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Nagano Opinion To President Trump The US government abandoned Americans "again." The United States should have dispatched troops and rescued Americans immediately. Dealing with the Diamond Princess is crazy!

To President Trump

2020-02-24: Dear Sirs,
The US government abandoned Americans "again."
The United States should have dispatched troops and rescued Americans immediately.
Dealing with the Diamond Princess is crazy!
"Out of about 400 Americans on board, 44 were infected."
The Russian government has criticized the Japanese government's response as "day-to-day haphazard."
Governments of each country should refuse entry from Japan, where infection is ongoing.

Part 1. 2020.2.17, Sankei Shimbun article.
Ten SDF buses carrying American passengers who had evacuated from the Diamond Princess,
a cruise ship with the spread of the new coronavirus, left Yokohama Port early in the morning of March 17.
Passengers were returning home from Haneda Airport on a U.S. charter plane on the 17th.
According to the Washington Post,
the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) -affiliated Fauchi National Institute
of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said on Thursday that 44 out of about 400 Americans were infected.
NIH executives described the ship as a "hot spot."
Mr. Fouch said on CBS TV that infected and symptomatic patients will remain
in Japan and be treated. He emphasized the high risk of infection on cruise ships.

Prior to February 7, the US government had requested that the Americans
on board the ship be relocated to their home countries,
and measures were being considered to go through a U.S. military base in Japan.
The Japanese government refused.
The US government should have argued with the Japanese government and rescued Americans.
The "US Army" is not to kill people, but to protect "American life".
If the "U.S. Army" had taken immediate action, it would have avoided as many as 44 infected people.
Americans have been "confined" in small rooms by the Japanese government.
A terrible number of infected people have been caused by Japanese government confinement.
Americans are doing nothing wrong.
You should understand the psychology trapped in a small room without windows.
The confinement must have been worse than in a US prison.

The number of infected people in Japan is increasing.
The Japanese government banned entry from Hubei and Zhejiang, but the influx of Chinese has continued.
The "Japanese who had been in close contact
with the Japanese already infected" "declared" the fact to the public health center,
but the public health center did not inspect it.
Therefore, the number of infected people in Japan is increasing.
The Russian government has criticized the Japanese government's response as "day-to-day haphazard."
Governments of each country should protect the lives of their own people.
Governments of each country should refuse entry from Japan.

I called on President Trump to file a claim on the Japanese government
for "restoration of honor" and "compensation" for "U.S. people illegally disposed of
for violating immigration laws."
However, the response from the White House has ceased recently.
The US government has abandoned Americans.
Once again, President Trump abandoned Americans.
President Trump should seriously "think" "human rights of Americans."


It will continue tomorrow.

Please see "bill of indictment" で at the "Site" below.
In this case, only by looking at this "bill of indictment",
you can understand the "error of applicable law".

Please see the "English translation" and "Japanese original" PDF.
Please be careful when handling personal information.
● Translation in English “Indictment letter of indictment
"Indictment against Yasuhiro Nagano KinGungaku"
English translation is for reference only. To be exact, do it yourself.
● Original Japanese `` letter of indictment ''
`` Indictment against Yasuhiro Nagano KinGungaku (Japanese) ''
The English translation is incorrect. Please see the above "PDF" for English translation.
● See related laws. (Japanese and English translation)
1) Immigration and Refugee Recognition Act
Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
2) Penal code
Penal Code
3) Constitution of Japan
The Constitution of Japan

Part 2. I'm "appealing" two things.
`` Revised on November 4, 2019 ''
I am not only me, but also Chinese and Philippine,
Fighting for many victims of the world.
It has been nearly 10 years since the incident. My life is limited.
If the world ignores "rule under the law", it is natural to solve it by terrorism.

1. Foreigners engaged in "illegal work" other than "status of residence".
But foreigners are not guilty.
Only foreigners were punished under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Law, "Illegal labor crimes."
The Immigration Control Law, on the other hand,
punishes employees who are "causal" for illegal work under Article 73-2
of the Immigration Control Act (crime for promoting illegal employment).
However, Japanese justice has "punished" only foreigners, but not "employees."
This clearly violates Article 14 of the Japanese Constitution, the principle of equality under the law.
And it violates international law that prohibits "consciously" punishing only foreigners.
If an employer who hired a foreigner illegally is "innocent,"
a foreigner who has been illegally worked is also "innocent." .

2. The prosecutor "applied" Article 60 and Article 62
of the Penal Code "crimes to support other offenses" to Article 70 of the Immigration Act
for the reason of "Support for Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act". Wrong with the law. "
“Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Law” is the disposal
of a person who has obtained a status of residence by making a false application.
In the past, the Immigration Control Law did not punish anyone who obtained a status
of residence through a false application (former Articles 70 and 74-6).
The Amended Immigration Control Act was enacted in the 192th Extraordinary Diet,
which stipulated penalties for those who obtained a status of residence due to false applications,
those who assisted them, workplaces, lawyers, administrative scriveners and school staff.
It has been enforced since January 1, 2017.
"I, KinGungaku, a diplomat in the Philippines, a Philippine embassy official" is 100% "innocent."

"Reference": A foreigner has performed an act prescribed
in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Law
(acquisition of status of residence by submitting false documents).
But there is no "criminal punishment" for this.
Dispositions include "cancellation of status of residence" and "forced deportation"
by the Minister of Justice.
Therefore, "Articles 60 and 62 of the Criminal Code" Sin to support other crimes "cannot be applied.
The "reason for crime" in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Law pointed out
by the "indictment" has no causal relationship with Article 70 of the Immigration Control Law.

The public prosecutor has "smashed, crush something in one's hand" on the "bill of indictment."
However, "crush something in one's hand" by state power is "stop" of "statutory limitation,
statute of limitations".

The materials are below.

There are many victims in the world.
Best regards. Yasuhiro Nagano

PS: White House replied to me that she was seriously considering a satisfactory solution to this problem.
I am waiting for the result. I hope that there is no lie.

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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