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Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version, March 10, 2019: "Chiba District Public Prosecutor's Office" 's first reply' is an advice that 'we should file a request for retrial'. Prosecutors do not know the rules for requesting retrial. I said tha


Dear sirs. I think that my explanation has already been understood.
I have done all possible solutions in Japan.
Today, I will introduce the reply of "Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office"
and "Chiba District Public Prosecutor's Office".
Please take a look at the facts calmly.

May 14, Heisei 20
Yasuhiro Nagano = Mr. Yasuhiro
Tokyo High Prosecutor's Office public prosecutor

I have read and reviewed the documents with a statement stating "complaint letter",
which was submitted by you.
In case of complaint,
it is necessary to identify
and describe criminal facts as much as possible based on concrete evidence,
With regard to the above document, specific criminal facts are unknown,
and we can not identify facts of charges.
Therefore, we will return all the above documents, etc.,
where there was a submission from you.

This is the result of examining for 3 months or more. It is proof.

June 2, 2015
Yasuhiro Nagano
Chiba District Public Prosecutor's Office
About the return of the document

I have "seen" the "complaint letter" sent from you.
I understand that your claim is "unjustifiable judgment of guilty".
In our "judicial system",
in such a case there is a system called "a request for retrial" against the court.
"Procedure" of "request for retrial" please.
I will return the "complaint letter" sent.

June 15, 2015
Yasuhiro Nagano
Chiba District Public Prosecutor's Office Special Criminal Prosecutor

About the return of the document
I saw "the following documents" sent from you.
Three "letters of accusation" dated June 1, 2015,
Three letters of "complaint" dated June 8, 2015,
Two complaints filed on June 9, 2015,
And "letter of charge" 3 copies.
In any case, we believe that there is no jurisdiction in our office, so we will return it.

If you need a copy of the original, I will provide it so please request it.
I will continue with next week.

Please understand Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
Full text is below.

This is the reason for the crime pointed out in the indictment
The prosecution says that we did "aiding and abetting" of Article 22-4-4 "Revocation of Status
of Residence" Immigration Act.
This punishment is the cancellation of "status of residence".

(Revocation of Status of Residence)
Article 22-4 A Minister of Justice may obtain a foreign national who resides
in Japan with the status of residence of the appended table 1 or the upper row
of appended table 2 under the recognition of a refugee under paragraph 1 of Article 61-2 ),
If any of the facts listed in each of the following items is found,
the applicant may revoke the status of residence that the alien actually has
under the procedure specified by the applicable Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice.

1 omitted
2 omission
3 omitted
※ ※ ※ ※
"A bill of indictment" is "posting" 4 below. It's crazy.
Documents submitted to the "Tokyo Immigration Bureau"
by the Chinese people fall under the following 4.
The prosecution "points out" that we have "offered" this document "false document" to Chinese people.

4 In addition to what is listed in the preceding three items,
documents containing misrepresented documents
(certificates and misrepresentations stipulated in Article 7-2, paragraph 1,
which was issued by submission or presentation of documents with misstatements
or drawings Including a visa received by a passport by submitting
or presenting a certain document or drawing of the same) or a seal
or the like of landing permission by submission or presentation of drawings.

5 omitted
(Forced deportation)
Article 24 For a foreign national who falls under any of the following items,
it is possible to force the eviction from Japan by the procedure prescribed in the next chapter.

* The following was added in 2010 July.
(3) Invalidly illegally giving a certificate
under the provisions of the preceding paragraph 1 or 2 illegally to another foreigner,
a seal of the landing permit (including the record under the provisions
of Article 9 paragraph 4) or permission, Forgery or alteration of documents or drawings,
creation of false documents or drawings, forgery or forgery or creation of documents
or drawings for the purpose of allowing permission
for landing pursuant to the provisions of the clause or permission
under the provisions of Section 1 or 3 of the next chapter A person who exercises,
possesses, or provides for altered documents or drawings or false documents or drawings,
or suggests or helps these acts

There is no "good abduction" or "bad abduction" in abduction / confinement. Help me!

There are many victims around the world.
Please support "Appeal to ICC".

The material is below.

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Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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