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Nagano Opinion December 30, 2019: Dear Sir, The US media should report on the "casino case" in Japan. I think "casino suspicion" is more "serious problem" than "walnut suspicion".

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Year-end edition, December 30, 2019: Dear Sir,
The US media should report on the "casino case" in Japan. The integrated resort (IR) "casino" involves President Trump. I think the casino case will affect President Trump's presidential election. I think "casino suspicion" is more "serious problem" than "walnut suspicion".

Part 1. See News Week on October 11, 2018.
After "intermediation" from President Trump to Prime Minister Abe,
Japan has turned "the helm" to legalize casinos.
ProPublica, a non-profit media known for its research reports,
reported on October 10 that "U.S. President Trump brokered a" casino business "
with Prime Minister Abe in February 2017.
The "casino trader" is a "casino giant in the United States" run
by Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish casino king who is a major donor of the president.
The president has brokered Prime Minister Abe into the entry of a major US casino into Japan.

Trump met Abe on February 10, 2017, at the Japan-US Summit in the White House.
That night, Trump had dinner at the White House with Adelson,
chairman of Las Vegas Sands, a major casino resort.
Adelson donated $ 20 million to the Trump camp in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
and donated $ 5 million, the highest amount at the inauguration ceremony held
in January 2017, and was recognized as a major Trump donor.
Can be The dinner was also attended by Trump's son-in-law,
Senior Adviser Jared Kushner, and then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The following morning, Adelson, along with CEOs of other U.S. companies,
will have a breakfast with Abe at the US Chamber of Commerce
in Washington, DC. According to attendees, Adelson then addressed Abe directly to the casino.
Japan is the result of several years of discussion.
About a year and a half after this visit to the United States,
in July of this year, the "integrated resort facility" enacted the "(IR) Improvement Law"
and decided to legalize the casino.
Experts believe the Japanese casino market will be worth $ 25 billion.

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Part 2. Many foreigners have been arrested for violating international law
in violation of international law.
Korean, Chinese, Philippine, American. . . . . . .
"Everyone" from all over the world
Help the Japanese government victims around you!

Victims are foreigners who have "worked illegally"
in activities other than "eligibility" in Japan.
They were arrested for "illegal labour" under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act,
I am subject to "criminal penalties" such as "fine penalties".
And a foreigner who was "forcibly repatriated".

A third party has been arrested for "supporting" the aforementioned "illegal work" of a foreigner.
The victims are me and "Chinese Kin Gungaku."
Other victims are the staff of the Embassy of the Philippines and diplomats in the Philippines.
I think there are more victims, but I do not know the information.

The person who passed the "employment contract documents" to the foreigner
who performed "illegal work" is a third party.
It has nothing to do with "illegal work".
Prosecutors say in Indictment:

I gave a foreigner "false employment contract documents."
Foreigners could easily obtain "eligibility for residence"
by attaching "false employment contract documents."
The foreigner has lived in Japan because he has obtained a "resident status."
Since foreigners were in Japan, they could do "illegal work."
Therefore, as a crime against Article 70 “Illegal labor” of a foreigner,
"Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code" "Sin in support of other crimes" applies.

Article 70-2 of the Immigration Control Act states that “guilty of support”
for “illegal work”
It is stipulated in "The crime to promote illegal employment".

The prosecution's "reason for crime" is stipulated in Article 22-4-4
of the Immigration Control Law, "Revocation of Status of Residence
by Submitting False Documents."
There is no punishment. Only the status of residence is revoked.
And "forcibly repatriated".

Even if you obtain a status of residence with "false documents",
Working within the scope of a "resident status" is not "illegal work."
The application of Article 62 or 62 of the Penal Code to me
or a Philippine diplomat is an error in the "Applicable Law".
This is a perfect "False charge".

Victims should apply to national governments and media.
Governments and media of each country should ask the Japanese government
for "restoration of honor" and "compensation."

If a government or embassy cannot protest the Japanese government,
request an investigation from the ICC.
There are many victims around the world. Please support "Request" to "ICC".

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There are many American victims. I have seen with this eye.
Americans are acquitted if prosecutors do not arrest the employer.
Should claim restitution and compensation for Americans.

Sincerely yours, Yashiro Hiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano

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