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Opinion from Japanese Saturday edition, August 24, 2019: Dear Sir, “Unsuitable” for “Golf course”, but I heard the American dream of US President Donald Trump.

Opinion from Japanese

Saturday edition, August 24, 2019: Dear Sir,
“Unsuitable” for “Golf course”, but I heard the American dream of US President Donald Trump.
"Like". The English title is "There Won't Be a Mar-a-Nuuk,
But Owning Greenland Isn't a Silly Idea".
But priority should be given to the development of “special zones” at the border of Mexico.

Part 1. There is an interesting article on Newsweek August 19, 2019 (Japan version).
The English title is "There Won't Be a Mar-a-Nuuk, But Owning Greenland Isn't a Silly Idea".

According to the article, US President Donald Trump was considering a plan to purchase Greenland,
the world's largest island in Denmark.
Apparently he was interested in the strategic location of Greenland
and untouched natural resources.
The New York Times reported on August 15
that Trump has asked several advisors multiple times to seek feedback on Greenland purchases.
Aside from the truth, the concept itself is not “nonsensical”.
US troops are stationed at Thule Air Force Base in northern Greenland,
and the Trump administration has long had a strong interest in the Arctic Circle.
The background is the growing tension between Russia and China over the Arctic Circle,
and the possibility of a new Arctic sea route due to global warming.
China also recognizes the strategic benefits of Greenland.
In 2016 it was “block checked” by Denmark.
That's because we tried to acquire an old base in Greenland.
Danish officials told the media that the "block check" was due to the American "intention".
Last year, a Chinese company failed to build an airport near the Thule base.
In 1946, President Truman then “suggested” a “purchase” for “100 million dollars”.

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At the end of this article:
A spokesman for the right-wing Danish National Party,
which is cooperating with the government ruling party,
told the TV station that "if you really think about this,
it's the definitive evidence that he (Trump) went wrong."
“The idea that Denmark sells 50,000 people to America for money is completely ridiculous.”

Certainly, President Donald Trump's remarks are “funny”.
But isn't it! This is "American Dream".
Rather than acquiring Greenland, I think we should immediately build a “special zone”
on the US side of the Mexican border and build an “industrial park”
that can compete with China.
This is “American Dream”.
So I say: “MAKE American dream AGAIN!”.
It will continue tomorrow.

Part 2. Many Koreans have been arrested for violating international law and immigration laws.
(I can't count).
Korean, Chinese, Philippine, `` Everyone '' from all over the world!
Relieve the victims of the Japanese government around you!

Victims are foreigners who “work illegally”
in activities other than “resident status” in Japan.
They were arrested for "illegal labor" under Article 70 of the Immigration Act,
Received "criminal disposition" such as "fine penalty".
And it is a foreigner who was forced to return.

A third party has been arrested on charges of "supporting" the above-mentioned "illegal labor"
of foreigners.
The victim is me and “Kin Gungaku who is Chinese”.
Other victims include Filipino embassy officials and Philippine diplomats.
I think there are more victims, but I don't know the information.

The person who gave the "employment contract document" to a foreigner
who did "illegal labor" is a third party.
It has nothing to do with “illegal labor”.
Prosecutors say “Indictment” as follows:

I handed a "employment contract document with false contents" to a foreigner.
Foreigners were easily able to obtain a “residence status”
by attaching an “employment contract document with a false content”.
Foreigners came to Japan because they were able to obtain a “resident status”.
Foreigners were in Japan and were able to do “illegal labor”.
Therefore, as a crime against foreigner immigration law Article 70 "illegal labor"
"Crime that supported other crimes" in "Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code" applies.

Immigration Act Article 70 “Illegal Labor” is “sin of support”
It is stipulated in “Sin that promotes illegal employment”.

The prosecution's “reason for crime” is stipulated
in the Immigration Act Article 22-4-4 “Restoration of Status of Residence
by Submitting False Documents”.
There is no punishment. “Resident status” is simply revoked.
And it will be “forced return”.

Even if you get a status of residence with "false documents",
If you work within the scope of your status of residence, it is not “illegal labor”.
The application of Article 62 or Article 62 of the Penal Code to me
or the Philippine diplomat is an error in "Applicable Law".
This is a perfect "False charge".

Victims should apply to the government or media of their country.
Governments and media in each country should ask the Japanese government
for "recovery of honor" and "compensation"

If national governments or embassies cannot protest the Japanese government,
please request an investigation from ICC.
There are many victims all over the world. Please support “sue to ICC”.

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The above translation document is inaccurate,
so please contact us by email.

There are many American victims. I have seen it with this eye.
Americans are also not guilty if the prosecution does not arrest the employer.
Should claim the restoration and compensation of American honor.

Sincerely, Yashiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano


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