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Yasuhiro Nagano Opinion To President Trump 2019-07-01:Dear Sirs, There are many American victims.

To President Trump

2019-07-01:Dear Sirs, There are many American victims.
President Donald Trump should protest the Japanese government
against human rights abuses suffered by Americans.
This is a duty of the president of the United States.
The president should work.

You can check the latest full text of the Immigration Control
and Refugee Recognition Act at the following site:
(Japanese and English)

Part 1. I explained to President Donald Trump by sending an email daily for over a year.
However, President Donald Trump abandoned the Americans.

I, Chinese, staff of the Philippine embassy and diplomats were punishable
by Article 62 of the Immigration Act,
Article 62 of the Criminal Code "crime for supporting other crimes".

This case is a violation of the Immigration Control Act
by the Philippine people due to "an activity other than
that allowed under one's resident status" under Article 70-1- (4)
of the Immigration Control Act.
I and the Philippine embassy officials and diplomats were arrested
under Article 62 of the Penal Code "Sins to Support Other Crimes" for their support.

It is described in Article 22-4- (4) of the Immigration Act.
"Lies fake documents" such as "Lies fake employment contracts".
The Minister of Justice will take "administrative sanctions"
for those who have submitted "Lies and fake documents" and obtained "Certificate of residence".
1) "Cancel your status of residence"
2) Make it an "administrative disposition" of "deportation forced".
Please refer to the Article 22-4- (4) of the Immigration Control Act at the above URL.

In the past, the act supporting the Immigration Control Act 22-4- (4) could not be disposed of.
However, the act of "foreigners" "supporting" Article 22-4- (4)
of the Immigration Control Act added "administrative punishment".

1) Make a false fake document and provide it to "other foreigners".
2) To "help", "provoke" and "promote" other foreigners.

As with the person in violation of the Immigration Control Act 22-4- (4),
these revoked the status of residence and became "deported from Japan".
This law has been "enforced" since July 1, 2010.

If you are a legally educated person,
you know that the application order of the law is the order of the constitution,
treaties, special law, and general law.
The Japanese government still has "no one" who understands this "logic of law".

I will continue tomorrow.

Part 2. I "suing" two things.
This is an "international" human rights abuse committed by the Japanese government.
It will be nearly 10 years from the incident. My life is limited.
We ask for your support so that our "Honor Recovery and Reparations" will take place.
If the world ignores "rule under the law",
it is natural to settle it by terrorism. But it's crazy.

1. Foreigners carried out "illegal labor" other than "qualification of residence".
But foreigners are not guilty.
Only foreigners were punished for immigration control law Article 70 "illegal labor crimes".
On the other hand, the Immigration Control Law punishes employers
who are "causal relationships" of unlawful labor with Article 73-2
of the Immigration Control Act (a crime that promotes unlawful work).

However, Japan's judiciary "punished" only foreigners,
but did not "punish" "employers".
This is clearly against the "rule of equality under the law"
And it violates international law that prohibits "punishing" only foreigners "arbitrarily".

If an employer who has illegally employed foreigners is "innocent",
then illegally worked foreigners are also "innocent."
If so, there is no "one who has assisted other crimes in criminal law"
against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act.
"I, KinGungaku, a diplomat from the Philippines,
and a Philippine embassy official" are not guilty.

2. Prosecutors "apply" "the crime to support other crimes" of Article 60
and Article 62 of the Penal Code against Article 70 of the Immigration Act
on the basis of "support of Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act" It's crazy.
This is the logic of the law is wrong.

Foreigners have acted as stipulated in Article 22-4-4
(Acquisition of status of residence by filing false documents).
However, there is no "criminal punishment" for this.
The dispositions are "cancellation of status of residence" and "deportation abroad"
by the Minister of Justice.
Therefore, "Criminal Code Article 60
and Article 62" Sins to support other crimes "can not be applied.
The "crime reasons" of the Immigration Control Act 22-4-4 pointed out
by the "indictment" do not have a causal relationship with the Immigration Control Act 70.
Indeed, the logic of the law is wrong.

The Japanese government is crushing "prosecution."
But "crush" by the state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The documents are below.

There are many victims in the world.

Best regards. Yasuhiro Nagano

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