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opinion  In the future, the US will need “national management” that does not rely on China in all fields. This requires the cooperation of allies. There is no time to tweet and play.

Yasuhiro Nagano Opinion

October 6, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: “The prosperity of the United States must be the prosperity of allies.”

Dear Sir,

President Trump said, “US companies should withdraw from China and return to the United States.” He “directed the removal of Chinese companies from the US stock market”. In October 2019, China appealed to the world for its military capability to instantly destroy and destroy the United States. It is the United States itself that makes China a “military power”, crazy. In the future, the US will need “national management” that does not rely on China in all fields. This requires the cooperation of allies. There is no time to tweet and play.


Part 1. It is a continuation of the previous day.

It is not “illegal immigrants” who have taken away the work of US workers.

China” has taken away the work of American workers.

China took all of America.


Illegal immigrants” are important human resources for rebuilding the United States.

According to the American Agricultural Federation (the largest agricultural group in the United States, commonly known as the Farm Bureau), more than half of the country's field crops are “shared” by “illegal workers”.

If it suddenly disappears, the federation says US agriculture will be “devastated”.

On the other hand, according to US Census Bureau data (16-year estimate), about 31% of all illegal immigrants worked in the service industry.


About 24% of workers engaged in agriculture, fishing and forestry are “illegal migrants”.

The construction industry, which uses the largest number of “illegal migrants” with 1.35 million, accounts for 15% of the total.

According to data from the National Restaurant Association based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 25% of the employees who worked in restaurants in 2016 were born in foreign countries, exceeding the average of all departments by 18%.

Craig Regelbrugge,” senior vice president of industry support and research for AmericanHort, representing the horticultural industry, says, “These workers have worked for a long time and are proficient in their jobs.”

And they declared, “It is an indispensable presence for agriculture, business, and the local economy.”


"Their labor (illegal workers), on the other hand, has the economic effect of deriving two or three related jobs in the vicinity."

Even though there are only a few Americans looking for jobs in the horticultural industry or on the farm, they are supported by the workplaces and municipalities where many Americans work.”

Regelbrugge says so.


The above is "Posted on January 28, 2019, Asahi Shimbun Globe +"

Quoted "(Miriam Jordan) © 2018 The New York Times".


Thus, “illegal immigrants” are necessary in the United States.

If there are no “illegal immigrants” in the US, I think the US will be a “poor country” even more than it is now.


To enrich the United States, you need to increase GDP.

Protecting American farmers is to consume agricultural products in the United States.

Agricultural management” that relies on China should be stopped.

President Donald Trump has instructed American companies to withdraw from China.

We are requesting a factory return from China to the United States.

However, companies do not have a “return destination” for the “factory” to return to the United States.

So, I'm proposing to make all the borders along the Mexican border a “special zone”.

Latin America's “poor” is an American treasure.

Accept them as “provisional immigrants” in the “special zone”.

They work as “low wage simple workers” in the improvement of “special zones”.

A safe “provisional immigrant” should contribute to labor demand in the United States by giving a regular “labor visa”.


Continue to next week.


Part 2. We propose to build “special zones” in Europe and other countries.

Please read along with suggestions to the US (Saturday).

April 14, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: Please see


Prosperity of each country is realized by the world being free, democratic, and “ruled under the law”.

I seriously seek the rule of law.

Please instruct the person concerned to investigate.


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I agree to disclose my name and necessary information.

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Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano


Yasuhiro Nagano