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#metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday edition, February 02, 2019: The arrest of Mr. Meng Wanzhou, vice president and CFO of Huawei, has evolved into "hostage diplomacy" by Chinese authorities, "restrain

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs International people.

Saturday edition, February 02, 2019:
The arrest of Mr. Meng Wanzhou, vice president and CFO of Huawei,
has evolved into "hostage diplomacy" by Chinese authorities, "restraint of Canadians".
However, the Chinese government is not interested in arresting the poor Chinese people
by the Japanese government.
In communist society, the human rights of "rich" and "party executives" alone are protected.
The international community should condemn the human rights thought of the Chinese government!
In case

Dear sirs. The Japanese government makes foreigners "disposable".
Illegal labor can not be done by one person.
If a foreigner staying in "regular status of residence" makes a "work other than the status
of residence" it will make it a criminal, and "forcibly repatriate".

The law punishes foreigners who work illegally outside the status of residence
under Article 70 of the Immigration Act.
And punish employers who employed illegal aliens under Article 73-2 of Immigration Control Act.
However, in Japan where "governance under the law" is not carried out,
we ignore Japanese law and international law.
Punish only foreigners who work illegally and employers do not punish.
Crazy! Many foreigners are victims.

I told the Chinese government to rescue the Chinese people.
But the embassy official says the Chinese government will not help the poor Chinese.
The Chinese government will help if they are "rich"!
I thought that "communism" should be "extinct" from the world.

It is the damage of the Chinese Kin gungaku.
He received a malicious "false complaint" by prosecutors and judges and "abuse of authority".
Kin gungaku was "sentenced to labor, imprisonment one and half years" (parole 3 years)
and a fine of 1 million yen.

Kin gungaku lost physical suffering, mental suffering, social trust,
and lost the Chinese restaurant (10 million yen) he got at the reward of brokerage.
And by arrest, detention, trial, he was forced to "forcibly retreat".
He lost all his credit, property and income, "the foundation of life" and so on.
"Jail sentence" received by Kin gungaku will be a "heavy burden" in life in China.
The prosecution's side should "withdraw" prosecuted "by" requesting retrial.
" And "compensation" should be done.

The Japanese Government made innocent Chinese a sinner,
"collecting" (fine) from Kin gungaku and making it "expelled abroad".
The Japanese government became a "thief".

As for the way of thinking about human rights,
the Japanese government is the same as the Chinese government.
Since East Asia is originally a "Confucian nation", there is no human rights thought.
"Confucian nation" is not equal in human rights.
I will continue on tomorrow.

Everyone, please know the constitution of Japan.
It is the same as the countries of the world.
It is a wonderful constitution that the Allied Forces (US Army) gave to Japan,
the defeated country.
It is Article 31 of the Constitution of Japan.
"No one shall be deprived of its life or freedom unless it is done
by the procedures prescribed by the law, and no other punishment can be imposed."
The procedure prescribed by the law is the law established in the Diet.

Article 72 Rights and obligations of judges
All judges follow their conscience and independently exercise their authority
and are bound only to this constitution and law.
Judges do not comply with the Constitution of Japan.
Judges ignore Japanese law.
"Reason for the crime listed in the indictment" is "assistance"
under Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act.
The judgment applies the criminal law,
Article 60, Article 62 "aiding and abetting" to the foreign immigration control law Article 70
(labor outside the status of qualification).
It is out of the logic of law.
Japanese judicial officials can not understand this logical mistake.
In reality Japan, this constitution is "not protected". Help me.

There are many victims around the world. Please support "Appeal to ICC".

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