegal abduction / confinement problems" as a matter of violation
of the Immigration Control Act of the Japanese government.
Governments of each country should protect their victims.
Please request the Japanese government for honor recovery and compensation.
There are a lot of foreigners who came to Japan with visas such as study abroad,
sightseeing and work. They work at eating and drinking establishments and are "disposed of"
by "immigration law violation".
It is a violation of international law because employers are not "disposed".
Therefore foreigners who worked illegally are "innocent".

This e - mail is sent to the prime minister 's official every day like everyone.
The prime minister's official residence is still ignoring this e-mail.
The Japanese government is "crushing" complaints. But "crush"
by state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".
The material is below.

The Japanese government is not qualified to say "abduction of Japanese" by North Korea.
The Japanese government should settle the "kidnapping of foreigners
by the Japanese government" priority.
Korean victims can not count.
The North Korean government should rescue the victims of Koreans (Koreans).
The North Korean government should pursue the "abduction of Koreans" problem to the Japanese government. The North Korean government should save the people!
Please mail me if you have objections.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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Many people around the world are being sacrificed.
Please report the facts as a journalist.
"Government under the law" can not be bought by money.

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I hope for justice as your journalist.
Please inquire.

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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