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Nagano Opinion This leads not only to “China's self-destruction” but also to “Humanity's destruction”.

February 01, 2020: "Bacterial weapons" are more terrifying than "nuclear weapons". Saturday version. Dear Sirs,
"Deads" and "infected" by the "new coronavirus" in China are accelerating. Japanese media do not report, but overseas media report the cause of this "new coronavirus". China should announce that the new coronavirus is a "secret biological weapon." "Bacterial weapons" are more terrifying than "nuclear weapons." This leads not only to “China's self-destruction” but also to “Humanity's destruction”.

Part 1. "Bacterial weapons" are being developed by "nations around the world".
But "bacterial weapons" are more terrifying than "nuclear weapons."
Research institutes have pointed out that the new coronavirus may have occurred in a laboratory in Wuhan,
related to China's Secret Biological Weapons Program.

I think China has experimented with this bacterial weapon.
Or maybe "bacteria weapons" "leaked" from the laboratory.

There is information that many "human lives" have been lost
in the "high-speed communication 5G development" in China.
The Chinese government should value "human rights."
I'm asking the Chinese government to "repeatedly" rescue Chinese who have been illegally punished
by the Japanese government for "violating the Immigration Law," but ignore it.
The Chinese government will also ignore this "new coronavirus" (bacterial weapon).
Before China conquers the world with (bacteria weapons),
its own people are killed by (bacteria weapons) developed in China.
I want to tell countries around the world to abandon the development of `` bacterial weapons ''.
But countries around the world will not stop developing "bacterial weapons."
A country that protects its people should do "self-defense."
The first step is to stop "people traffic" and "trade" with China.

The Washington Post (English).

AFP News (Japanese).


Continue tomorrow.

Part 2. "Special Zones"
1) I "propose" to build a "special zone" along the border with Mexico for the United States.
2) We propose to build "special zones" in each country, including Europe.

Each nation is to create a "special zone" to solve the problem of the poor and refugees
and to "realize a peaceful earth" emphasized by developed and least developed countries.
We accept poor (illegal immigrants) and refugees as "provisional immigrants" in "special zones".
The “range of life” of “interim migrants” is limited to “special zones”.
Companies build labor-intensive factories in “special zones”.
Many of the factory workers are "interim migrants".
They work as "skill trainees" or "simple workers".
"Temporary immigrants" work in "special zones" for a certain period of time,
and those who "certify" as safe immigrants can work freely in each country as "work immigration".

Part 3. Help victims of human rights abuses by the Japanese government.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom, democracy and "rule under the law."
I am seriously seeking the "rule of law".
"Illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law" has caused many victims in the world.
For details, see the "Send on weekdays" email.
Instruct the relevant parties to investigate.
There are many American victims.

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Yasuhiro Nagano