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Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2018-11-21: In this violation of immigration law, countlessly many foreigners are suffering damage. The current international community seems not to say "human rights viola

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Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

2018-11-21: In this violation of immigration law, countlessly many foreigners are suffering damage.
The current international community seems not to say "human rights violation" unless "murder" is done.
Those that have been "criminalized"
by being "arrested illegally" will receive "suffer similar to the death penalty".
Western society should understand Orient.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. I am making two arguments.
Do not get confused.
Firstly, foreigners were criminalized for crimes of "labor that violated the status
of residence" of the Immigration Act (Article 70).
However, the employers hiring them are not disposed of as "a crime that supports illegal labor"
under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act.
This is an international law violation that discriminates only foreigners consciously.
Under "principle of equality under the law",
they are not guilty.

The second is that I and the diplomats were punished for "crime of supporting other crimes"
under Article 62 of the Penal Code,
as supporting the acts of the "illegal labor of foreigners".
This is not guilty for two reasons.

A) If a foreigner is innocent under the first claim,
there is no one who supported "the crime of labor that violated the status of residence"
of (Immigration Law Article 70).
We are innocent.

B) The indictment was applied (Article 62 of the Criminal Code)
for reasons that supported "cancellation of status of residence by submitting false documents"
of Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act.
However (Article 22-4-4 of Immigration Control Act) is "cancellation of status of residence"
and is not criminal penalty.
(This is a conscious violation of applicable law). We are innocent.

In Japan that "govern under the law" has not been done,
it means that foreigners are affected.
Such a foolish! Anyone would think.
The prosecutor "criminalizes" the "right thing" with 'the argument that tubShop is profitable
if the wind blows'.
Prosecutors illegally apply "crime to support other crimes in criminal law."
However, police officials, prosecutors, and judges have the power to deprive life,
the freedom of the body, and the authority to rob the wealth.
So I am resistance "impossible". It is "illegal exercise" of state power.
This is a crime.

It is the same as "compulsory entrainment" of "comfort women".
The Japanese government said the officials of the Philippine Embassy "violated Japanese law".
This is a "lie scenario".
In this way, the Japanese government will again receive an "accusation" even after a posterity.
Because the Japanese government makes a "lie scenario".
The Japanese government has no reflection at all!

The Japanese government wants to say to Japanese citizens
that "the Philippines is" an insignificant country "as a diplomatic destination of Japan".
The Philippine diplomat came to Japan and committed a crime and ran away.

Even the newspaper companies that have to stop this crime brainwash their citizens as
if the crime was justified.
It is exactly the same as a newspaper that promoted the "war fulfillment"
by reporting the "false announcement" of the headquarters of the Japanese army as it is,
as it is during wartime.

Therefore, it is said that Japan is "making it a military state".
During the war, "parliamentarians" did not say anything in fear of the army.
Even today in Japan, political parties and parliamentarians do not say "acts of crime"
which police officers, prosecutors, judges do,
to "my appeal" in the case of "assistant violation incident violation case".

In the Immigration Control Act,
also submit a "document of lies false" to obtain a "residence qualifications",
the Minister of Justice in the visa revocation
of the Immigration Control Act (Article 24-4-4) (document submit a lie false)
I will receive cancellation of "status of residence" from.
And we just receive "administrative disposition" of "going out of the country".
We do not receive any criminal action.

In Japan, police officers,
prosecutors, and judges, those who are against their wills "easily" disguises "people
who are against their will" as criminals.
If you do not like what the Chinese government does, Chinese are "criminals".
If the Philippine government does not like it, even diplomats make it a criminal.
They "take away" the freedom of the body and "take away" the property.
It is possible because they have "state power".
They do not need the constitution or law.
Someday, they will move the SDF as they wish ...
Japan is definitely "military" by special public officials.
Japan may be "the eve of the war".
Probably the Japanese government's enemy is America.
I will continue on tomorrow.
I will continue until you understand.

This case is a violation of international law.
In each country "treaties ratified" take precedence over "laws of each country".
To "point out" a treaty violation is not "interference of domestic affairs".
The world should be ruled under the law.
The Japanese government is "crushing" complaints.
But "crush" by state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The material is below.

The Japanese government is not entitled to claim "abduction of Japanese" by North Korea.
The Japanese government should "resolve" the "abduction of foreigners
by the Japanese government" incident as "top priority issue".
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Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Nagano

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Many people around the world are being sacrificed.
Please report the facts as a journalist.
"Government under the law" can not be bought by money.

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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