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Proposal from Japanese July 14, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: "Britain becomes a great country again".

Proposal from Japanese


July 14, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: "Britain becomes a great country again".

Dear Sirs, "UK Ambassador to the United States Sir Kim Darlock" made the Trump administration "incompetent" and "severe criticism". "The prime minister's office in the UK" commented that "the British ambassador to the United States Sir Kim Darlock" is fully "supported". The President of the United States is "incompetent" who is "isolated" from the world. It is the limit of "Twitter and Show Business Politics".


There are many American victims. I have seen this with my eyes.

If the prosecution does not arrest the employer, the Americans are not guilty.

The United States government should claim restoration

and compensation for the honor of Americans.


Part 1. According to the BBC, "Darok ambassador" described the United States' "anti-Iranian policy".

"Be not properly paired" and "Broken apart".

Mr. Trump, who does not want to break the election pledge not to involve the United States in foreign disputes, actually said, "it did not fully support the bombing of reprisal."

He also pointed out that "the US administration is internally divided", "it is unlikely that the US policy towards Iran will be close and integrated."


According to a report by the British newspaper "Daily Mail" on the 6th, among the emails that "Darok Ambassador" wrote to the British Foreign Ministry from 2017 to the present, the current White House has the following reputation.

"Internal strife and chaos" is terrible.

It has fallen into "functional failure" of "the strongest in history".

It is "splitting" under President Trump.


The Trump administration is engaged in a trade war against "old allies" for "security reasons."

Britain is not an "allied" for "security reasons".

The US ambassadors of European countries will also "severe criticism" against President Trump one after another.

The "old allies" do not expect the Trump administration to "continue for a long time".

The "old, allies" will "return" to the old "US allies" if the US president "resigns".


I asked President Trump, who is a police officer in the world, for support for "human rights violations in Japan's judicial affairs" for more than two years, but I finally gave up.


The new president of the United States will necessarily "recover" the "human rights abuse" of Americans from the "Japanese government".


I was moved by a courageous ambassador who reported the truth to his home country like "Darok Ambassador".

I was also moved by "the British government that does not hesitate to the United States."

I was moved by "strong Britain".


The UK should regain global factories and global finance from China.

The UK should be a strong country that does not rely on the United States.

To that end, we should build a "special zone" in the UK, gather refugees from the world, and revive the "factory of the world".

The point is to accept immigrants and refugees in the "special zone".

"Britain becomes a great country again". Ganbare !!

It will continue next week.


Part 2. We propose to build "special zones" in each country, including Europe.

Please read along with the proposal to the US (Saturday).

April 14, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: Please see.


The prosperity of each country is realized by the freedom, democracy and "ruled under the law" of the world.

I seriously seek the rule of law.

Please direct the concerned parties to investigate.


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I agree to disclose the name and the required items.

If you have any questions please email me.

Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano