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<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version: November 25, 2018: "Compliance violation" by Japanese companies is also occurring in "Immigration problem". "Technical intern trainee = immigrant" still cries

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs International people.

Sunday version: November 25, 2018: "Compliance violation"
by Japanese companies is also occurring in "Immigration problem".
"Technical intern trainee = immigrant" still cries now. It is a modern "slave".
The international community is indifferent to Japan too much.
The international community is also jointly responsible.

Dear Sirs, Japanese Diet will begin deliberation of bills to accept 'simple workers'.
The reason for the delay in starting was because there was a mistake by the government.
It is the result of "Interview Survey" on "Trainees of skills
who ran away from practical training".
The opposition party says,
"This expansion of" status of residence "(acceptance of simple workers) can be said
as a simple extension of the current" skill training system ".
If so, the opposition party points out that the "problem"
of the existing "skill training system" must be "verified" sufficiently.

According to the data of the Ministry of Justice,
213 organizations were pointed out to be cheating in 2017.
(273 organizations in 2015, 239 organizations in 2016).
There are so many institutions doing cheating.
There are cases where the number of fraudulent acts is one
in which there are multiple fraudulent acts and 299 cases are involved.
The most common of these is "misconduct" concerning violation of labor-related laws
and regulations related to working hours and wage accidents etc.
which accounts for 50% of the total.
There are many cases where fraudulent acts such as not paying wages or paying less
than the minimum wage are carried out.
Some cases are also introduced that the hourly wage is 300 yen.
Furthermore, there are "cases" of "assault, intimidation, confinement".

"There is a" movie that assaults "against" Vietnamese trainee "by" construction company ".
This video was released on the net and became a hot topic.
In addition to this case there is also a "case" such as "suicide".
The Chinese "trainee of skill" says "This is not" slavery system "".
They speak about the realities of low wages and long hours of labor.
"Business operators" are afraid that "extraordinary low wages
and poor working conditions" will leak from "trainees of skills" to outside people.
Therefore "business operator" is "restricting going out" against "skill apprentice".
In some cases they have "A watchman" to "monitor" skill apprentices.

There are also more serious problems,
"Net income" of "Trainees of skills" is around 100,000 yen.
However, "business side" has to pay about 100,000 yen monthly
as "supervising organization" etc., eventually it will cost more than 200,000 yen per month.
The trouble is that the trainee side gets only 100,000 yen a month.
One "company side" pays nearly 200,000 yen.
The difference in consciousness is one of the causes of dissatisfaction of both sides.
"Supervision organizations" are "interest groups."
It is exactly "trafficking in person".
The government knows this fact. The government is also trying to gain "interest".
It is crazy itself.

There are still problems.
"Technical Intern training" = "Simple worker" = "Not immigrant" = "intermediate
between workers and trainees".
Have you felt like understanding Japanese immigration problems?
Please understand.

"Immigration law violation problem" is also related to this problem.
It is similar to the problem of "comfort women comfort women"
and "workers who forcedly worked in Japanese factories" (Cyoyoko),
which Korea is making a noise.

It is not a problem only in Japan.
"There is a problem also in the country exporting" technical intern trainee ".

This mechanism is negotiated by the Japanese government and the partner country government.
The exporting organization (in the case of China) "collects" the "training fee"
of "2 million yen to 3 million yen per person" for reasons such as "Japanese language training".
"Technical intern trainee" has no money,
so they borrow from the exporting organization.
Debts, they will repay in working in Japan.
Organizations lend "money" from the parents of "Technical Intern Trainee"
to "land" such as "rice field" and "field" as "collateral".
When "Technical Intern Trainee" escapes ", we will confiscate these collateral.
If confiscated money is insufficient, we sell daughters etc.

With 100,000 yen or less, you can not repay "debt".
So "escape". Run away and work illegally.
Women have "those who" do "prostitution".
The reality is miserable. It is miserable even when I came to Japan.
This is not "immigration"! It is "slave".
It is human trafficking of "slave".

Everyone, please be more interested in Japan's "Immigration Law".
"OHCHR" and "ICC" ignore this problem.
They have fallen in the Japanese government's Honey trap.

The Korean government and the Chinese government make a fuss
in "comfort women comfort women" and "workers forced to work in Japan (Cyoyoko)",
but in the "(slave) system" of modern "technical interns" I am indifferent.
They have fallen to the Japanese government's Honey trap.
Perhaps they make a fuss after ten years.

I will tell you again. Please be interested in Japan's "immigration system".
Everyone, seriously consider Japan's "human rights issue", please, please! Onegai simasu!

The Japanese government appealed the "North Korean government's abduction issue"
to the United Nations.
The Japanese government is "acting" "rescuing the Japanese" with huge money.
Meanwhile, the Japanese government "abducts and captures foreigners illegally."
There is no "good abduction" or "bad abduction" in the abduction detention.
Help me! There are many victims around the world. Please support "appeal to ICC".

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