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To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister 2019-04-15: Greetings. Remember the news of March 19, 2017 after taking office as president. According to several US media,

To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister

2019-04-15: True Donald Trump is a president who understands "illegal immigration".
I think someone in the White House "manipulates" the president into an "incompetent president."

Greetings. Remember the news of March 19, 2017 after taking office as president.
According to several US media,
President Donald Trump has begun examining the law that will open the door to a lawful stay
for domestic illegal immigrants.
If it does,
it will be a major policy change of Trump who has shown a tough stance against immigrants.
Trump said in a speech on the night of the 28th that "a realistic
and useful immigration system reform is possible."
According to CNN TV,
President Donald Trump is considering enacting a comprehensive immigration reform law
that will require labor to be legalized and taxing illegal immigrants staying in the country.
President Donald Trump pointed out in his speech that it is the basic principle that those
who wish to "enter the United States" should be those who can "independence".

Nearly 11 million immigrants have illegally stayed in the United States.
About 8 million of them are working.
Illegal immigration is full of workplaces such as agriculture, construction and childcare.
It is difficult for employers to fill these types of jobs with regular American workers.
About 24% of workers engaged in agriculture, fishing and forestry are illegal immigrants.
The construction industry,
which uses 1.35 million people and the largest number of illegal immigrants,
accounts for 15% of the total.
In addition, according to the data from the National Bureau of Labor Statistics,
according to the National Restaurant Association data,
almost 25% of the employees who worked at the restaurant in 2016 were born abroad
and exceeded 18% of the average of all departments .

The workplace where illegal migrants work is the workplace where white workers called “3K”
in Japan “hate”.
3K means the following.
1. KITUI (heavy labor).
2. KITANAi (dirty).
3. KIKEN (dangerous).

In Japan, many foreign workers work for the “3K” workplace.
I think the same is true for European countries.

The US economy is doing well.
If the economy is strong, the labor shortage is serious.
It is "China" that robbed the work of American white workers.
If you banish "immigrants" from the United States, the United States will "collapse".

It is the immigration crime that the Western countries suffer from the “migration issue”.
What President Donald Trump points out is crimes by immigration.
Please see the White House website and the email from the White House for details.

So I accept "poor people" as "temporary immigration" in "special zones".
"Temporary immigration" works as a low-paying worker in "special zone" factories.
After a certain period of time,
"temporary immigrants" are certified as "regular labor immigrants."
"Regular labor migration" can work freely in the United States.

In Japan, when I pointed out this problem,
the administration of justicejudicature "punished" me "arbitrarily".

I will continue tomorrow
I will continue until you understand.

I "suing" two things.
This is an "international" human rights violation by the Japanese government.
We ask for your support so that our "Honor Recovery and Reparations" will take place.

1. Foreigners carried out "illegal labor" other than "qualification of residence".
But foreigners are not guilty.

Only foreigners were punished for immigration control law Article 70 "illegal labor crimes".
On the other hand, the Immigration Control Law punishes employers
who are "causal relationships" of unlawful labor with Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act
(a crime that promotes unlawful work).

However, Japan's judiciary "punished" only foreigners, but did not "punish" "employers".
This is clearly against the "rule of equality under the law"
And it violates international law that prohibits "punishing" only foreigners "arbitrarily".

If the employer who has illegally employed foreigners is "innocent",
then the illegally worked foreigners are also "innocent."
If so, there is no “person who has supported other crimes of criminal law”
against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act.
"I, KinGungaku, a diplomat from the Philippines, a Philippine embassy official" is not guilty.

2. Prosecutors "apply" "the crime to support other crimes" in Article 60
and Article 62 of the Penal Code against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act
on the basis of "support of Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act" It's crazy.
This is the logic of the law is wrong.

Foreigners have acted as defined in Article 22-4-4
(Acquisition of status of residence by filing false documents).
However, there is no "criminal punishment" for this.
The dispositions are "cancellation of status of residence"
and "deportation abroad" by the Minister of Justice.
Therefore, "Article 60 of the Criminal Code and Article 62,"
Sins to support other crimes "can not be applied.
The "crime reasons" of the Immigration Control Act 22-4-4 pointed out
by the "indictment" have no causal relationship with the Immigration Control Act 70.
The logic of the law is totally wrong.

The Japanese government is crushing "prosecution."
But "crush" by the state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The documents are below.

There are many victims in the world.
Please "help" many "victims" with "Brave and Justice."
I urge the Japanese government to "recover the honor"
and "compensate for the victims".

Best regards. Nagano Yoshihiro

The UK should leave the EU unconditionally, respect the referendum and show the example of the democratic nation to the world.
Since many foreigners have been sacrificed in the Immigration Control Violation Case, please support the "Appeal" to the "ICC."

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