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Nagano Opinion The United States should create a "special zone" and reclaim "factories of the world" from China.

February 22, 2020: "The US trade deficit with China is $ 345.6 billion, about 40% of the total." Saturday version. Dear Sirs,
The deficit against China dropped sharply by 17.6% due to the effects of sanctions and other taxes, but the deficit on Mexico and Vietnam, which increased imports instead, increased, and the overall trade deficit remained high. The United States should create a "special zone" and reclaim "factories of the world" from China.

Part 1. It is the Yomiuri Shimbun of 2020/02/06.
According to the US Trade Department's trade statistics for 2019 (customs base) released Tuesday,
the trade deficit was down 2.5% to $ 852.9 billion (about 93.800 billion yen).
The trade deficit has shrunk for the first time in three years,
the first time since the Trump administration took office.

The deficit against China has fallen sharply by 17.6% due to sanctions and customs duties.
Instead, the deficit of Mexico and Vietnam, which increased imports, increased,
and the overall trade deficit remained high.
The countries with a trade deficit were China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Vietnam in that order.
The trade deficit with China was 345.6 billion dollars, which decreased significantly,
but accounted for about 40% of the total.
The decrease in China's deficit was mainly due to a 16% decrease in imports.
The U.S. and Chinese governments have reached a "first step" agreement over trade talks,
with China saying that it will increase the purchase of industrial products, agricultural products,
energy and services from the United States by $ 200 billion in two years.
The deficit against Japan was up 2.7% to $ 69 billion.
Imports from Japan increased by about 1%.
See below for details.

It is dangerous that the trade deficit to China is about 40% of the total.
Even if we increase our exports to China by $ 200 billion in two years,
it will be $ 100 billion a year. Still, there will be a $ 246.5 billion trade deficit with China.
The reduction in imports from China has been replaced by imports from other countries.
US agricultural products will not be expected to increase exports to China because China is a coronavirus.
The Trump administration has abandoned "export promotion" of "California rice" to Japan.
Increasing the incomes of US farmers needs to embrace "interim migrants"
and increase consumption of US agricultural products in the United States.
Increasing the US "worker wage" requires hiring "interim migrants" at lower wages.
It is necessary to work “interim migrants” under US workers.
Increasing the wages of US workers
and still beating “China industrial park companies” requires the latest capital investment.
A "good cycle" in which "income earned workers" purchase "Made in USA products" should be created.
As US capital investment and consumption increases, allies prosper with exports to the United States.
"Latin American countries" thrive by "remittances" from "provisional immigrants."
This is an important job of the "Next US President".

It will continue tomorrow.

Part 2. What is required of Western countries is “economic growth”.
"Immigration" is necessary to improve "GDP".
The United States needs "emigrants" to increase consumption of excess agricultural products.
To return a Chinese factory to the United States, an "industrial park like China" is needed.
Western countries need economic policies that do not rely on China.
It is to solve the problem of the poor and to "realize a peaceful earth" emphasized
by developed and underdeveloped countries.

"Special Zones"
1) I "propose" that the United States will build a "special zone" along the border with Mexico.
2) We propose to build "special zones" in countries including Europe.
3) US Special Zones are strategic factories of allies.
4) Accept the poor (illegal immigrants) and refugees as "provisional immigrants" in the "special zone".
5) The “range of life” of “provisional immigrants” is limited to “special zones”.
6) Allied companies will build labor-intensive factories in special zones.
7) Most of the workers in the factory are "interim migrants".
They work as "skill trainees" or "simple workers".
8) "Temporary immigrants" work in "special zones" for a certain period of time,
and those who "certify" as safe immigrants can freely work in each country as "work immigration".

Part 3. Help victims of human rights abuses by the Japanese government.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom, democracy and "rule under the law."
I am seriously seeking the "rule of law".
"Illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law" has caused many victims in the world.
For details, see the "Send on weekdays" email.
Instruct the relevant parties to investigate.
There are many American victims.

Documents to be submitted to ICC.

If you have any questions, please ask a question by email.
Kind regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano