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Nagano Opinion December 14, 2019, Special Zone Saturday edition. Dear Sir, Americans should vote for him in the presidential election next year. He says, “I double US GDP in

Proposal from Japanese


December 14, 2019, Special Zone Saturday edition. Dear Sir,

Americans should vote for him in the presidential election next year. He says, “I double US GDP in 10 years and double national income.” Realize 40% in 4 years. The US will become the world leader again.


Part 1. His “campaign promises” are:


1) In trade transactions with China, the US trade deficit will be zero or the US surplus.

US agricultural products are consumed in the United States.

The United States learns China. The United States has something to sell to China, but nothing to buy from China.


2) Return to the Paris Convention.

However, greenhouse gases will be completely recycled.

Increase US coal, oil and natural gas production.

And increase coal-fired power plants and oil and gas power plants.

The “last belt” will be reborn through “complete recycling of greenhouse gases”.


3) The US government “provides” a “common insurance system” to all citizens.

There are three types of insurance.

A) Health insurance

B) Pension insurance

C) Unemployment insurance

These systems offer more than Europe and Japan.


4) Make the US side along the Mexican border a special zone.

We accept “poor people” from “Latin America etc.” as “provisional immigrants” in “special zones”. Accept together with "family".

The number of “provisional immigrants” accepted is “100 million people” or “100 million families”.

A “labor intensive industry” factory will be built in the “special zone”.

"Imported products" from China will be transferred to the "special zone" factory for production.

Temporary immigrant wages are based on wages in China and Latin America.

Temporary immigrants” will be accepted for a limited time, and criminals will not “renew”.

A “provisional immigrant” who has worked in the “special zone” for a period of time gives a regular “labor visa” that allows him to work throughout the country.

This eliminates the shortage of labor force in each region.


5) The US becomes the world leader again.

Strengthening military alliances.

Equal trade with developed countries.

Support developing countries' liberalization, democratization, economic activities and military.

Above all, the United States makes a huge investment in the United States.

Therefore, the United States becomes a world factory.

The huge investment makes the United States the world's financial center.


Continue to next week.


Part 2. In the United States, I “suggest” to build a “special zone” along the border with Mexico.

See April 13, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition.


Japan's immigration policy is worse than the United States.

Japanese immigration law is similar to American immigration law.

America's prosperity is realized by the world being free, democratic, and "ruled under the law".

I seriously seek the rule of law. Please instruct the person concerned to investigate.

There are many American victims.


Documents to be submitted to ICC.




I agree to disclose my name and necessary information.

Please ask questions by e-mail if you are unsure.

Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano


Yasuhiro Nagano